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Chapter 12

Liliette’s love for Aiden was of the blind kind, as anyone could see, and between the rumors that Lester’s illustrious daughter, who was to be married, had disappeared without a trace, and that the sister of the suddenly lightning-rich heir was being given away to a servant, it was the latter that would be more poisonous to Lester. Especially now, when people were so eager to find a single weakness in Liliette. Belviana hesitated for a moment before speaking.

“Promise me you won’t touch Liliette after I’m gone.”

“If I promise?”

“I’ll give you …… money.”

“If I’m the kind of scumbag you think I am, isn’t it too much of a one-sided loss for me not to lay a hand on that girl for a few bucks, when she’s practically begging to be eaten?”

He spat out sourly. Belviana sucked in a breath. Aiden was a spider. He spun a tight web, molded to her weaknesses, and then made an offer she could never refuse. She felt his venom spreading through her body, and now there was nowhere to turn. Liam would understand that she had no choice. She pursed her lips and barely managed to get it out.

“Then I’d rather you do that— that to me.”

“That, what?”

She raised an eyebrow nervously. It was obvious that Aiden was dying to hear those crude words out of her mouth. Belviana chose the least explicit words possible.

“Release it to me, your…… desire. And forget about Liliette.”

“Ah, I see.”

His usually soothing, low-pitched voice went cold. Belviana stared at him in surprise, but the next moment his voice was back to its usual tone. Outwardly, it even sounded softer.

“All this time you’ve been spinning your wheels and all you’ve really wanted to say is, ‘I’m a horny son of a bitch and I’m going to ram it into that stupid girl’. And you’d rather give me your body to stop it?”


“Is that right?”

He asked coyly. It sounded like persuasion, it sounded like seduction. She couldn’t escape the feeling that she’d been playing in his palm, even though she’d initiated the topic. Aiden brushed his thumb lightly across her full lips. Belviana nodded like a mesmerized person.

“Yes. That’s right.”

Aiden chuckled lightly. Despite his amused demeanor, his glare at her was as fierce as a number crunching madman.

“Do you realize you’re being very contradictory?”


“You might as well tell me you love me, and I’ll let you get away with all the bullshit you’ve been saying.”

Love? Belviana pursed her lips. If he’d asked if she was lusting after him, she might have said yes. But it wasn’t love. This couldn’t be it. The love she felt for Liam was something warmer, gentler, more comfortable. Her relationship with Aiden had been one of blackmail from start to finish. It was abnormal for love to sprout in this relationship. It was the last bit of pride she had to protect, the last thing that would ever change.

And Aiden must have read it all in her eyes, because his face sank to a near-impassive expression. Glaring at him as hard as she could, Belviana heard someone approaching the terrace and struggled to pull away from him, but Aiden’s grip on both her wrists was a little stronger. With a deep breath, he slowly regained his normal face. As if he were wearing a mask. He pulled her a little deeper into his arms, his breath dispersing near her temple as he spoke softly.

“If you think I’m going to bat an eye at the sight of that girl spreading her legs and dripping her juices out of that filthy hole, you’re wrong.”


“I only cum for you.”

He lifted Belviana’s wrist and kissed her palm delicately. It was forced, but it didn’t hurt in the slightest. Aiden laughed coldly as he released her arms.

“Which is why I didn’t even need to convince you in the first place.”

“But if you listen to some of the things she says…….”

“It’s none of my business what that crazy girl is talking about, and certainly none of yours.”


“Take it off.”


“Didn’t you hear?”

She blinked her green eyes uneasily. This was something she hadn’t even considered. The door to the terrace was closed, but not locked, and in there, behind a single pane of glass, were her relatives and powerful nobles, none of whom would be as adamant about premarital chastity as Dietrich. It was a bold proposition, one she couldn’t refuse. She gasped.

“No, you must be kidding.”

“Do you think I’m kidding?”

Unfortunately, Aiden’s face didn’t look like someone who was joking at all. He grabbed her hips and pulled her legs apart. In an instant, the hem of her dress curled up her thighs, and a hard palm dug between her spread legs. Aiden wrapped his arms around her waist and slowly rubbed his palm against the tightness of her vagina.

Her lace-trimmed underwear brushed against her sensitive, swollen clit, causing a tingling pain like being on fire. She let out a shallow moan, bucking her hips involuntarily. Her thin underwear was quickly soaked, and he slid his fingers between her clenched flesh and slid them tightly into her inner walls. Belviana moaned harshly; she looked like she was going to cry and clutched at Aiden’s arm.

“Aiden, hmm, no, at least not here…….”

Aiden stroked her hair as if soothing a child, placing small kisses along her white forehead and the bridge of her nose. Her breath caught in her throat. The ribbon tied around her waist was long gone, the tight knots loosening as he pulled at them. His fingers continued to move inside her. Her body, accustomed to being teased, clenched around his fingers for pleasure, her juices sloshing out with each thrust. This was the limit now. Her dress, her body.

“Ha-huh, ah, uh…….”

With the last knot undone, her dress flowed gently down, pooling in a small puddle near her ankles. Soon everything came off in turn. Her slip, her sinful corset around her thin waist, her lacy culottes……. It was easy to give in to pleasure, he ordered bluntly.

“Raise your arms.”

Belviana raised her elbows as if mesmerized and helped him peel off her thin camisole. She hastily gathered her hair, which had fallen to her waist, and crossed her arms in front of her chest to hide her white nakedness. An uneasy sense of shame rushed through her.

The terrace they were on was not easily peeped upon, but to stand in the open air in the manner of an intimately attended maid was too much indecency for a lady to bear. Aiden pushed Belviana to the railing as she squirmed to escape. She gasped and gripped the railing of the terrace. Aiden grabbed her breasts from behind her back. They were swollen, even in his large hands.

“Now don’t, ungh, uh…..!”

As he twisted a nipple, and a second finger entered her, scraping her inner walls. It didn’t hurt, even if it was a man’s finger, albeit a thick one, and she’d been getting three of them lately. But she quickly grew impatient with his probing, wherein he’s deliberately avoiding where she felt it the most. Her thighs quivered. He spread his fingers inside her, as if to widen her narrow opening. She bit her lip and barely managed to stifle a moan, the sight of his fingers in her back and her nipples being tugged at in front was almost too much for her to bear. Her thighs glistened with her juices as he brought herself to a weak climax.

“Hnggh, ungh…….”

Her erect nipples twitched with pleasure. Before she could bask in the afterglow, his fingers that had been so tightly pressed against her inner walls slipped out. She unconsciously clenched her vagina wistfully. Just a little more than usual, not enough. She wanted to feel this just a little longer, just a little more. Before she could break her stance, Aiden gripped her around the waist and pushed her up a little more toward the railing. Her soft breasts pressed against the marble pillars as he used both hands to spread her ass to the limit. Something hard and blunt touched her climax-sensitized vagina. She instinctively realized it was a man’s penis.

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