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Judging from the memories of Mu Xiangyang and Lu Jianmin, there is no real evidence of what Wu Yi did.  It was just a matter of a few words, and it was a few words more than ten years ago. No one can guarantee that her memory is completely correct, so even in court, she refused to admit it.


    The only way now is to let her break the law again, if she really wants to kill him, then give her a chance.


    “I don’t agree, I can’t see you in danger!”


    Chu Han was agitated and indignant. Such a gentleman was really so sexy when he got angry, Mu Xiaoke looked at him and smiled softly. Chu Han became even angrier, “What are you laughing at, are you happy to make me angry?”


    Mu Xiaoke shook his head lightly, climbed onto Chu Han’s shoulders, and hugged him tightly. He really loves Chu Han so much, how could he still have reservations about Chu Han, he wished he could give everything he had to Chu Han!


    He was glad that he had found such a good lover, and felt sad for his mother. Her husband couldn’t even do one-tenth of Chu Han’s. When she was in a desperate situation, her husband was still thinking about his business and even his predecessor.


    “Brother Chu Han, I love you.” Mu Xiaoke raised his head and kissed Chu Han. Chu Han was startled, his soft and clingy confession made him unable to calm down, and the seduction of his lips and tongue made him unable to wake up.


    The two of them couldn’t hold back when they kissed passionately, Chu Han gently pushed Mu Xiaoke away, “Xiao Ke, do you know what you are doing?”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded, his big eyes flickered, Chu Han’s heartstrings were stirred by a faint charm, “Hold me.”


    “!!” Chu Han moved faster than his mind and hugged Mu Xiaoke horizontally. His steps were hurried but steady, and he returned to the bedroom within ten seconds.


    The door cut off all the love words after that.


    At night, Mu Xiaoke’s eyes were as bright as stars, and Chu Han kissed him, “Xiao Ke, I love you.”


    That night, Mu Xiaoke finally understood what kind of happiness it is to be united with the one he loves. That kind of happiness is full of excitement, stimulation, and full of strong attachment and enthusiasm. I am intoxicated by his kiss and love as if wandering freely in a sea, and there is a safe harbor to dock in when I look back.


    In the early morning of the next day, Chu Han rarely lost his desire for morning exercises. When the sun was rising, he still refused to leave Mu Xiaoke, hugged him tightly, kissed Mu Xiaoke’s beautiful shoulder blades, nape of the neck, and shoulders, cherishing him like a treasure.


    Realizing that Mu Xiaoke woke up, he called his name in a low voice: “Xiao Ke, baby.”


    Mu Xiaoke leaned against Chu Han’s chest, held the hand that was wrapped around his waist, and clasped his fingers tightly.


    Chu Han squeezed his hand a little harder, “Does it hurt, huh?”


    Mu Xiaoke shook his head lightly, Chu Han was extremely gentle last night, as if he was afraid that a little force would break him. Even when he was most excited, he didn’t forget to kiss him to comfort him, giving him happiness that he had never had before. 


    “You won’t be afraid in the future, will you?”


    Mu Xiaoke blushed, not only was he not afraid, but he also liked it a little bit.


    “Good baby.” Chu Han smiled softly.


    Chu Han hugged Mu Xiaoke and got up to wash up. Now they are like a newlywed couple who just tasted love. Neither of them can bear to leave the other. They even stick together during breakfast. As long as they make eye contact, they can touch some small flames.


    “I want to be lazy king today.” Before going out, Chu Han hugged Mu Xiaoke tightly and refused to let go, just like a child holding a toy and refusing to go to school.


    If it was a few days ago, Mu Xiaoke might still have had the determination to push Chu Han away, but now his desire to be intimate with his lover was even more than Chu Han, and he really can’t be a virtuous minister. He eagerly looked up at Chu Han, his big eyes were very cute and pitiful at this moment.


    “I really can’t go anymore!” Chu Han sighed.


    Mu Xiaoke was immediately happy, but the next moment his face was sullen, and he forced himself to persuade the “lazy king”: “You can’t be absent from work.” 


    “Anyway, I’m also the boss…”


    This seems to be true, “No, you can’t take the lead in neglecting work.”


    Mu Xiaoke tried to stay awake, and at this time, he must not be fooled by beauty.


    “Then you can’t cry after I go out.”


    Mu Xiaoke was startled and hit him angrily, “Why should I cry? I don’t want you anymore!”


    Chu Han hurriedly coaxed people, “No, it’s me who wants to cry. Baby, give me a kiss, and I’ll go out after kissing.”


    Mu Xiaoke secretly smiled, turned to stare at him, stood on tiptoe, and kissed his lips. When he was about to separate, he held the back of his head and kissed deeply.


    Chu Han went to work, but Mu Xiaoke was still dazedly sitting in front of the workbench, bewildered.


    It wasn’t until Mu Kai persistently sent him more than ten messages with five or six new numbers that he came to his senses that he had more important things to do.


    “Xiao Ke, please see me, please!”


    “Fu Jiayun will come too, don’t you like him, I’ll help you. Can you help your brother too?”


“Xiao Ke, I’m really sorry. I really don’t know what to do, please help me!”


    These words all revealed Mu Kai’s desperate state, Mu Xiaoke thought for a moment, and replied to one of them.


    “Okay, let’s meet at the coffee shop next to No. 1 Middle School at noon tomorrow.”

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