Although Sun Kangming’s parents didn’t recognize anyone from the Tang family, they did recognize this stunning woman.

Zhou Wen, the household name in the entertainment industry.

Back when she was at the height of her fame, she had married the CEO of Starlight Entertainment, Mu Yanrui. At a time when everyone thought she had lost her mind,30 she had only climbed higher, maintaining and even increasing her popularity. She had won numerous new awards and left behind many classics.

However, she was nearly thirty now and had yet to have any children with Mu Yanrui.

There had been a lot of discussion online about this matter. Some said Zhou Wen didn’t want to have children, considering the significant impact childbirth would have on her career, as it would require more than a year of time; others said she had an agreement with Mu Yanrui, that they had a marriage of convenience without any real emotional attachment, and they led separate lives privately, so naturally, they wouldn’t have children.

But what did the young boy just call her?


He was… Zhou Wen’s son?

Was he also surnamed Mu?

Sun Kangming’s parents both gasped in shock.

Regardless of his surname, they had stirred up a hornet’s nest. Just Zhou Wen alone was someone they couldn’t afford to provoke. They had to find a way to defuse the current situation.

But just at that moment, with no knowledge of the current situation, Sun Kangming suddenly exacerbated the situation by shouting at Zhou Wen, “Your son used his head to hit my stomach! You have to take me to the hospital for a check-up.”

Upon hearing Sun Kangming’s response, she raised an eyebrow and lightly patted her son’s head. She casually said, “Perfect, let’s go to the hospital together. While we’re at it, we’ll check on my baby’s head. If there’s any problem, you’ll be responsible too.”

Mu Zichen, taking his cue from Sun Kangming, dramatically held his head and pretended to be in pain, saying, “Oh, my head hurts.”

Kangming’s mother hurriedly covered her son’s mouth and desperately gestured at him with her eyes.

Sun Kangming’s father tried to smooth things over with a smile, saying, “It’s just some childish squabble; there shouldn’t be any major issues. Kangming has had a weak stomach since he was young. It’s probably because he had a tummy ache recently, making his stomach hurt. He’s a bit dramatic. The school doctor also said he’s fine and there’s no need to go to the hospital.”

The doctor standing nearby, watching the spectacle, chimed in with a dry comment, “I didn’t say it’s nothing… This parent, I’m just suggesting going to the hospital. Children of this age have delicate heads and stomachs. It’s better to be cautious. The school clinic doesn’t have all the necessary equipment, and I can only provide basic care for external injuries.”

Sun Kangming’s father couldn’t help but feel awkward and frustrated. Going to the hospital would only escalate the situation, making it more difficult to handle. He knew his son’s temperament well, and there likely wasn’t anything wrong with his stomach. This minor incident had caused them a huge headache.

Just then, Tang Mian’s small voice broke the tense atmosphere in the medical room. He raised his right hand to cover his right ear and said, “My hearing aid seems to be broken.” Even if it was broken, he didn’t want to take it off, nor did he want anyone to touch it.

Fu Shizhao was taken aback when he heard this.

Fu Shizhao couldn’t help but blame himself for Tang Mian’s persistent low spirits. He looked like a small, neglected mushroom in the corner, and even the presence of uncles and aunts couldn’t lift his spirits. Was it all because of the issue with his hearing aid?  He regretted confronting Sun Kangming; if he had known, he might not have caused the damage when the teacher took the hearing aid back.

In their previous life, Tang Mian’s hearing aid had been accidentally damaged by Fu Shizhao himself, and during that period, he had been very sensitive and unwilling to interact with others. His current reaction was already quite strong.

“What’s wrong? Can’t you hear anything?” Tang Minghuai’s heart skipped a beat, and he carefully asked in a gentle tone, refraining from touching his right hand and right ear.

“I can hear, but the sound goes up and down,” Tang Mian replied obediently.

“It’s okay. We can get a new one from the doctor,” Shen Siwan said with her eyes slightly red, gently patting his little head.

What she feared most had happened: Tang Mian had been bullied at school, and he looked like this now.

They had always been very careful with Tang Mian, being extremely concerned about every little bump and scrape, let alone such a large area of injury. She hadn’t expected the hearing aid to have issues, but at least his ears didn’t have any injuries.

Tang Mian nodded softly, holding her hand and resting his head back on Fu Shizhao’s shoulder.

Although he really wanted to go home and hide, to briefly escape from this situation like a turtle retracting into its shell, his rationality told him that he had to step up.

This situation was not simple.

At this moment, he didn’t know Sun Kangming at all, and there was a small chance that Sun Kangming had approached him out of nowhere to bully him. It was more likely because of Tang Wei.

He had to expose Tang Wei, but not in haste. He needed to wait for the right moment when the Sun family had no way out; that would be the most effective.

After all, he didn’t know how Tang Wei had manipulated Sun Kangming to act against him. In the previous life, Sun Kangming divvdn’t seem very intelligent, so it was possible that he had been used as a pawn without realizing it.

