Chapter 45 
Ten Thousand Years Ago

“All of you know why I looked for you all ……,” Bi Wei said.

“Nuwa created the world, and the Pan Lady opened the sky. The mortal woman, Wu Yun, ascended to heaven and opened the heavenly way. Immortals, devils, demons, dragons, ghosts, humans, all races.”

“Two thousand years ago, Penglai’s disciple, Rao Yue, became a demon. She and the human emperor, Chen Huaijin, made a deal to protect Jiang Kingdom for two thousand years.”

“One thousand years ago, the Lord of the Demon Realm, Chen Yushang, came out of nowhere, practicing both good and evil, seizing the Immortal Treasure, slaughtering the Dragon Clan, and locking up the Demon Path. Soaring to the ninth heaven to massacre all of our immortal race. She sucked the Qi of the two worlds, and all things perished ……”

“Later, Chen Yushuang’s divine artifact, the Green Pearl, fell to the mortal world. Thus, the Immortals, the Humans, and the Demons came to the mortal world– All of these you have learned from the history books.” Bi Wei said.

Yao Lan was Lin Xian Sect’s elder and often fought with the demon cultivator. She angrily said: “Sect Master, our Immortal Realm has crossed way with the demons since one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine years ago. Immortal path and humanism had the same source, while the human emperor Jiang Kingdom has been close to the demon world.”

“Although we cultivators can’t directly intervene in the turnover of the worldly imperial power, this time, it is the human realm’s internal turmoil. If we renew our friendship with the Human Realm, stepping on the Demon Race is just around the corner.”

A few other elders added, “Sect Leader, I think Elder Yaolan has a point. Although the Demon Realm has settled down the past few decades, we shouldn’t ignore them.”

Everyone analyzed the pros and cons.

Bi Wei said, “I do know what you all think. But this time, inviting us from the righteous path to gather together to hold a male Human Emperor is risking universal condemnation!”

“Since ancient times, when did a man become an emperor? When the Heavenly Dao is angered, it will impose my Lin Xian disciples. What’s more, if we fail in this mission, Emperor Chen Lingyue will be at war with us and cut off the life of the mortal world, and it will be difficult for my disciples to continue their cultivation.”

After listening to the heavenly punishment, everyone hesitated. But the interests were tempting, and if they could control the Human Emperor, their sect’s reputation would be boosted– The mortal world was their bag.

“The Lin Xian Sect has to go but can’t go …… either,” Bi Wei said, “Yao Lan, who is the closest Lin Xian disciple to the Shuang Men Sect?”

Yao Lan flipped through the jade slip that recorded the disciple’s whereabouts and said, “It’s Cui Yu and Liu Wu. They are near the Shuang Men Sect, tracking down Wei Zi, the disciple that joined the Demon Queen ……”

Bi Wei remembered these three and said, “Tell them to ignore Wei Zi and go to the Shuang Men’s Righteous Assembly on behalf of the Lin Xian Sect.”

“Yes.” Yao Lan received the order.

“The two of them are men. If they fail this time, treat it as if the Lin Xian Sect has never been there. If they succeed, we could gain some profits ……”

The two of them, Cui Yu and Liu Wu, walked without speaking. There was some inexplicable awkwardness between the two, especially after Wei Zi copulated with them.

After coming to their senses, there were no words to face each other. After their injuries almost healed, they descended the mountain to look for Wei Zi’s trail.

Wei Zi, a defector from the Lin Xian Sect, had entered the demon’s path. She was no longer a disciple, and her portrait had widely spread.

Currently, there is no news about her. But they couldn’t say whether they were happy or sad.

The Spirit Pigeon fell into their palms at the same time, transmitting their master’s orders.

Cui Yu opened his mouth first: “Junior brother, since this is the case, we must fulfill our master’s order. We will go to the Shuang Men Sect first.”

“Hmm.” Liu Wu responded inaudibly. He still could not accept the affair between his senior brother and Wei Zi. Other people were fine, but Senior Brother and Wei Zi were his closest persons —

His heart became darker and narrower after meeting Wei Zi. This evil woman, a Demon Clan spy, deliberately came to compel his relationship with his senior brother, separating the two.

He should’ve hated her, but he couldn’t. Because he loves her — when he thinks of her, he can not help but rejoice. But logic told him that he should not be so — he then lived as the walking dead.



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