* * * * * * *


Her eyes glazed over with heat. Kang-woo, who had promised to do it three times, only pulled away from Ha-eun after he had met his goal.


Ha-eun was so exhausted that she couldn’t move a finger.


“I thought I was going to die.”


She couldn’t compare to his virility. Soon after, Kang-woo walked to the bed in a shower robe. His face was very flushed.


Ha-eun was frustrated that she couldn’t move because he had drained her of all her energy.


“If you want to wash up, help me.”


“I’ll do it when I get home.”


“Can you walk?”


“Sure, I can. I’m done… ….”


Ha-eun stumbled as she tried to put on the clothes that had fallen to the floor. Luckily, she didn’t fall, but her face burned.


“Your legs are loose.”


Ha-eun glared at Kang-woo.


‘Who’s to blame for this, your body?’


You made me do it!


Ha-Eun managed to get dressed with all the strength she could muster.


“I can’t leave the hotel with you by my side.”


“You go first.”


“What time is it, Will there be a taxi at this early hour? Just, like, take my arm and go.”


I looked at my watch and saw it was 1 a.m. I stuck my tongue out. I’d been in bed with him for five hours.


I clung to his arms. As they stepped into the elevator, his scent filled the air, and Ha-Eun couldn’t help but let a vapid smile tug at the corners of her mouth.


He smells good. What kind of perfume does he use?


I wonder It’s early morning, and they’re alone in the parking lot.


The seat next to him was now Ha-Eun’s, and the leather seat hugged her body so tightly that she dozed off. His eyes kept drifting shut.


‘I’m so tired, someone is driving next to me, and I shouldn’t be dozing off… I can’t move,’


she thought, her head lolling forward as the car’s gentle glide over the asphalt created just the right amount of vibration.


A large hand gently grasped her head and leaned her against the window.  My heart leaped in my chest.


To be able to lean on someone.  As much as I hated it, it became my will.


The resolutions she’d made countless times when the weight of life became overwhelming crumbled before her.


‘It’s okay to lean a little… Ha-Eun… I’ve been holding up well so far….’


Ha-eun relaxed her shoulders and sagged. How much time had passed?


The only sounds in the car were the air conditioner and Ha-eun’s breathing. The car headed straight for Ha-eun’s house and quickly climbed the narrow streets.


Kang-woo stared at Ha-eun without turning off the engine. The corner of his lips curled gently.


* * * * * * * *


His eyes seemed to close and open for a moment. Ha-eun was surprised to see the blue dawn light illuminating the alleyway.


……Night, I stayed up all night!


In the meantime, the chair was tilted back and Kang-woo’s jacket covered his body.


“Let me wake you up.”


“I’m having a hard time sleeping.”


“I’m sorry, I’m keeping you out too.”


“My house doesn’t care when she comes in. I’d rather worry about Ha-eun’s house.”


“I told them beforehand, I might be late….”


“Get in before it’s too late.”


Kang-woo opened the locked door.


“Okay, I’ll see you on Monday then.”


“You’re just leaving?”




“I’m supposed to give you a morning kiss.”


“I’m not used to that.”


Kang-woo’s eyebrows rose.


“That’s naughty.”




“Ms. Do ha-eun.”




“Why don’t we watch a movie tonight?”


“A …… movie?”


“We’re still in a relationship, we should go on a date or something.”


“Why…. You don’t have to?”


“You always say no to everything. Do you need extra money?”


“Yes, thank you.”


“I’ll call you in the afternoon.”


“Be careful out there.”


I was excited to watch a movie with Kang-woo. Ha-eun walked up to the house with slow steps.


She carefully opened the door, turned on her heel, and walked into the bathroom. As she stepped into the bathroom and undressed, her face stiffened.


“I look like I’ve been bitten by an animal!”


My whole body tingled from the amount of biting and sucking. Dotted kiss marks covered the nape of my neck.


What to do.  I can’t even wear a mock tee…


How do I get rid of this? Right now, the next shoot was the problem. Ha-eun sighed heavily.




“Uh, uh, uh, Young-Eun, I’m in the bathroom.”


“Are you in now?”


“Oh, the shoot is running late.”


“I need to go to the bathroom, please open the door.”




Ha-eun opened the door and pulled the shower curtain shut.


Since there was only one bathroom, they sometimes went in together, so Young-eun watched me do my business.


“You should look good. I’ve been showing off to my friends.”


“I’m surprised at your makeup skills, too.”


“You know, when you look at celebrities’ faces, they’re like, ugh. It’s 50% makeup and 50% lighting.”




