* * * * * * *


 While writing the documents to supplement the PPT, her mind was filled with other thoughts.    A text alert arrived.   


[Let’s have lunch. I’m near your office.]


I’m so glad to hear from Ji-soo, it’s a relief after all this time.


Ha-eun went to a nearby pasta house in time for her appointment.   


“Who cut you? What’s wrong with your face?”




“You have a troubled face… What is it, tell me.”


“I’m going to be an in-house model.”


“Oh! Are you going into the entertainment industry now?”


Jisoo loved it like it was her job.


“I’m serious. I’m nervous.”


“Well, weren’t you in the drama club in high school? Didn’t you often take videos back then?”


“That’s just a kid’s game.”


“Anyway, it’s a great opportunity. Even if it’s an in-house model, they’ll pay you a modeling fee.”


“They’ll pay me 50 million won for six months.”


“That much? Then I won’t have to worry about my mom’s hospital bills.”




“I guess it’s not all good, huh?”


Jisoo glared at Ha-Eun.


“Why, do you look at him that way?”


“You’re suspicious.”


“What. What?”


“You look like you care about him, but you’re not in a relationship with him.”




Ha-eun was dumbfounded. Unlike me, Jisoo had been in a lot of relationships. Her unique touch was famous among her friends.   


“I’m about to come. Come on. Quick, tell me the truth. There’s something between you two, isn’t there?”


“I know,”


Ha-Eun sighed.   


“I see you every day or two, we’re best friends, best friends. I know what you need.”


“Well, I guess I don’t have to hide it from you… We’re going out.”   


Jisoo, who had been drinking coffee, coughed in surprise.


“Huh! Big… bang. I’m so surprised. You’re in a relationship again?”


“It’s not a relationship, it’s just a partner.”


“Oh my… our naive Ha-eun even made a partner. You’ve grown up!”


Ha-eun looked around.   


“Secret. If others find out, I’ll get in trouble.”


“Don’t worry. I’ll keep it to myself. I’m happy for you. That’s great. You should try dating more, it’ll make you more attractive to guys.”


“I only date bad guys.”


“At least you’re not a scumbag who cheats on her friends.”


“Right. That’s all I need.”


“I need to take care of my skin right now. Let’s go to my favorite massage parlor after work. I canceled my membership so I can use anyone.”


It was comforting to talk to Ji-soo openly.   


* * * * * * * *


 The next day, Ha-eun went to the general manager’s office with a handwritten contract. Kang-woo’s face crumpled into a fierce line as he read it.


[1. Kang-woo and Han-eun set the date of their relationship to the end of the Paju project.  2. He cannot ask for s*x more than twice a week.  3. He must keep his relationship with Eun a strict secret and be careful not to interfere with Eun’s work life.  4. No other emotions should be involved in the contract.  5. In case of unforeseen circumstances, Kang-woo must guarantee Eun’s position in any case].   


“You want to finish at the same time as the paving project is finished.” 


“I can’t take any more risks, my neck is on the line on this contract.” 


“Okay, I’ll sign it. Well, I’m on the same page as Ms. Han-eun. I’ve never gone for more than six months anyway.”


He signed the contract with enough force to tear it apart.   


“So when’s the D-Day?”




“I could do it right now.”


His eyes blazed. He looked like a beast. Ha-Eun felt like she was about to be eaten.


Maybe, from now on, it would be different from the last night, the drunken night. I wonder what the night would be like if I slept in the right mood.


A sultry heat crept up from below.   


“It’s this weekend, but I can’t stay overnight.” 


“Okay. No overnights, but twice a week. D-Day is this Saturday. I’ll get you a hotel.” 




“Anything else?”


“Uh, no.”


“Well, go ahead and leave.” 


“See you on Saturday.”   


Ha-Eun opened the door to the general manager’s office and walked out. She stepped out into the hallway and exhaled heavily.   


* * * * * * * *


Two days later, she was selected as an in-house model and signed a separate contract with the public relations office.   


“Wow, a model! You used to be the face of Guanghua Construction, but it’s different. I have to catch the public’s eye.”


“It’s a lot of pressure.” 


“Let’s leave the work to us for the time being, and let Ha-eun work as an in-house model… Huh? You’re looking pretty good”


General Manager Kang-woo, who had just arrived at work, crossed the lobby.   




