Episode 12.

“That necklace, could it be…?”

Evan widened his eyes and asked.

“If my guess is correct, it’s the real Bellacris’ necklace.”

“Then the necklace that the skeleton was wearing… it’s a fake.”

“Probably. It has much more credibility since it was found in this room where your mother used to stay.”

However, there was one concern.

How well-made could the fake green diamond that the skeleton was wearing be?

Even though they managed to pull off a big scheme, it wouldn’t have been shoddily made…

Riett carefully examined the necklace. The gem embedded in the necklace looked to be about the size of a finger joint.

“Evan, do you happen to remember anything like this?”

“What is it?”

Since he was the type to remember everything he saw, he might know about it.

“How much would a green diamond of this size be worth?”

“I can’t say for sure, but at the very least, it would be worth the value of an average middle-class house.”

Wow, it’s truly an astounding price.

If Haart staged the fake skeleton, she wondered if he could have spent that much money to create another green diamond necklace.

“Is your uncle rich?”

“No. I heard he made a huge loss after investing in the racetrack last time.”

Oh, I see.

Riett felt that the situation fit together perfectly.

“Well then, it’s settled. Let’s submit this necklace as evidence.”

“Alright. Since my uncle won’t have the luxury of buying another diamond worth a house, it will surely be exposed soon.”

A confident smile appeared on Riett’s face. Evan nodded as if he had reached the same conclusion.

Soon, Riett spoke again.

“Then the duke’s innocence will be proven.”

* * *

The day of the trial was finally just one day away.

Throughout the capital, there was constant chatter about Duke Kreutz and his case.

Duke Kreutz, who seemed to be admitting his guilt, denied the charges because the real Bellacris Marquisate’s necklace was presented as evidence.

And behind it all was Riett.

‘Tomorrow, the verdict of the duke’s innocence will be delivered.’

Riett enjoyed a rare moment of relaxation as she sipped her tea.

“Lady, a letter has arrived from the court.”

Until that cursed letter arrived.

Riett quickly unfolded the letter. At the end of the densely written text, it said:

[Based on the requested examination, it is impossible to distinguish which is the real green diamond of Bellacris Marquisate due to the similarity in cutting style, weight, and surface characteristics.]

Ah, those incompetent fools.

They kindly brought in the precious real necklace, and what? Do they say it can’t be distinguished?

At the bottom of the letter, it explained that to conduct a more precise examination of the gems, they would need to be sent to facilities in another country, and it could take several months.

So, the duke would have to remain in prison for those few months. It was an unpredictable situation.

Riett stood up immediately to meet Duke Kreutz.

When they arrived at the courthouse, the attendant recognized Riett and pretended to be familiar.

“Lady Riett, you’ve received a letter.”

“Yes, that’s right. What do you mean it’s difficult to determine the truth? There can’t be two necklaces like that!”

“I know that, but… the fake one is quite well-made. I really can’t tell which one…”

The attendant knew that it wasn’t his fault.

“Well, I have to meet Duke Kreutz first.”

“Ah… his younger brother is currently visiting him, would you mind waiting for a moment?”

Haart… It was highly annoying to hear that he was visiting. Nevertheless, Riett agreed and sat in the waiting area.

Fortunately, the waiting time wasn’t long.

Soon, an angry-looking Haart came up the stairs. At that moment, his eyes met Riett’s.

It was their first meeting since Duke Kreutz’s birthday party.



Riett calmly greeted him while observing his hostile expression. Unlike at the birthday party, he had a stern expression on his face.

“You claim to have found Bellacris Marquisate’s necklace.”

“Yes, that’s right. And what I found is the real one.”

When Riett confidently replied, Haart burst into a bitter laugh.

“You’ve gone through quite an ordeal, but it will be difficult to prove innocence. Even gem appraisers can’t distinguish which one is fake.”

“Why does it sound like you, Haart, don’t want to prove your brother’s innocence? Your brother wouldn’t want that.”

Unable to hide his animosity, Haart couldn’t help but respond to Riett’s impudent remark.

“You’re a smart kid, just like my brother says. But even if we bring in any gem appraiser, they won’t be able to distinguish the fake.”


“If you just pay a hefty sum to the skilled craftsmen in the back alleys, they can create a perfectly flawless diamond, even if it’s made of glass.”

Haart patted Riett’s shoulder a couple of times as if encouraging her.

“So, do your best, Lady.”

He disappeared with a sneering laugh.


Riett murmured, but instead of being intimidated by Haart’s confident attitude, she smirked and chuckled.

* * *

Finally, the day of the trial has arrived. Riett, along with her parents, headed to the courthouse. Originally, she planned to attend as an observer to witness Duke Kreutz’s verdict. However, her plans changed after meeting Haart yesterday.

“Sir, I want to testify as a witness in tomorrow’s trial.”

Since the authenticity of the necklace was crucial, Riett, being the one who initially discovered it, became a direct witness. Moreover, thanks to an unintentional hint from Haart yesterday, Riett found a definite way to determine the truth about the necklace.

“We have arrived.”

Riett disembarked from the carriage with a pounding Haart. As she entered the courtroom, she spotted Evan.


“Hello, Riett.”

Evan appeared slightly tense. It was only natural considering that today’s trial outcome could change many things.

“I heard you volunteered as a witness.”