Ha-eun was afraid Young-eun would open the shower curtain. She tried to cover herself with bubbles, so she couldn’t see what she couldn’t see.


“You’re such a big sister.”


Young-eun opened the shower curtain and Ha-eun pressed her back against the wall.


They’d bathed together countless times, but this was embarrassing. Ha-eun lathered herself with bubbles. Young-eun scratched her head.


“Are you hurt?”




“Red behind your forearm.”




She looked at her forearm in the mirror and saw a kiss mark there, too.


“I bumped into the camera.


“I’m not too careful anymore.”


Young-eun washed her hands and left the bathroom. Ha-eun’s legs gave out and she sank to the floor.


Her heart was racing.


‘This is why people can’t live without sinning….’


* * * * * * * *


At the crack of dawn, Chairman Seok woke up early. His steps took him to Kang-woo’s room.


Grunt.  Judging from the unlocked door, he must have stayed out last night. Chairman Seok frowned.


[She’s become an in-house model?]


[Yes, it looks like she’s trying to change her image this time].


[An in-house model… Good idea… Two people. Any signs?]


[After months of observation, it appears to have been a one-night stand. If it had developed into a relationship, word would have gotten around. He didn’t seem to have any feelings for anyone other than his boss and subordinates].


[Yeah, he’s not the kind of guy to get distracted by a girl.]


Mr. Seok has been planting people in the company for the past few months to watch Kang-woo.


His concerns were unfounded.  Kang-woo was more interested in business than women, and he had achieved unexpected results.


In addition to his project, he won the bid for the third new city.    Mr. Seok was pleased.


He was the smartest of his children.    He had high hopes for him, as he had never missed the top of his class in school.


‘He was born with a talent for surprising me….’


The rigorous education was worth it.


Suddenly, a woman’s voice pleaded in my head.


[Please, just let me see him once, and I’ll never appear in front of him again]


[He’s not a child anymore, please let me see him. I know you don’t like Kang-woo….]


[I know, a mother who abandons her child doesn’t deserve him… I thought I could just forget about it… I can’t, I keep missing him and I can’t stand it, please].


[As long as you put him in my family register, he’s not your son]


Chairman Seok rejected coldly. He hadn’t stepped out of line for Chung’s sake, but he didn’t want her to see Kang-woo, even though she was now in his heart.


“What Kang-woo needs more than a mother or a lover is success, because he will grow bigger than anyone else.


* * * * * * *


I slept like a dead man.


Boom. She woke up to a text message on her cell phone: 3 p.m.


[Be home by 5.]


Ha-Eun kicked off the covers and got up.


Date.  How long has it been…


Come to think of it, it’s been a while since she’s been on a date with Joo-an alone. It was always a three-way date with Song-ah in the middle.


“What the hell, didn’t I come between them?”


She thought to herself. Ha-eun shook her head.


The two lovers would get along fine. Ha-eun quickly washed up and opened her closet.


“I should have bought some clothes…….”


All of them were out of style, and the only acceptable ones were office wear.


I’m not going to work, so I can’t wear a suit…


Ha-eun pulled out a pair of jeans and a yellow plaid shirt. The jeans looked good on her slender body.


Ha-eun sat down at the vanity and applied light makeup. It was very strange to think about which lipstick to wear.


She put on a pink lipstick called “Vibrant Pink…….” and looked at herself in the mirror.


Oh, my neck… How am I going to cover my neck again?


HaEun took a paste from her drawer and dabbed it over the kiss marks.    When she looked in the mirror, she burst out laughing.


‘It’s fun….’


Ha’eun’s face darkened.  I didn’t recognize myself. It wasn’t like me to put on makeup and worry about what outfit to wear for a date.


It wasn’t like her to try to look pretty for a man.


Ha-eun dabbed at her lipstick. It had been years since she had been to a movie theater.


Many children were holding their parents’ hands to watch the movie, and it turned out that Frozen 2, which was a huge success last year, was opening in theaters.


They were chattering happily as they ate their cola and popcorn. It was cute. Their small, chubby cheeks reminded me of Young-eun.


Young Eun was only six years old when her father abandoned the family. Ha-eun always took care of her when her mom went to work, so she felt like a child.


‘She was cute not long ago, but now she’s grown up….’


She was more mature than Ha-eun.  After watching the children for a while, Kang-woo, who had gone to change her ticket, returned.


“Let’s go.”




Kang-woo had booked a VIP movie theater. There were only two people in the audience under the big screen. It was just Ha-eun and Kang-woo.