“It’s been like that for a few days now, hasn’t it, Ha-eun? Did you do something wrong?”




said one of the team members as he watched her walk away.   


“But I like that cold image too….”


“Phew, here we go again. Here we go,”


snickered another employee standing next to her.


“I guess I’m that type.” 


“Hell, I bet the general manager’s eyes are in the sky.”


“Come on, Chit, what’s wrong with me? I’m pretty much everywhere, I’m tall, and I’ve got a glamorous body.” 


“Well, look for them then.”   


My phone buzzed and I looked at it, but it was spam. No texts. No call. I don’t even get to see her at work….   


After looking at my phone for a while, Team Leader Kim called Ha-eun.   


“Ha-eun. We’re going to the site. Get ready.”




We headed to the Paju site with Team Leader Kim.


‘Never mind…….’   


* * * * * * *


After some back-and-forth with Mr. Kim, we arrived at the site, which was still in disarray.  The dump trucks made way for us to pass, but the dirt road was shaky.   


After driving for a while on the dirt road, I saw the site office built out of shipping containers.   


“What? Isn’t that the general manager’s car?”


“What? Where?”


In front of the container was Kang-woo’s car.   


“When did he get here?”




The two got out of the car and walked to the site. They saw Kang-woo talking to the site foreman. 


Ha-eun greeted him with a glance and stood behind him.   


“Check the status of the site every day. If we don’t finish the excavation in time, the next project will be delayed.” 


“Yes, sir. Mr. General Manager.”


“Looks like we’re running low on diggers. Add 20 more.” 


“Got it.” 


“Even if you don’t have a license nearby, you’ll need to be extra careful about safety. Make sure the roads where the trucks are going in and out are closed to normal traffic. We don’t want any casualties.” 


“I’ll instruct you to do so.”   


Kang-woo personally directed the men from one to ten. He looked cool like that.   


“Let’s go to Block A.”   


They walked to the first house to be demolished.   


“Let’s take a look at Kim’s plans.”




“Hmm… I don’t like the gas line. Change it to get inside the building. And, this way.”


Ha-Eun looked around. It was a thrill to see the skeleton of a house going up based on my design.


“I assume the centerpiece will be the natural marble from the last contract?”


He glanced at the living room. It was hard to see because of the columns in the middle of the mansion.   


As she walked to get a better look, a large hand grabbed her waist from behind.  With a thud, Ha-eun’s eyes widened.


The materials on the wall had fallen onto the spot where she had been standing.   


“I don’t want you to get hurt before the commercial shoot.”   


The hand around her waist gently touched her lower stomach.   


“Thank you.” 


“It’s dangerous out there, so stay on your toes.”


“It’s …….”


“The PR office will set a date for the shoot today. It just so happens to be the first day.”




Kang-woo’s lips moved closer to her ear, and Ha-eun flinched. He whispered in her ear.   


“On Saturday we were supposed to make love.”




Ha-eun’s body instantly heated up.   


“If you’re even a minute late, I’ll bug you all night. Don’t forget.”


“Can we move the appointment to Sunday?”


“You’re not the only one with a schedule. I’m very busy .”


“Okay. Then I’ll do my best to be on time.”   


Kang-woo focused on the site inspection again.


* * * * * * * *


The day of the shoot. Ha-eun arrived at the studio to find the crew bustling around. HaEun glanced at her watch. It was 10 a.m. 


Her appointment with Kang Woo was at 8 p.m., so she had plenty of time. The director approached Ha-eun.


“We’re shooting a newspaper ad today, so it shouldn’t take too long.” 




“You must be nervous.” 


“A little.”   


She tried to think about her skin, but she couldn’t sleep.   


“Your stylist is here, so get ready.”   


Ha-eun followed the stylist into the powder room. Ha-Eun’s eyes traveled to the hanger by the vanity.


There were clothes… why, so many clothes? There must be thirty outfits to change into.


‘……Surely, it’ll be done before dinner….’


But when I finished applying my makeup, I realized that I was wrong. What kind of makeup takes three hours?


I stood in front of the mirror with a face so different that my eyes doubted, but the time I wasted was more valuable than my new face.   


Would I be able to finish the shoot on time?    As I walked out with the stylist, the director’s eyes widened.   


“You look amazing. You look like a different person all dressed up.” 


“It’s awkward.” 


“I think it’ll come out great.” 


“I’ll do my best.”   


