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“Have you calmed down a bit now?” 




Ray whispered in a warm voice to Iva’s ear. Iva’s shoulder shook unnaturally at the sound of his voice.




“Hu, huk.”




“It seems like you haven’t yet. Cry as much as you want.”




In truth, it had been a long time since she had stopped crying. She no longer shed tears and was no longer afraid.




But there was only one reason why she didn’t come out of his embrace. She was embarrased!




Just a few days ago, she had rejected Ray’s confession and had been cold to him ever since.




She thought she would never see him again after Julian appeared! She never thought she would receive his help like this!




Ray’s big hand gently stroking her back was burdensome.




But it also felt warm, which was strange. It was the first time she had been held by him in three lifetimes. She couldn’t even have a conversation with him, let alone be held by him.




Julian was the one who was held in his arms countless times, and Iva had to go through three lifetimes to experience it.




Her heart was confused, so she looked for the time to get out of his arms quickly.




Now? She thought about coming out, but his big hand stroked her head.




No, not now. He patted her back slowly.




When she got tired of Ray’s touches, his touch and whisper became infinitely softer.




If she continued like this, she felt like she would be held all night, so Iva counted to three in her mind and tried to get out.




One, two, three…












Right before she counted to three, a warm, soft, and ticklish feeling briefly touched her forehead.




At the strange sensation, Iva reflexively pushed Ray’s chest away and looked up at him with wide eyes.




Likewise, her eyes met Ray’s, who also had the same expression.




As if the whole world had stopped, neither of them blinked until Ray first stepped back and fell away from Iva.




“What, what are you doing”




“I’m sorry!”




Although Iva was the one who was caught off guard, Ray’s face turned red as if it was about to explode.




“I, I don’t know it myself, but for a moment, Lady Iva was so lovely.”




Not only did his voice tremble unexpectedly, but his neck, ears, and face all turned red. Ray’s slightly dark skin turned bright red like a tomato.




“I’m sorry. I couldn’t hold back, and I was rude.”




Ray’s whole body throbbed like a heart pumping blood. The more he tried to calm down, the harder his heart beat.




He knew how ridiculous he looked right now, so he covered his eyes with the palm of his hand. But even the back of his hand was red because he was embarrassed.




Iva felt the same way, her face flushed with heat.




He kissed me… He kissed me. Why? Why did he kiss me?!




She couldn’t understand the situation at all. He fell in love with Julian at first sight, so there should be no reason for him to kiss her.




If it had been an accident, she could have let it slide, but he had kissed her subconsciously. He even said she was lovely and couldn’t hold back.




Only one thing could have changed for all of this to make sense. He shouldn’t have fallen in love with Julian.




“Your Grace.”




Iva called out in a trembling voice while covering the spot where Ray’s lips had touched her forehead with her hand.




Then Ray lowered his hand that was covering his eyes and showed his face. He was still blushing.




“Do you like Princess Julian?”




She asked without hesitation. Then Ray’s eyebrows twitched.








His facial expression changed subtly, but Iva seemed to understand what he meant.




It was an expression asking why she suddenly brought up Julian.




“I am the commander of the knights who protect the royal family. I am faithfully doing my job as a knight without any conflicting emotions.”




“Don’t talk like that.”








“Yes or no. Just answer one of them.”




It was because I was confused by this situation that I asked you to answer easily.




Iva looked straight at Ray, and Ray looked down at her. It was the first time his brown eyes were facing her directly.




“I don’t like her.”








“Don’t you already know who I like”




“Who is it?”




Iva asked to confirm. Ray already knew, but he felt a little annoyed at Iva for asking as she bit her lower lip.




But what could he do? Even this look on her was lovely.




“Iva Blanche.”








“It’s you. The one I sincerely like.”




The low whispered voice seemed to travel not to Iva’s ears, but to the skin where his lips touched.




He really likes me. Even though Julian appeared, he came to save me, not her.




He said he likes me, not Julian. Iva felt like the grief from her past life was gathering inside her and was about to burst into tears.




“You told me I was annoying.”








“You were always angry when you talked to me, you wouldn’t even meet me, and you were cold to me.”




Her insecurities flared up when she learned his true feelings.




Every time she fell in love with Ray, he left.




He shook her heart and left, saying it was her fault for falling in love with him.




In this life, Iva didn’t tell him she liked him yet. Just as Julian became a different character, maybe Ray might hurt her in a different way.




She had already suffered enough in two lives. If it repeated again this time, she didn’t think she could bear it.




Iva saw the face of Ray from her past life overlapping with his current face. She looked away, thinking he might become cold and say something hurtful.




“…Did I look like I was annoyed by you?”




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