As they sat down on the plush leather sofas, the staff set up a table with a selection of drinks and popcorn. The lights went down in the theater, plunging them into darkness.


The movie he booked was a gentle melodrama. It was an office romance, similar to the story of Ha-eun and Kang-woo now.


The cold-hearted businessman felt that his secretary was a woman, and a romance began, driven only by desire.


The secretary, who had a longtime crush on my boss, accepted his proposal because she wanted to make some memories with a man.


The movie was rated 18, but there were some pretty steamy scenes. The first night. The characters entered the hotel, kissed like crazy, and took off each other’s clothes.


The scene overlapped with yesterday.


Ha, ha, ha,


I remembered the sexy voice in my ear. Ha-eun turned away from the n*ked scene, but her hand was grabbed.


“I was thinking about last night, too.”


“Not me.”


Ha-Eun slowly pulled her hand away.


“Is that so?”




I said that, but Ha-eun kept feeling like the heroine was me. She tried not to stare, but her eyes kept going to him.


Kang-woo stared straight ahead with an impassive expression. I wondered if he was watching a movie.  Or maybe he was lost in thought.


I couldn’t tell. In all my life, I had never met a man as expressionless as Kang-woo.


Sometimes he would smile, but somehow it didn’t seem genuine. There were times when it seemed like he was wearing a mask on his face.


The only time he was honest was in bed…


The movie had passed the love scene and was heading towards the cl*max.


The movie explored the complex psychology of the two main characters, but I couldn’t get into it.


First date.    Ruined.    It was wrong to expect something, but…


Ha-Eun bit her lip tightly,


“……What… did I… forget the terms of the contract already?”


* * * * * * *


“That’s boring. I guess this isn’t for me.”


“…… Was it?”


“Ms. Haun seemed bored too.”


“It was worth watching.”


“Be honest. It was written all over your face that you weren’t having fun.”


“I wasn’t….”


“Forget it, we’re going.”






“An adult playground, of course.”


He smiled meaningfully.




“I booked a hotel.”


“Oh… today….”


“Our contract is twice a week. You didn’t forget already, did you?”


“I know, but….”


My body still didn’t feel normal. When I woke up after a night’s sleep, the aches were gone, but I was still stiff in places.


“You think hotels are just for s*x? I booked it because it’s a great place to go on a date away from prying eyes, and if that’s what you’re expecting, I’m ready for it.”




I turned the corner. A kid running to the movie theater in a hurry because he was late bumped into the rain.


He spun around, and the Coke in his hand spilled onto the pavement. Zzzz.  The ice that filled the glass rolled down the back of his hand and landed at his feet.


For a moment, Kang-woo was dazed.


“……at!  I’m sorry. My child made a mistake….”


His mom didn’t know what to do and pulled a tissue out of her purse, apologizing profusely. As she handed it to him, his mom’s face stiffened.


……! Kang-woo was glaring at her frighteningly. She didn’t know what to do when his overwhelming gaze caught her off guard.


“Look me in the eye.”


Kang-woo’s voice sounded sullen, and the child’s sobbing broke out.


“I’m scared of him! Mommy… Hmph!”


the child cried, causing her mother to panic even more. When she asked Ha-Eun for help, she signaled with her eyes for them to leave.


They quickly left the room. Ha-eun pulled a tissue out of her bag and wiped Kang-woo’s hands.


“He’s a kid, he can make mistakes….”




I knew he was a neat guy, but he couldn’t be that upset over a little coke on his hands, could he?


“I don’t have any wipes, so I’ll have to clean my hands in the restroom.”




“Mr. General Manager?”


Kang-woo frowned and looked down at the floor. No way.


“Go outside first. And Wait for me.”




Kang-woo started walking in the direction of the restroom. What is it about his back that makes him look so uneasy?


* * * * * * * *


The moment he touched the ice, he felt nauseous. Once he was away from Ha-eun, Kang-woo ran into the restroom.


His stomach contracted rapidly and his breath seemed to catch in his chest.  As soon as he opened the toilet, he felt nauseous.


Boom, boom, boom, I wanted to gut it out, but nothing came. My stomach turned inside out and I felt sick, like someone was pulling my insides out.


My bloodshot eyes flickered in and out of focus, and the sky in front of me seemed to be sliced by dozens of blades.


Irritation surged through me. I was being made to look ridiculous for merely touching the ice.


I thought I was perfectly traumatized… It wasn’t.


[You’re a bad child, and that’s why you’re being punished.]


[I didn’t do anything wrong!]


[Why not? It’s a sin to be born. You can’t move until the ice melts.]


