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Ray, who had no memories of his past life, just looked at Iva while remembering their one date.




“Did I make you feel uneasy?”




“Yes. You make me feel uneasy. You always do. Maybe you’ll do it again.”




Yeah. He always makes me feel uneasy and miserable. I don’t want to feel that way this time.




Iva stood up from where she was sitting.




“I want to go back to the mansion now. And your grace, please stop….”




“Lady Iva.”




She tried to turn her back and leave the hall. But Ray quickly knelt down and grabbed Iva’s hand.




It was the gesture knights make when they swear loyalty to the royal family.




“Y-Your Grace?”




“Lady Iva, will you forget the proposal I made to you?”




Look at this. He just said he likes me, and now he’s asking me to forget the proposal?




Iva’s brow furrowed.




“You asked me that day If you looked easy in my eyes. You also asked me if I thought it was natural for us to get married just because I, a duke, came and proposed to you.”




“Why are you bringing that up all of a sudden?”




“At that time I said no to you, but I secretly thought so in my heart that I just wanted to meet you.”




Ray spoke calmly. His voice was firmer than ever.




“Then I asked you out on a date because I wanted to get to know you better, but I was only thinking about my feelings. I only thought of myself from beginning to end.”




“What are you trying to say?”




“When I get to know you completely, and not feel anxious when you are with me, I want to propose again. Please forget the selfish and embarrassing first proposal.”




His confession that wasn’t really a confession made Iva’s heart flutter a little.




“What if I refuse?”




“I’ll back off without burdening you. However…”








“Can I quietly like you alone?”








“If that’s not possible, I’ll do as you wish. I want to do what you want.”




Ray held Iva’s hand delicately as if it was fragile glass.




His touch was so hot that it made her heart itch.




“I’m not saying I’ll get to know you right away. I don’t like being a burden either.”




The word “burden” still bothered Ray.




“Just let me protect you from a distance. If there’s a moment when I come to mind a little, please let me know.”




“And If I let you know?”




“I’ll do what I can. Whatever that maybe.”




A small smile tugged at the corners of Iva’s mouth at Ray’s  Knight-like words. The small smile made Ray smile back.




“Now that we’ve understood each other, please stand up.”




As if it were an order, Ray straightened his bent knee and stood up. He still didn’t let go of her hand.




“Please give me time to sort out my thoughts.”




“Of course, I’ll wait.”




“It seems too late again, but thank you. If you hadn’t come to save me, I would have been in big trouble.”




Ray remembered Botri who he had beaten up only after hearing Iva’s words. When he was with her, he can’t think of anything else.




“It was the right thing to do.”




“That’s very kind of you. But what should I do now? He’ll probably come after me since I hurt his pride.”




She could already picture him storming into her mansion and wreaking havoc.




“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.”




“Y-Your Grace?”




“I’ll make sure he doesn’t get close to you, My Lady Iva.”




Though Ray’s expression was clearly emotionless as he looked down at the Botri, Iva could feel the intensity in his eyes and stepped back involuntarily.




Then Ray unconsciously pulled her hand harder, afraid it would slip away. 




As a result, she was pulled towards him. Startled by the sudden proximity after his non-confession confession, they both let go of each other’s hands and stepped back.




“Ahem. I’ll take you to the entrance of the palace… No, I’ll call someone.”




“Yes, please do.”




Ray took out a wooden whistle from his pouch. It was used to call knights during outdoor training.




He blew, and two knights immediately entered the hall.




“Commander, you called… Oh, did Commander do this?”




The knights looked at Ray in surprise after seeing the unconscious Botri. Ray didn’t use physical force unless it was during combat training. Moreover, he always emphasized lightly subduing opponents during training to avoid causing injuries.




It was even more unbelievable that he had almost crushed half of Botri’s face, considering how weak Botri was compared to Ray.




“You don’t need to know the situation. Take Young Lady to the entrance of the palace.”




“Oh, okay. Young Lady, please follow us.”




“Just a moment.”




Iva turned towards the unconscious Botri instead of following the knights.




“I also want to hit him once because it’s unfair.”




She swung her arm and hit the Visount’s arm with all her might. Her hit was so weak, like hitting someone with a small pebble compared to what Ray has done.




But it still relieved her anger a little. Ray stifled a laugh at how cute she was quietly behind her.




“Let’s go now. I’ll go in first, Your Grace.”




“Yes. Be careful.”




After bowing to Ray, Iva confidently led the way ahead of the knights.




Ray looked at her retreating figure fondly before turning his gaze towards Botri. 




His eyes were cold and ruthless, like a black wolf on the battlefield, without any hint of recognition or mercy.




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