Chapter 13


Her drunkenness and jealousy snapped her out of it. She squirmed, but the hands gripping her waist and hips were as firm as a solid wall. She cried out in desperation.

“You’re not going to put it in, are you? Wait, Aiden……. Earlier, that was a joke, it was a joke!”

“I know I’m getting the short end of the stick, but it was a deal, and I’m not such a nice guy that I’m going to ignore the opportunity I have on my hands. Relax, Belviana. It’s going to hurt if you don’t.”


A hard shaft touched the tip of her gaping vagina. Her slippery, gaping, wet hole accepted the movement with ease. His rounded tip slowly pressed in, and she tightened her grip on the railing. It hurt so much, even though she’d only taken in the tip. Each shallow movement of his hips seemed to snap her body in half. Her breath came in ragged gasps. She cried and gasped.

“Stop— it! It hurts, it really does, it’s so, so, ungh, ah! it hurts. If you do any more, I’m going to, ungh, scream……!”

“Please do that, Belle. Then the whole world will know you’re mine.”

Her threats didn’t faze Aiden at all. He tilted his upper body, casting a shadow over her back, and the hand on her hip shifted a little more weight. He slid into her, his cock scraping against her tight inner walls. She was on her toes.

She bit her lip, forgetting to control herself. Her whitened lips bled in quick succession. He parted her full lips with his finger. Her eyes widened in fear she might suddenly bite him if she loses control. Aiden grabbed her gasping and slowly slammed his cock into her.


The pain was unrelenting, and as she lowered her head, she saw where they were joined. His dark-colored penis jutted out, half-eaten into her. Its veined shaft, thickening toward the base, was almost as long as her forearm. She clutched at the railing, desperately trying to get away from him, the act causing the lining of her vagina to contract and grind against his.

“Pretty, hmm, you take it well.”

For the first time, there was a hint of excitement in his voice. He thrust into her, crushing her squirming to escape. The dull pressure and pain washed over her like a tidal wave. Tears welled up in her eyes. Aah, angh. The groan she’d been holding back finally spilled out.

“Ughhhh, ahhhhh…….”

“Belvia— Bel……, breathe, relax…….”

Her Breath, sweet breath, came in ragged gasps. It hurts, it hurts. She clawed with her nails like a mute cat. But alas, there was nothing to hold on to but the railing. Belviana winced, biting her lips that were about to part in pain. She had to hold it in, she wasn’t going to feel anything. If she let out a single moan, if anyone saw her……. She glanced uneasily at the terrace door. She’d rather have it completely locked than risk the possibility of someone coming in.

He paused for a moment to catch his breath, then lifted his hips in one swift motion. Her slick, wet flesh offered no resistance as he penetrated all the way in. His cock pushed in where his fingers couldn’t reach. Her back, shoulders, and spread thighs shook with pain.

“Ah……, heuk, ungh…….”

It was a tight, foreign sensation, like she was going to fall out. Aiden’s penis, the first key to her body that had never been opened before, was a brutal weapon. She’d only ever known the pain of an embroidery needle pricking her fingers. She had never felt such vivid sensations and pain. The walls of her vagina, soaking wet and rusted from her stiffness, clamped down on him, as if checking for a merciless intruder. Aiden let out a low moan at the meltingly hot sensation, his cock throbbing as he pressed hard against her lower belly.

“Can you feel me inside you?”

She could feel it, a thick, heavy pressure that filled her to the brim. His pulse and subtle vibrations along the intimately connected parts……. The pain of penetration was subsiding surprisingly quickly, and he knew every inch of her. Aiden reached out and grabbed her bare breasts, squeezing and shaking them. He twisted, tugged, and pinched her hot nipples at the tips of her breasts. A hand slipped down and rubbed hard against her clit, which was stiff and swollen with excitement. She couldn’t help herself and let out a soft moan.

“Hnggh, ungh…….”

She was easily aroused, even with something so thick and hard buried in her most delicate flesh. As he rubbed her deep inside, her low moan turned into a sweet whimper. Her wet inner walls gently squeezed him as she twisted her hips, and the sound of him swallowing as he stifled a groan was erotic. Her sweet juices trickled down his shaft. Aiden laughed low, as if he enjoyed the vulgarity of it.

“So, so much is dripping. So wet and soft.”

“Ahhhh, now, stop, that’s too, strange, hngh…….”

He moved his hips lazily. Belviana’s voice muffled on the tip of her tongue, unable to complete the words. At first it was just an aching, tingling, uncomfortable foreign sensation, then a flood of strange sensations. Her vagina, clamped shut by the thick shaft of his cock, spasmed strongly. Belviana came, barely able to keep her eyes open, and he leaned in from behind to soothe her gasps.

“It’s okay, you’ll feel better soon.”

“Now, no, no, it’s too big, angh, if you move anymore than that, I’m going to die, hah, hah…….”

“You’re not going to die. You just, you just have to nod your head. Okay?”

Aiden’s words were more of a plea, and even in her daze she knew it was a deception, but she nodded anyway, partly out of the satisfaction that flooded her from below, partly out of the anticipation of the unbearable pleasure that was about to burst, and partly out of the shame of wanting it all to be over. He gripped her ass cheeks hard enough to spread them apart, and the thing that had been filling her deep inside suddenly pulled back.