Kang-woo clenched his fists so tightly that his palms bled. He tried to suppress his rising emotions. He exhaled heavily and chose his breaths carefully.


He heard Ha-Eun’s voice in his ear.


“Ms. General Manager, are you okay? If you need help, just say so. I’m in front of the restroom!”


Ha-eun said loudly from the restroom. Kang-woo couldn’t help but smile.


Surprisingly, Ha-eun’s voice calmed his stomach a little.  Kang-woo turned on the sink faucet and splashed water on his face.


In the bathroom, she was looking at him with concern. Kang-woo wanted to kiss her right now.


* * * * * * *


Ha-eun paced in front of the men’s restroom. Luckily, a movie had started and no one was using the restroom.


When she heard a d*sgusting sound, she was ready to go in if he needed help. Then, when she heard the sound of water, she moved away from the restroom and waited for him.


The door opened to reveal Kang-woo’s face, her hair damp with moisture.  Ha-eun breathed a sigh of relief.




Kang-woo threw his arms around Ha-eun. She struggled to get away, but he grabbed her around the waist and wouldn’t let go.


“Just. Stay.”




The weight was heavy as if she’d given up all her strength. I wondered if I was going to collapse, or if I’d been working too hard. But it wasn’t impossible to break a sweat.


If she wanted to finish the project in a year, she would have to work without a day off.  Ha-eun gently stroked Kang-woo’s back.


Even though he was a big b*by, he felt so vulnerable against my shoulder.


“Should we go to the hospital?”


“It’s not that bad.”


“Well, take a pill, then.”


“I think I need this more than I need pills.”


He tugged on my waist a little more, and I felt our bodies move against each other.




“It’s the best way to relieve stress.”




“Men are like that.”


“I know.”


“I thought so.”


“Especially me.”


“I thought so.”


I’d only slept with him twice, but I could relate. He was a man in need of a partner, and this was probably the only way he’d ever gotten laid.


Suddenly, She felt an empty pit in my stomach.


“Let’s go,”


I said.


“But first, I need to fill up. I’d like some porridge, there’s a good one in the mall here.”


Ha-eun attracted the rain.  But Kang-woo’s pull on Ha-eun was stronger.


“Something more urgent than porridge.”


* * * * * * * *


They went straight to the hotel. Before the room door was even closed, his lips were on mine. My heart skipped a beat.


“Mr. General Manager….”


“I’m going to suck it, all of it.”


A large body leaned toward her. He lifted her a$s and sat her down on the table.


Oomph. The decorations at the entrance to the lounge spilled out. I saw lust in his searing eyes.


He swallowed hard, his mouth-watering. His charming face crashed down on hers, his tongue darting across her lips.




His high nostrils touched her nose. She felt lightheaded, her lips tingling as his tongue moistened them. At the same time, his throat burned and he thirsted.


His hot breath mingled with the burning desire beneath her. Tongue after tongue tangled frantically.


Tongue after tongue rubbed together in a frenzy she didn’t know who started first. Her p*ssy was drenched in a dizzying sensation.


They hadn’t even caressed yet, and her breathing was ragged. It was so erotic to be aroused.


The low mood from earlier was blown away. Ha-Eun sucked in a sharp breath as she felt the hot tongue in her mouth.


“I wanted to do it earlier, but I held back.”




He thrust his tongue roughly against her lower lip. The pleasure was so intense that she could barely breathe.


Ha, ha, a ragged gasp. The sensations seemed to be centered on my lips alone.  The sensation of tongue and tongue rubbing against tongue was so obsc*ne it made his face burn.


He licked her lips more and more greedily.


“Sweet,” he said,


“Like you’ve got honey on them. I can’t stop sucking on them. That’s what I’m trying to say. What the hell did you put on your lips?”


He tilted his head, deeply entwining their tongues. My heart fluttered like crazy. I love kissing him. It makes me feel safe…


“I don’t think I’d be satisfied if we didn’t have to have s*x.”


It was the same for me. Our fiery, furiously moving bodies were filled with joy.  Our mouths met, and just feeling each other’s warmth melted away all our worries.


It was Ha-eun who needed a kiss now. Ha-eun put her arms around Kang-woo’s shoulders and moved her lips aggressively.


The corners of Kang-woo’s eyes crinkled.


“You’re pretty.”


“You’re even prettier.”


“I’m not saying you’re pretty for a man.”


“You’re pretty. Especially when the corners of your eyes crinkle here, I want to touch it.”


“Touch it. It’s yours.”