With the camera ready, Ha-Eun stood against the studio wall.   


Click.  Click.


HaEun put her hands on her hips and held the pose.   


“Smile naturally, okay, just like that. Keep your chin at a 45-degree angle, and turn your face more to the left.”   


Ha-eun turned her face as instructed. The flashes kept coming, and the time went by faster and faster with each one.   


Ha-eun had to take over a hundred photos for each change of clothes. When she was told to change into the next outfit, she walked into the powder room and saw a row of outfits.   


Ha-eun cried.


* * * * *


Ha-eun was panicking in the taxi. She looked at her watch and saw that it was 7:40 p.m. The hotel was just across the Han River bridge, but it was a weekend and traffic was heavy.


“Driver, I’m getting off here.”   


Ha-Eun stepped out of the cab and began to run frantically toward her destination.  It was so hot today.   


Her full makeup was smeared in the heat, but she couldn’t afford to care.   


[She wiped the sweat from her forehead and kept running, thinking,


“If I miss my appointment by even one minute, I’ll bother you all night.”


She kept running. I’m tired from shooting all day, but it’s not like the rain is going to take pity on me. I can’t be late. 


Hurry up…   


I’m out of breath. My lungs felt like they were going to rip out, but I ran like a madwoman because I didn’t want to be late for my appointment.


Ha-eun crossed the Han River bridge without catching her breath. By the time she reached the hotel, her whole body was soaked in sweat.   


Ha-eun fluttered her blouse, which kept sticking to her body.


‘What the hell is this….’


Ha-eun stuck her tongue out at her reflection in the window.


“I don’t have time for this!”


Ha-eun ran through the revolving door and found the nearest elevator. When it arrived, she rushed to get on, but there was a problem.   


“Oh… the 21st floor doesn’t work!”


The hotel doesn’t allow you to press the floor without a key. Ha-eun dialed Kang-woo’s number. She heard a few beeps, but he didn’t answer.   


Oh no.  How am I supposed to get to my room? Ha-eun bit her nails.   


“Oh, by the way, there’s a message as well.”


[Get a second key from the hotel reception desk]


 By the time she got the key from the desk and went up to the 21st floor, it was already late, and she was already nervous about what sweet punishment awaited her.   


“……I’m here, Mr. General Manager.”


The room he got was a suite. It was worth six months’ salary for one night… Ha-Eun stepped further inside.


“Why is it so quiet?


My throat was dry with nervousness. Let’s stay calm. You fooled him well last time. If you act immaturely, he’ll think you’re weird.


Kang-woo had mistaken Ha-eun for a one-night stand. I didn’t want to give it any meaning. He didn’t want to attach any meaning to the first one, the second one, or the third one.


He was just going to have a casual relationship with her wherever he felt like it. Suddenly, my cell phone rang.  


“I’m going to be a little late because something came up.”


“My heart skipped a beat.”


……ha… I was running like a crazy bitch because I was afraid I’d be late…


“Well, I’m not late, so that’s good.”


Ha-Eun didn’t know who had broken her promise, but she wanted to thank them. Ha-Eun looked at herself in the mirror.   


Sweaty makeup. Her eyes glazed over. Tiredness was written all over my face.   


“…I’m going to wash up first.”


Ha-eun took her underwear out of her bag and went into the bathroom.   


“Look at the bathtub… It’s bigger than my room….”   


Hot water gushed out of the tub as if someone had filled it with water. Ha-eun threw off her sweaty clothes and grabbed the straps of her bra.


She was about to pull it off when her hand froze, and she stepped into the tub in her underwear.   


She was embarrassed to be naked without a silk robe, even in a deserted hotel.  She pressed the spa function.


Air bubbles rushed off the walls and floor, massaging his body.   


“Ahhh… good. I feel like I’m getting rid of all my fatigue….”


Ha-eun closed her eyes and relaxed into the bath. She didn’t know how much time had passed.


Maybe she fell asleep for a moment from exhaustion.  Drowned out by the sounds of the spa, she didn’t feel the heat at all.


A soothing voice rang out in the steamy bathroom.   


Ha-Eun’s eyes snapped open in surprise.  Ah, yes, Kang-woo was standing in the bathtub in his suit.   






“Oh, wait…moment….”


Ha-Eun covered her body in just underwear, but she was already fully exposed to him.   


My heart pounded as I watched the water rise and fall, inch by inch, toward me.  My throat burned with an unknown thirst.   