All eyes in the medical office were on Tang Mian due to this conversation.

Zhou Wen’s expression eased slightly as she walked over, carefully examining the cute little boy. She thought to herself that he indeed deserved the nickname “Little Cotton Candy.” She asked with feigned ignorance, “Is this Little Cotton Candy?”

Mu Zichen nodded.

She had just finished work recently and had been busy spending time with her family, especially with her son. She had even made the cotton candy for Tang Mian every morning using the cotton candy machine at home.

She continued to inquire, “What happened to his leg and how did his hearing aid break?”

Mu Zichen obediently replied, “That boy who said his ‘stomach hurts’ suddenly pushed him and took away his hearing aid.”

Zhou Wen asked, “Why did he push him?”

Mu Zichen shook his head and said, “I don’t know. We were swinging on the swings, and he suddenly appeared.”

He didn’t know “Stomachache,” and he wasn’t sure if Little Cotton Candy knew him.

As they exchanged information, the whole story began to make sense, even though Teacher Tu had already explained the sequence of events to them over the phone.

Zhou Wen’s gaze shifted to Teacher Tu, who was sitting next to Tang Mian, and she asked, “Has Teacher Tu checked the surveillance footage?”

Teacher Tu shook her head and replied, “We need to wait until both sets of parents arrive and then request permission from the principal to access the surveillance footage. We don’t have the authority to do so.”

Zhou Wen nodded in understanding. She then turned her attention to Sun Kangming’s parents and said, “Perfect, I’ll go with these two parents to take a look, and then we’ll head to the hospital. Little Cotton Candy can rest for a bit, and it would be best for him to go to the hospital later for a check-up.”

Tang Minghuai suddenly stood up at this and fixed a cold gaze on the family of three across from them. He said, “I’m going too.”

“Let’s go, Teacher Li,” Teacher Tu said, her gaze landing on the big class teacher who hadn’t said a word since Zhou Wen arrived.

Sun Kangming’s parents were sweating profusely at this point.

Sun Kangming’s parents realized that their son had started the fight, pushing Zhou Wen’s son’s good friend and causing the hearing aid to break.

Zhou Wen’s stance was crystal clear — she had no intention of letting them off the hook. Checking the surveillance footage now was equivalent to passing a death sentence.

As they rose from their seats and approached, a heavy tension filled the air, making it hard to breathe.

Sun Kangming noticed his parents’ reactions and began to realize that something was amiss. His heart pounded like a drum, and he dared not `say another word.

Just then, Tang Mian’s pitiful voice sounded again, “Mom, why did he bully me? I don’t even know him… Is it because he doesn’t like me?”

Shen Siwan hurriedly touched his little head and comforted him, “No, everyone likes Mian Mian. He’s a bad kid; bad kids bully others for no reason.”

She didn’t need to save face for them when her youngest had been bullied to this extent.

Sun Kangming had also heard Shen Siwan’s words, but now he was as silent as a quail, not daring to make a sound.

“Is he like Xiao Wei… Tang Wei?” Tang Mian asked again.

Shen Siwan nodded quickly, fearing that her son might misunderstand.

Tang Wei was indeed a good example.

Fu Shizhao casually glanced at Tang Wei, who was sitting in the opposite corner. At the same time, he couldn’t help but feel a slight sense of relief.

Tang Mian had finally begun to fight back.

If he didn’t start fighting back soon, he was prepared to take matters into his own hands.

For him, taking action was much more challenging than Tang Mian personally getting involved. After all, he still had to conceal his own reincarnation status in front of him.

He hadn’t decided when to tell Tang Mian about his own reincarnation. It would have to wait until he was sure that Tang Mian wouldn’t be angry with him.

For now, he would work on making amends, as he had been quite a scoundrel in his past life.

Tang Wei, who was huddled in the corner, lowered his head and nervously swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

It was indeed him who instigated Sun Kangming.

His parents taught him to do it.

He knew that their family had recently faced some difficulties, and their financial situation had become tighter. His parents had also become busier.

However, the people from Sun Kangming’s family, who had previously been close to them, were unwilling to lend money to his parents or help them.

The people from Tang Mian’s family didn’t like them either. They had been blocked outside their home several times, not even allowed into the residential area, all because he accidentally pushed the child of their servant.

None of them were good people.

His mother had told him that if he could get Sun Kangming to bully Tang Mian, causing a conflict between them, it would be an entertaining spectacle. So he relayed all the words his mother had taught him to Sun Kangming.

Sure enough, Sun Kangming went to bully Tang Mian, and he indeed found it entertaining.

But… why did they suddenly mention him?

Tang Wei had an uneasy premonition and nervously clenched his fingers together.

Tang Wei…

Hiding behind his own parents, Sun Kangming, as if clutching at a lifeline, suddenly shouted loudly, “It… it was Tang Wei who said there was a kid in the kindergarten wearing a hearing aid, and it would be fun to grab it!”

A heavy silence descended upon the medical room.

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