He closed the distance between them as Ha-eun groped for her eye sockets. She could feel his n*ked lower body.


His whole body burned and a part of him twitched as if he were alive. His body melted in the kiss as if drenched in honey.


An honest body.    It could not be faked.    There was no escaping his quick touch.


“We’ll have to wait an hour for room service to arrive, but we’ll take care of the urgent stuff, won’t we?”


He tugged open his shirt, exposing his broad chest.


“Ah… Mr. General Manager.”


“That’s okay,” I said,


“I’ll do enough to satisfy you even if it’s not.”


I wore a bandage to cover it, but he pulled it off with his hand. His lips touched my neck and he nibbled.


“There… the mark… stop… ”


“It’s a territory marker.”




It’s not some kind of beast. It’s got territorial markings on its body… As his lips moved downward, inch by inch, his mind stopped like a blown fuse.


He l*cked gently from the bottom to the top, from her v*g*na to her cl*t. Tears welled up in her eyes and her p*ssy tightened with excitement.


Alas, such a place is weak! It was hot. I was getting swept up in a swamp I couldn’t get out of.


Her hands clutched at his hair.  An unrefined groan escaped him. Everywhere his tongue touched was searing hot.


He breathed harshly and twisted his body, waiting for the next move. The next moment, his c*ck was inside her, thrusting hard and fast.


Mmm, she gripped his hair tighter and felt his c*ck pushing deeper. His c*ck squirmed in and out of her throat.




Her cl*t felt like it was being squeezed.  My cl*t was rubbed as I bobbed up and down with the deep penetration.


The friction between my cl*t and the p*nis inside me was driving me crazy. My head felt like it was going to explode with pleasure.


A lewd sound of grinding, grinding, grinding came from her soaking w*tness.


Haen grabbed his neck with both hands and pulled him closer.




* * * * * *


“I need to eat something.”


“Yes, I will,”


he said, and the steak he had sliced was placed on a plate.


“I need to put on a few pounds. I can’t walk around in the field like that.”


“I just don’t have time to work out.”




“You’ve been caught,”    Ha-Eun smirked.


“I know office workers don’t have time to exercise. We should think about employee welfare more.”




“There was an empty office on the third floor, what was it originally used for?”


“Oh, it was the former CEO’s office.”


“It was pretty spacious, why did he need such a large personal space?”


“He collected sneakers.”




“He was a sneakerhead. He had a hobby of collecting shoes from all over the world.”


I’m told he had a lot of sneakers at home.


“Well, that’s one more piece of paper I could use to be productive… Chet… Great. I’ll have to bring in some exercise equipment.”




“I’m the kind of person who thinks hard-working employees should be rewarded.”


“I’m sure everyone will love it.”


* * * * * * *


Chairman Seok came in from a golf outing in a good mood. Hye-yeon came out of the car, looking as neat as ever.


“You seem to be in a good mood.”


“That’s good.”


“Did something happen?”


“Kang-woo got some bad news.”


Hye-yeon’s stomach sank, but she kept her claws hidden.


“What? Already?”


“Twenty-eight is too late. I’ve been thinking about it because I don’t have a suitable wife, but now that I have a good one, I should go ahead.”


“Which group?”


“The granddaughter of PK Group Chairman Jung Yi-yeon.”


Hye-yeon’s fingertips twitched.


” his granddaughter… Ah, a plastic surgeon?”




“Well, even when I was a kid, I was always following Kang-woo around… ….”


This was the woman who said she liked Kang-woo from a young age. While Kang-woo was studying abroad, she completed her specialty training and opened a private clinic.


“When she says yes, you have to push her. He’s a sonless family, so it’s obvious that the management will be handed over to him.”


“It’s a good marriage, so he’ll be in-law with a better family than Kang Hyun-i, right?”


Hye-yeon said without wavering, but her insides were burning. To be compared to a better family than her son… she felt like she was going to lose her temper.


“If you’re a family m*mber, why don’t you lean in a little bit? They covet Kang-woo, so what better chance do you have?”




“But do they know that Kang-woo is out of wedlock….”


“I’m sure you know that. I’ve noticed that.”


“That’s good.”


“You did the hard work. Raising Kang-woo. Now that they’re all married and on their own, it’ll just be us old guys, and we’ll live to see our grandchildren’s antics.




He laughed as if they were married. The more he laughed, the more Hye-yeon’s insides burned.


“Old age? Don’t be ridiculous. I have no intention of living with you as an old man in the back room!”


Hye-yeon twisted her lips as she nobly sipped her tea.




‘End of Volume 1. To be continued in the next VOLUME.

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