She let out a low squeal. Her ass twitched in disappointment as the clench was gone. She threw her head back in frustration, her vaginal walls scratching madly down there. A moment ago, it had felt like death, and now she wanted to feel it one more time.

Just one more time to feel that tickling sensation in her lower stomach, that stiffening in her back. If only she could feel that hard, thick thing inside of her again. Just as she was panting with need, Aiden slipped his hand over the back of hers gripping the railing. His cock plunged into her deepest recesses at once, and she let out a wet cry.


He pressed into her roughly, arching his back. The sound of wetness gurgled loudly as his penis slid in and out of her opening. Belviana forgot about the situation and became aroused. She forgot that this was the terrace of a hall in the middle of a banquet. The sensation of sweat-slicked skin against skin, that soothing, decadent stimulation. Her barely-open slit clenched shut with each stroke of his penis, then opened all the way when she was rammed in again. It was a lascivious sensation.

“Ah, huek….”

Her tear-filled green eyes widened with unrefined pleasure. Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the railing. His hard penis poked a spot in her vagina, probing at will through her heated, tender flesh. She arched her back wildly, shuddering.


In response to her obviously changed reaction, he repeatedly slammed into that spot. Slowly at first, his thrusts became shorter and faster. Her vaginal walls, still swollen with excitement, clenched tightly around his hard shaft, sucking it in. She sucked on her lips, holding back, and eventually let out a low moan. This was so much more than she’d imagined, more than she’d felt in her dreams……. She couldn’t even think straight now. An uninhibited cry burst out of her.

“Ah, hngh, ah…Angh! Ah!”

She almost lost it as the pleasure continued to surge from below. He spat a low curse as Belviana rocked her hips, involuntarily tightening and loosening her vaginal walls. Aiden thrust hard enough that her body jerked and pushed upward. Her voluptuous breasts jiggled, her nipples brushed against the railing, and even that was stimulation. When she covered her lips with the back of her hand, he pulled away.

“Sound, hmm, don’t cover it.”

“Ha, ha, hmm, hmm, ungh, unghh!”

Aiden lifted one of her thighs. Just when she thought her upper body was snug, his thick, hard cock slid into a more cramped, deeper opening. It pressed against her soft spot, rubbing and scraping against her tightening vaginal walls. It was a chilling sensation that was almost unbearable, and each time he thrust deeper, she collapsed in pleasure. Now, she was going crazy. As she cried out like a weak animal, hot juices erupted from inside her.

“Heut, ungh…heuht, uh…!”

She sobbed like a rutting little beast. Aiden kissed her white temple. He cupped her sweat-slicked breasts from behind. His fingers squeezed her nipples, rubbing them, and he moved his hips again, the raw friction of them sliding lazily against her dripping skin. Belviana’s back arched wildly. It was like someone was setting off tickling flames on her skin. Everywhere he touched, everywhere his breath touched, everywhere his hot lips touched and fell on her shoulders and nape of her neck and the tingling sensation…….

“Aiden, please…….”

She gasped and begged.

“How can I, feel better…… It’s crazy, crazy, ahhhh, please, ahhhh…….”

“Do you want more, do you want me to fuck you more, like this?”

“Angh, ah, angh! Ungh, hmm, ungh!”

Not knowing what she wanted, not knowing what he was going to give, she begged, losing her mind. She felt like she was going crazy. Her lust, swollen by the constant teasing, had no shame, and she instinctively clenched tightly around anything that gave her pleasure. Aiden let out a low moan and gripped her waist hard with both hands. He picked up the pace a little, the slurping sound of his cock rubbing against her getting louder and louder. Just as much as she could stand, or as much as she could feel. The pace grew more furious and faster. The cycles of sweet moans became shorter.

“Aah! Aah! Angh, hmm, ah! Angh, ah, ah!!”

She rocked back and forth in his tight grip, her thighs shaking and trembled with each deep, deep thrust. It was the end of the pleasure. She wiggled her hips fumblingly, and with a low curse, he held her thighs a little further apart. His movements became more violent, as if he couldn’t take it anymore. His cock throbbed against her inner walls, growing in size. His hard shaft, swollen with excitement on the verge of ejaculation, rubbed roughly against her vaginal walls. Overwhelmed by the tidal wave of pleasure, Belviana moaned, barely able to breathe.

“Hah, angh, ah, huu….”

A breathtaking climax flashed blindingly white before her eyes. An almost touchable, almost explosive orgasm. Her mouth, parched with moans, tasted sweet. Belviana sobbed like a weak animal, and she could feel the hot liquid slick against her stomach. His last hot stroke was the key to unlocking her last shroud of sanity. Like dawn after a long night, the end of the pleasure struck like a thunderbolt through her entire body in an instant. It was her third climax. Belviana let out a long cry, and just like that, her white body collapsed.

“My Belle…… Belvy.”

Aiden grabbed her from behind, her white, voluptuous body thinning in the afterglow of her climax. His voice was pleading, unlike his ruthless intrusion. As if she were a goddess who could save him, or a lowly devil who craved a handful of affection even though he knew she was blind. She closed her eyes as if fainting.

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