A charming man with a meaningful smile beckoned.    Something deep inside me tingled.    Obvious desire.   


My body responded honestly to his sexy form. Her thighs twitched. She stretched out her arms and trapped her lower body in them.   


The distance between them was like riding a tightrope, the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end, the heat rising her spine.   


Her face burned as he stared into her face. Countless drums beat in her chest.


“We’re going out, so let’s stop being disrespectful.”




“You were three minutes late.”


She pressed her lips together.   


“You’re the one who’s …… late.”   


Ha-eun wanted to kiss his smudged lips, but he watched her from a respectful distance, not touching a finger.  Such tension. 


It was Ha-eun who was getting hot under the collar.    It was so strange that the man who had been so insufferable up until now was so relaxed.   


No way, he’s not going to cancel the contract today, I thought. When I tried to sleep, I realized that something was holding me back.


Ha-Eun couldn’t understand what was going through her mind.   


“If today isn’t the day, I’m going home….”


As she tried to get up, Kang-woo’s lips moved closer.


“I’m going to have you.”






“Yes, because that’s what I came here for.” 


“I’m going to chew you up from head to toe and swallow you whole.”


“Ah… yes….”


Ha-Eun’s body shuddered.   


“It might be a little rough.”




“I’ll be as gentle as I can.”


“Well, then… please be good.”


Doha-eun, what are you saying? I strained and the words came out wrong.  Kang-woo chuckled.   


“Being awkward, I’ll get your attention.”


“……First, wash up….”


“Take off your clothes.”


“…Take it off?”


“Take it off, piece by piece, so you can see with your own eyes the things that will make you ecstatic for the duration of the contract.”


Ha-eun swallowed hard.   


“I will.”   


With trembling hands, Ha-eun untied Kang-woo’s tie first. The tie fell softly into the bathtub.


Her heart felt like it was going to burst. The sight of his firm chest beneath his wet shirt made her feel elated. 


I couldn’t have asked for a more satisfying feeling.   


Pop, pop, pop,


The touch to open the buttons was rough. I marveled at the eye-popping muscles I saw as I opened the last button. 


I tried to keep my composure in the face of suffocating suspense. It was a little difficult to get the wet shirt off, but eventually, I managed to open the buttons and expose his upper body.   


“You can rip it off.”


 Kang-woo ripped his shirt off.  My chin, my lower back trapped in his arms again.   


“Now down.”




Ha-eun was undoing a man’s pants for the first time in her life. With a pop, the buckle opened.  The sound of a zipper being pulled down echoed through the quiet bathroom.


A glimpse of the black drawers made her giddy. All she had to do was close her eyes and unzip his pants, but it wasn’t easy. His body was already heating up.   


What did you do? We didn’t do anything?!   


Ha-Eun locked eyes with him.   


“Just looking at you makes me horny.”




“My body is proof that I’ve been waiting for you, and I’m sure you are too.”


His hand suddenly touched hers. His light touch on her flesh sent shivers down her spine. She sucked in a ragged breath.    


“I know you want to eat me.”   


A moist, wet voice rumbled in my ear.


“Yes, Stop playing games and….”


“Start with a kiss.”


His lips brushed the bridge of my nose, and he licked my lips tightly.


Her whole body heated up, languidly wet. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, and he slipped his tongue between her parted lips.


A tantalizing kiss began.   


Mmm.  Mmm. 


Tongue and tongue tangled together. Lips chafed and tongues tingled as he poured out a kiss so thick it made the tip of his tongue tingle.


The rush of the kiss made it hard to breathe. I took a breath, and another, more urgent kiss followed.   


Hah, hah, unadulterated heat raced through my body. The electricity that ran in a straight line from her toes to her brain stem only fueled her desire. 


This is ridiculous.  It feels like this…


His hot body seemed to be on fire. There was a wet noise, the sound of tongue and tongue tangling, sending a lustful vibe through the bathroom.


His hands gripped her large br*asts. Aaargh, Rain’s lips trailed down her earlobe, l*cked the nape of her neck, and then her rounded br*asts.


Her vision went white. Her thighs trembled as his tongue slid down the nape of her neck and s*cked hard on her collarbone.


Her back heaved with the force of the s*cking as if the flesh were being ripped from her body.


It was overwhelming.  Ha-eun hugged him tightly in deadly temptation.  She wanted him to cool her hot body as soon as possible. She tugged at his firm hand.   


