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When Yu Zhaohan woke up, he found that there was no one in the base. He thought that the others stayed up too late the previous night and couldn’t get up today. After breakfast, Lu Youshan asked him to discuss the new tactics, and the discussion lasted for most of the day. After he managed to deal with it, he went to the training room to have a look, not to mention gray hair, he didn’t see any red hair, yellow hair, and crew-cut head.

Yu Zhaohan asked the aunt who was cleaning the rabbit cage: “Have you seen them in the afternoon?”

The auntie was also puzzled: “No, there is no one in the room, I thought you guys had a sudden holiday today.”

Yu Zhaohan fell into deep thought. He remembered clearly that today was the first day of Shine’s birthday celebration.

He has a bold idea.

Except for Shi Du and Jiang Di, he knows that all members of R.H were his diehard fans. But even if his teammates admired him so much, they couldn’t, or at least shouldn’t…

Yu Zhaohan was about to send Shi Du a WeChat message when he heard the garage door open. Two minutes later, the five people who disappeared entered the living room one after another.

Leading the group was Old Tan, with a beaming smile on his face. But the other four wore peculiar expressions, as if they had seen through the world, understood the meaning of life, and were about to ascend to heaven.

Yu Zhaohan asked, “Where did you go?”

“Shh.” ​​Old Tan said while holding the phone, “I’m calling the management team. I need to confirm with them before I can be at ease.”

Upon seeing him, Cheese had a strange and satisfied smile on his lips. “Hello, Captain. I’m going to the training room now.”

Jiang Di: “Me too.”

Qi Xian smiled and said, “I’ll go to the kitchen to see what’s for dinner.”

Shi Du was the last one who walked up to him.

The two looked at each other.

The boy carefully looked at him up and down for a long time, then showed a frustrated expression like admitting defeat, and said, “Why are you so capable, Yu Zhaohan.”

Yu Zhaohan: ?

In the evening, on the R.H fan forum, a post with the title “Rebirth from the ashes, Immortal Hero— Can someone with discerning eyes help me confirm if this is Timeless? (Video attached)” started gaining popularity and attracted numerous online spectators. Even those who were not online rushed to join the discussion.

R.H’s professional operation team discovered this post immediately and forwarded it to Old Tan. Old Tan immediately posted it to the WeChat group of [Captain’s Standee, Come and Get Yours].

[Cheese: It’s happening! The law that Timeless must be recognized by fans when he goes out, takes photos, and post them online!]

[Jiang: Only Timeless was discovered?]

[Old Tan: So far, yes]

[Cheese: Does this indirectly prove that our team and the handsome guy really have a magnetic charm? [Live with a smile jpg]]

[Old Tan: Timeless, the management team wants to know your opinion. How do you want to handle this? I think it’s not a bad thing. It’s an opportunity for you and Shine to promote together! What do you think?]

[Old Tan: Timeless, where are you?]

[Xian: At this time, my brother should be live broadcasting]

Although Yu Zhaohan wasn’t present in the small group, wherever there was R.H gossip, there would be the presence of Yu Zhaohan’s alternate account roaming around. He saw this incident on Weibo and was moved to the point of blushing with warmth.

Shi Du couldn’t have gone alone; the others must have also gone, but they weren’t recognized to the extent that Shi Du was.

He didn’t expect that his teammates really admired him so much, and they could do this for him.

Yu Zhaohan’s scalp was numb, and he couldn’t help watching Shi Du’s shouting video repeatedly.

His little brother was using foul language again, and he was so loud.

Shi Du was indeed live broadcasting in order to earn money for buying a house. He didn’t need to look at his phone; he could guess what happened just by looking at the barrage. He knew that if he went out, nothing good would happen, and he would go dye his hair black tomorrow.

[Brother, I’m going to interrogate you. Where were you and what were you doing at exactly 3 p.m. this afternoon? Do you have any witnesses or evidence?]

[Everyone pays attention to the left edge of the hat in the video, this strand is gray hair, right? Is it right?]