“Yes. Don’t worry; I will reveal everything, Evan.”

Even though Evan seemed somewhat reassured by Riett’s words, he had a pained expression in his eyes. He noticed an item in Riett’s hand and furrowed his brows.

“…By the way, what’s that?”

“Oh, this? I’ll use it later.”

Saying so, Riett discreetly hid the item behind her back.

“You’re not getting into something dangerous, are you?”

“Well, maybe.”

Only then did a smile appear on Evan’s face. He seemed a bit worn out, but it was the usual Evan that Riett knew.

“Let the trial begin.”

Thump, thump…

The judge tapped the gavel, signaling the start of the trial. Riett took her seat beside Evan.

“We are commencing the trial for the alleged murder of Lady Madeline Kreutz by the defendant, Duke Hail Kreutz.”

The trial proceeded based on the evidence revealed thus far.

First, the skeletal remains presumed to be that of Lady Kreutz was discovered on the mountainside, wearing the Bellacris Marquisate’s necklace.

Second, Duke Kreutz, who had concealed the truth about Lady Kreutz’s death, was named as a suspect.

Third, as evidence that the necklace found with the skeletal remains was fake, the real necklace Riett discovered was presented. Thus, the skeletal remains found do not belong to Lady Kreutz.

Fourth, however, a foolish gem appraiser claimed that he couldn’t differentiate between real and fake necklaces.

And now, it was Riett’s turn to take the stand.

“Witness Riett Marren, please step forward and make your statement.”

Riett stood up and took her place on the designated witness stand.

Never did she expect to experience something she had only seen in a crime or political movie in real life.

“Why did the witness come forward in this trial?”

“I am the first discoverer of the necklace. It was found for the first time seven years ago when I was playing hide-and-seek with the Duke’s son.”

“It’s been quite a long time, but I remember it vividly.”

“The necklace was so ugly and old-fashioned that it left a strong impression on my memory.”

In response to the sharp judge’s words, Riett confidently replied.

If there was one fortunate thing, it was that there were no prosecutors or defense lawyers in this era, so convincing only the judge was enough.

“What is the reason you believe the necklace found by the witness is authentic?”

“The place where the necklace was found was Lady Kreutz’s room. The design of the necklace matched the one depicted in Lady Kreutz’s portrait.”

Up to this point, it was a well-known story for everyone.

“I understand what the witness is saying. However, in the end, the forensic expert couldn’t determine which one is fake. Unfortunately, based on the place of discovery and appearance alone, the evidence may not have much impact.”

Upon hearing the judge’s words, Riett looked at Haart.

Haart was looking at Riett with a mocking smile. It felt as if something from the book was coming to mind.

Yes, it’s his fault. In the end, he made it that way, even for his brother.

A sentence like that comes to mind…

But it’s not important right now.

“No, I have found a way to distinguish the genuine one.”

Riett’s statement, which overturned expectations, caused a stir in the courtroom. Haart’s expression naturally became fierce.

However, Haart regained his composure as if mocking Riett’s curiosity. It was as if he was saying, “That’s impossible.”

Riett took out the extension she had obtained with permission.

“W-What is that, Riett Marren?”

“It’s a hammer.”

“No, that’s not… What are you going to do with it?”

When an extension that didn’t suit a girl’s hand appeared, the judge asked in confusion.

“It was given to me by Haart, the younger brother of Duke Kreutz.”

Riett pointed at Haart and said.

“But even if we bring in any gem appraiser, they won’t be able to distinguish the fake.”

Riett approached the place where the pieces of evidence were gathered, holding the hammer.

“If you just pay a hefty sum to the skilled craftsmen in the back alleys,”

The courtroom was instantly in an uproar.

“…they can create a perfectly flawless diamond, even if it’s made of glass.”

And Riett raised the hammer high,


She struck the necklace that was found along with the skeleton.

“What the…!”

The courtroom turned into chaos due to Riett’s sudden action. The only calm person was the one who struck the necklace.

The Marquis of Bellacris, who had been watching the trial, was the most agitated.

“How dare you… our family’s treasure…!”

Riett raised the shattered fragments of the gem collected with the hammer.

“Even the diamonds of the Marquis of Bellacris were shattered by the strength of a fourteen-year-old.”

As Riett spoke, the noisy courtroom suddenly became quiet as if someone had cast a spell.

“As you can see, the green diamond hanging on the skeleton is fake.”


“No matter how much effort they put into making the outer appearance the same, they couldn’t make it as sturdy as the precious green diamond.”

Among the shocked people, the first one to regain his composure was the judge.

“Then, who is responsible for decorating the fake skeleton and defaming Duke Kreutz?”

No, that’s something the judge should find out! He’s hoping for her to spoon-feed him everything.

However, Riett had a clear intention to wrap things up on her terms.

“As the original discoverer of the skeleton and the person who would receive the greatest privilege if Duke Kreutz is found guilty, that would be none other than his younger brother, Haart Kreutz.”

Once again, all eyes turned to Haart.

His face turned crimson as he abruptly stood up from his seat.

“Hey, hey!”

“Seize him!”

The security guards followed the judge’s command, but Haart, in his frenzy, was faster.

As if making a final desperate move, Haart drew the dagger he had strapped to his waist and rushed past the guards, heading towards the courtroom.

The blade was aimed at Riett.

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