“Come on….”


“I’m the one who’s going to break.”   


Their lips met again, their tongues darting. He s*cked on the root of her lower lip so hard she couldn’t breathe.


A hand cupped her chest and slipped through her underwear. A moan escaped her lips. He wanted to chew on it.


It was like being swallowed whole by a beast. An animal. It was.  It was a beast of a kiss, his face curving down to her chest and touching her tiny n*pple.


Purr, the nub quivered.  At the same time, her flesh slowly slid inside. 


Ha-Eun’s eyes bulged with heat. The immense pressure that filled his body was indescribable.  Her eyes were spinning.   






He pressed down with all his might.


Ha-Eun could barely breathe. Kang-woo’s eyes burned.   


“You’re three minutes late, so I’ll make it three times today.”


The sound of water pounded against her ears as they moved. The taut stretch was so tight that not a single hair could fit inside, much to Ha’eun’s satisfaction.


He slammed his waist hard into Ha’eun’s hole. With the sound of flesh on flesh, the enormous size of his p*nis slammed down. Ha-eun groaned.


The rapid penetration of the p*nis into the inner wall was even more intense than usual. The feeling of the tightening hole was vivid.


He thrust his c*ck deep into the narrow opening. 


Ha! Ha! Ha!


It felt like a hot stick was biting into his gut, filling him to the brim. My mouth dropped open in a shudder of exhilaration, and a steady stream of juices trickled down my gaping slit.


Her body convulsed, and her lips were already a mess from the pleasure. Ha-Eun moaned at the surging pleasure.


He moved like an animal. Where they engaged once, they didn’t part until the third time, and the wet noise was relentless.   


Once in the bathroom. They came to the bed, connected, and started again. His tongue pushed into my earlobe.


A hot, wet tongue licked the lobes of her auricles, moving further inward. His hand gently touched the small of her back.


Her eyelids fluttered shut as tongue met tongue, moving with renewed passion.


Ha, ha, ha…


The maddening desire was the same.   




Their tongues tangled frantically. It didn’t matter who s*cked the tongue first, Ha-eun actively returned the kiss.


Ha-eun’s body was so hot that she had trouble breathing. She felt like she was going to lose her mind, not to mention her body.


The place he entered and left was an intimate part of her, and when he touched it, strange sounds came out of her mouth.   


All she wanted to do was stop moaning, but that was beyond her control.   




“I can’t get this feeling out of my head.”


“Mmmm… slow down.”


His pace was quick, and she couldn’t keep up.   


“I’m taking it slow now.”


“I’m lying… Ugh.”


He lied without blinking, even though it was hot enough to melt the meshes. Ha-Eun groaned at the unfamiliar sensation of her eyes rolling back in her head, and then he grinned, swallowed her lips, and s*cked on them like a madman.   




Their lips collided relentlessly, s*cking on the tips of their lips and slipping their tongues between their teeth to nibble, each time sending shivers through my body.   


Try as I might, I couldn’t stop a moan from escaping my mouth. My heart raced and my blood boiled quickly.   


My mouth watered and my breathing quickened. Her senses had become extremely sensitive, and everywhere his tongue touched felt like a pillar of fire.   


“Aaah… just sucking like this,”


She flicked his tongue, and her chest heaved and shuddered.   


“Moan. No one’s listening,”


he said, bending down to lick the back of her ear. The tip of his tongue traced the auricle, then nibbled gently on the earlobe, his ragged breath seeping into the pale skin. Ha-Eun bit her own lower lip.   


“Aaah. Aaah!”


I was dazed, mesmerized by his caresses. A strange pleasure surged through my body. I was drunk to the point of dizziness.


Unlike Ha-eun, Kang-woo’s expression was more relaxed. He stared at her intently, not missing a single expression. 


It made him feel strangely cathartic.  His pink lips, drenched in saliva, stood out. He brushed his lips against her lips.   


“You’re so hot. How did you survive all this time without a man?”


“Just… I’ve been busy….”


“Busy, you and me, both of us. And I’m going to keep busy. I’m going to be perfect at both work and sex.”


“Mmm… yeah… ugh!”


He pressed his lips together again. Their lips pressed together without a gap, and it tingled.  She was lost in the pleasure he gave her.


 It felt like the world was filled with the pleasure of rainfall.   



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