[You still said you are not Timeless!]

[I never expected that you love Shine so much. Where’s your pride, where’s your self-esteem?!]

[I don’t believe that the young master would do such a thing. Explain yourself.]]

Timeless stared expressionlessly at the camera. Those who had already experienced social death often reached a state of indifference to societal judgment and gossip, commonly known as “pretending to be indifferent.”

“What’s there to explain?” Timeless leaned back and adopted a rather arrogant posture. “So what if I’m a fan of Shine? Go ask the veterans of R.H. Ask them if any of them aren’t fans of Shine. Cheese is probably livestreaming too, go ask him. Go ask them now.”

[You’re really something, comparing yourself to Cheese? How long has Cheese been with Shine, and how long have you been with Shine?]

[The young master seems to have forgotten his arrogant demeanor when he was in IPL.]

[It’s true love, indeed.]

[I’m sorry, but what I’m concerned about is R.H’s people wanting to get standee. Are they also participating in the ‘Rebirth from the ashes, immortal heroes!’ event? Brother, let’s keep the conversation civil.]

In order to buy a house, Timeless forced himself to ignore the barrage of comments. “I’m playing on an alternate account today.”

Timeless logged into his alternate account and saw that Clownfish Isn’t Ugly was also online. In frustration, he sent a team request.

[T: I’m live broadcasting. Come support me.]

[Clownfish isn’t ugly: I don’t want to unless you’re more polite]

[T: .]

[T: Can you please support me tonight?]

[Clownfish are not ugly: Okay~]

The sweet double row of Timeless and Clownfish drew mixed reactions from the barrage of comments.


[Just became a fan of Shine, and now finding a guy to play with? Fucking scumbag.]

[This is flirting, right? This is flirting, right?]

[If Shine and the guy you’re playing with both fell into the water, who would you save first? Tell me, tell me right now.]

Timeless intended to play casually for relaxation and chose a fun game mode. Yu Zhaohan picked Magpie and relentlessly harassed the enemy support.

[[All] Ruan: You have the audacity to show off while playing a parasite? Disgusting.]

Magpie was one of the few heroes in the game that does not rely on marksmanship accuracy. Many regular players believe that playing Magpie only requires attaching to a strong teammate and winning effortlessly. Professional Magpie players, like Cheese, would criticize such comments every time they encountered them. Timeless would probably criticize them once every hundred times, like this time.

[[Team] T: Do you want me to help you get back?]

[[Team] Clownfish is not ugly: No need, I’ll handle it myself]

Yu Zhaohan switched the chat channel to the public screen and typed.

[[All] Clownfish is not ugly: Your assassin is so bad OvO]

[[All] Clownfish are not ugly: Not as powerful as mine OvO]

[[All] Ruan: ?]

[[All] Ruan: …?]

Most of the subsequent comments from this couple were blocked, and Yu Zhaohan didn’t bother to respond. He reported them and moved on.

Timeless chuckled softly, but when he glanced at the barrage, he couldn’t laugh anymore.

[Damn, I actually think clownfish is kind of cute?]

[Are you blind? That’s clearly a male green tea!]

[Brothers, don’t be distracted by the stinky brother. Keep spamming—Rebirth from the ashes, immortal heroes!]

[Rebirth from the ashes, immortal heroes!]

[Rebirth from the ashes, immortal heroes!]

[There is one more sentence, the most classic sentence— Fuck!]

Shi Du broadcasted for three hours before going offline. He lay on his bed, and every time he closed his eyes, he saw himself shouting the R.H slogan in the bustling crowd.

In his eighteen years of life, Shi Du had never done anything as outrageous as this. So, it could be said that Yu Zhaohan had the ability to transform him into something extraordinary.

The screen of the phone next to the pillow lit at this moment, and it was a WeChat message.

Shi Du had a premonition and sat up straight.

[Shine: I’m at the door of your room, can I come in]

There was no way Yu Zhaohan could be kept in the dark about the “Rebirth from the ashes, immortal heroes!” event. Instead of being questioned by him, it was better to confess on his own terms.

