After Mu Xiaoke got up, he saw that Chu Han was still at home. He clearly remembered that Chu Han sent him a message yesterday saying that he had agreed to Mu Xiangyang’s invitation. Why didn’t he go to the company now?


    Chu Han was sitting in the small study in the hall, and when he saw Mu Xiaoke coming downstairs, he greeted him, “Are you awake?” 


When Mu Xiaoke walked over, Chu Han hugged him, bowed his head, and kissed him. Mu Xiaoke looked at his computer screen and found that there were documents related to Mu Yan’s company on it. He raised his eyes and asked Chu Han his own questions.


    “I did agree to your father yesterday, but since the situation has changed, I decided to go back to Shao’s house. Xiao Ke, you won’t blame me, right?”


    Mu Xiaoke shook his head immediately. If there are no major problems in the decision-making that comes down, the turmoil will be over. However, the grievances between Chu Han and the Rong family could not be delayed. Chu Han was able to make such a decision, and he was happy.


    “I talked with your father on the phone, and there is no formal contract anyway. For you, I will give Muyan Film and Television another hand. This proposal is given to your father for free.”


    Mu Xiaoke saw that his face was full of confidence and pride. This kind of Chu Han was his favorite. He kissed Chu Han,  “Thank you brother Chu Han for being so generous!” 


    “So good!” Chu Han kissed Mu Xiaoke again.


    After Chu Han sent out the plan, he began to organize his clothes and prepare to go out.


    Mu Xiaoke sent Chu Han out, his heart beating like a drum. He knew what it meant to go out this time. The frontal battle between Chu Han and the Rong family had officially begun.


    “I’ll be waiting for you at home.” Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han and gestured solemnly.




    The Shao Group is operating as usual, the only thing that is different is that the son of the chairman is coming to join the company today. This rich second generation who has been the favorite of heaven since childhood took away the position of the company’s general manager as soon as he came, and squeezed the original general manager directly away. Although there were voices of opposition from the board of directors, it was all because the Rong family had controlled Shao Group for several years. They are overbearing and dictators, several senior-level major shareholders have been squeezed out by the Rong family, and the rest of those young shareholders dare not speak out. Now this board of directors is a one-talk hall.


    Rong Yanzhe was sitting in the new office, all he could think about was how to get rid of Chu Han and get Mu Xiaoke back. The first thing he had to do was to fire Lin Jun.


    Who would have thought that the first thing a new general manager would do when he takes office is to fire his right-hand man? The administration and personnel departments were stunned when they received the news.


    Lin Jun himself was one of the supervisors of the administration, so he naturally received the news immediately. He didn’t expect that Rong Yanzhe would really attack him. The speed was so fast that he admired him very much.


    However, he seems to have forgotten that his father is still in office, and he has no control over the Shao Group.


    Therefore, within ten minutes after Rong Yanzhe issued the order, Rong Zhao saw Rong Yanzhe’s treacherous means, Rong Yanzhe was called into the office by Rong Zhao, and Rong Zhao immediately scolded: “What are you thinking, kid! What do you want to do with Lin Jun, he is an executive of our company, he was trained by your grandfather, and he is a pillar of our company!” 


“He is very capable, but he has two hearts.”


    Rong Yanzhe’s words made Rong Zhao stop scolding, “What did you say? He has given so much for the benefit of the group, how can you still ……”


    “He is loyal to the group, but he is harboring a different heart for the Rong family!” Rong Yan Zhe can’t forget how in that dream after Mu Xiaoke left that world, how the Rong family was played by Chu Han, and in just a few months, the Rong family was defeated! Chu Han’s most powerful helper is this Lin Jun! Lin Jun, who seems gentle and pure, but actually has a vicious mind!


    “What are you talking about? What kind of logic is this?” Rong Zhao really couldn’t understand. The Shao Group belonged to their Rong family. Since Lin Jun was all for the good of the group, how could he be detrimental to the Rong family? Rong Zhao is very dissatisfied with his son whose temperament has changed drastically after being abroad for a few years. Now that he was so anxious to exclude dissidents, he felt that he had gone abroad to study badly.


    “He is one of Shao Minghan’s people!”


    Rong Zhao was stunned, “What did you say?!”


    Suddenly the door of the chairman’s office was pushed open, and Rong Zhao’s secretary came in in a panic and said, “Chairman, the Shao family…The grandson of the Shao family is here!”



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