[Timeless: Wait a moment]

The door only opened a small gap, and Yu Zhaohan slipped in sideways: “Good evening, Shi Du.”

“…Is your knee better?”

“It’s better.” Yu Zhaohan closed the door behind him and sat on the bed as if it were his usual spot. “I have something to ask you. You were live broadcasting during the double queue, so I can only wait until now to ask.”

Shi Du didn’t speak. He first opened the drawer of the E-sports table, took out a pack of cotton candy from it, and threw it into Yu Zhaohan’s arms. Then he pulled over his gaming chair and sat in front of Yu Zhaohan. “Ask away.”

Yu Zhaohan said: “You…”

Without waiting for Yu Zhaohan to actually ask the question, Timeless quickly interrupted, speaking at a rapid pace, “I went to the tournament venue today and shouted the slogan. But it wasn’t just me, Cheese and the others did too.”

Yu Zhaohan looked at him: “Why do you want to go?”

Timeless made an effort to appear nonchalant. “Because I really wanted to get your chibi standee.”

He has to admit that Yu Zhaohan’s “Rules of Pretending to Be Coercive” make sense, and the [nonchalant] approach worked. As long as he says it [nonchalantly], when Yu Zhaohan reacts unexpectedly, he can still argue that he was just casually saying it to avoid making the situation too awkward.

Yu Zhaohan was stunned and asked, “Do you really want it that much?”

Timeless chuckled, “I’ve gone to such lengths, and you’re still asking?”

Timeless’s response made Yu Zhaohan instinctively nervous, although he didn’t know why he felt that way. He unwrapped the packaging of the marshmallow, put a small piece in his mouth, and mumbled, “You told me to ask.”

“Anyway,” the boy lowered his gaze, his expression cool yet somewhat shy, “I think, I think…I probably, probably really…like you.”

Yu Zhaohan blinked his eyes, and he was no longer nervous. He swallowed the marshmallow and said, “That’s it? I thought you were going to say something else.”

Timeless had the feeling of pouring his heart out to a dog, and his tone carried a hint of dissatisfaction as he said, “What do you mean ‘is that it’? Aren’t you… Yuyu, I’ve said so much, why aren’t you moved at all, not even surprised?”

Yu Zhaohan was unreserved, “I’m good-looking and skilled at gaming, so it’s normal for you to like me.”

Time Du: “.”

Yu Zhaohan then asked, “So, what kind of fan do you want to be of mine?”

“Is there a choice?”

“There is.” Yu Zhaohan explained, “My fans can be divided into two categories: fans of my appearance and fans of my skills. And if we go into further detail, there are wife fans, clay sculpting fans, career fans… There are also mommy fans, but they are very few in number. Cheese has many mommy fans.”

Although Shi Du didn’t pay much attention to fan culture, he had a rough idea, except for a few terms he didn’t quite understand. “Clay sculpting1Clay sculpting fans refer to a type of female fans who like feminized male idols and want to be their boyfriends. These fans enjoy seeing male idols in feminine appearances and perceive them as charming little girls.—From Baidu Encyclopedia fans sound impressive, I’ll choose that.”

Yu Zhaohan didn’t expect Shi Du to want to be his clay sculpting fan. His ears perked up slightly, and he asked somewhat uncertainly, “Does that mean you’ll call me your wife in the future too?”

Shi Du was slightly startled, vaguely understanding the meaning of being a clay sculpting fan. His Adam’s apple rolled involuntarily, “Is that actually allowed? I can do that too?”

Yu Zhaohan said uncertainly: “I don’t know, but they all call me that. Do you want to call me that?”

Shi Du: “…”

This fucking works.

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    Clay sculpting fans refer to a type of female fans who like feminized male idols and want to be their boyfriends. These fans enjoy seeing male idols in feminine appearances and perceive them as charming little girls.—From Baidu Encyclopedia
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