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 50. Model (1)

The gate keepers had just delivered a letter from Yu Wenjun, who they had not heard from after a while.

So Yin zhu was overjoyed and immediately ran in to tell Yu Qingjia the good news.

Yin Zhu was so excited that when she went around the screen and saw the scene inside, her whole body immediately froze.

‘What are the young Miss and Lady Jing doing?’

‘Are they fighting or just playing around?’

Yu Qingjia also froze when she heard someone else’s voice.

She turned her head around only to lock eyes with the stunned Yin Zhu.

She slowly turned her gaze back on herself, only then did she realize what she was doing at the moment.

She was half-kneeling on the couch, with both arms being held by Murong Yan, who was slightly leaning back.

Murong Yan’s hand is clutching Yu Qingjia’s wrists tightly.

The two of them are sitting on the same couch, because Yu Qingjia pounced on him, and the distance between the two of them is greatly reduced, even their clothes are entangled with each other.

Yu Qingjia immediately sat down somewhat dumbfounded.

Murong Yan, after noticing that her strength had greatly reduced, released her wrist.

When Yu Qingjia sat down, she noticed that Yin Zhu still looked like she had seen a ghost, she lowered her head, and coughed lightly, and then said in a calm tone,

“What did you say just now?”

Yin Zhu didn’t know how to describe her current mood, she had long known that Yu Qingjia and Lady Jing Huan had a good relationship.

The two of them often stayed together, not to mention playing the zither and painting together was also a common occurrence.

The legitimate daughter, and her father’s concubine could get along well like this was simply a model for a perfect family, but wasn’t it too exaggerated if the two of them were playing on the same couch?

Yin Zhu faintly felt that something was wrong, and she couldn’t figure out the reason why, so she attributed all this to her master, Yu Wenjun.

The Master is really good at running his family.

With such a beautiful concubine, if she enters the back courtyard of any family, the female family members would probably be rattled, and treat her like an enemy.

Yu Qingjia is still a daughter of the main wife, and there is a natural gap between her and a Concubine.

However, she did not show any hostility towards Jing Huan, and the Lady Jing, who had an outstanding appearance, did not pretend to be spoiled and conspired against her daughter-in-law.

Those wives and concubines who are fighting each other so much should come and see the backyard of the Yu family.

This is true harmony and peace in a family.

After Yin Zhu finished her usual admiration of Yu Wenjun’s handling of family affairs, she finally realized what she had come in for.

She gave an ‘Oh’ as an afterthought and took out a letter from her sleeve,

“Miss, there’s a letter from the Master.”

Yu Qingjia’s spirit suddenly shook, and without caring about the embarrassment of the moment, she immediately told Yin Zhu,

“Quickly bring the letter to me.”

Yu Qingjia opened the envelope and took out the letter to read ten lines at a time.

When she finished reading it, she breathed a long sigh of relief and smiled heartily,

“This is great! Father’s injury is no longer serious, and he will be able to go on his way in the next few days. Just counting the time it took to deliver this letter, perhaps Father is already on his way now.”

After reading it, Yu Qingjia subconsciously handed the letter to Murong Yan.

Murong Yan shook his head and casually said,

“I’ve already read it.”

Yu Qingjia vaguely felt that this sentence seemed to have some sort of connotations, but before she could think about it carefully, she heard Yin Zhu ask sincerely and honestly,

“Miss, what is that make-up on your face? Is this a new style you’ve came up with?”

Yu Qingjia’s expression immediately lurched, she then reacted and quickly raised her sleeve to cover her face.

Yu Qingjia was so anxious and angry that her voice was muffled,

“This is nothing, I accidentally rubbed on it, hurry up and go out…”

Yin Zhu only managed to walk a few steps, when Yu Qingjia called out to her again,

“Wait a minute, you first go, and bring a pot of water back.”

Yin Zhu quickly rushed out to bring a pot of warm water back, during which Yin Zhu was very eager to help Yu Qingjia wash her face clean, but she was firmly refused by Yu Qingjia, who was still holding up her sleeves to cover her appearance.

She could only sigh with regret, before leaving the door,

“Miss, how did you rub your face like this? It was obviously such a beautiful face before…”

Yu Qingjia simply wanted to find a crack on the ground to hide into, and after the sound of the door closing came from the outside, Yu Qingjia put down her sleeve, gritted her teeth, and glared angrily at Murong Yan,

“Look at what you have done!”

“It was you who told me to make you look ugly.”

Murong Yan didn’t look regretful at all, and he was still acting as nonchalant as ever, he also spoke calmly,

“If you said you wanted to look good from the beginning, it would be a lot easier.”

Yu Qingjia’s anger was stuck inside her throat, and she was so angry that she almost rushed forward to bite him.

She glared at Murong Yan, who was cold and beautiful, with the bright sun shining brightly over his head, and then thought about her stupid appearance, which was so white with a couple of red patches, and she felt extremely wronged.

She raised her hands to cover her face, and her voice suddenly sounded like she was about to cry,

“Get out! I don’t want to see you anymore.”

Murong Yan was startled when he saw the tears welling up in Yu Qingjia’s eyes, and when he heard the words that she let out afterwards, his face suddenly turned extremely cold.

Murong Yan ignored Yu Qingjia’s emotionally rattled speech, saying, ‘I don’t want to see you’, held Yu Qingjia’s wrist and said,

“Put your hands down, and I’ll help you wipe it off.”

“Can you wipe it off?”


Murong Yan picked up the handkerchief that Yin Zhu had wrung out, and with his other hand, he pulled Yu Qingjia’s hand down in a half-coaxing, half-forcing manner.

“I tried it just now, it can’t be washed off.”

Yu Qingjia put down her hand, while Murong Yan took the handkerchief, and gently wiped it on both sides of Yu Qingjia’s face.

The handkerchief was wet and moist after being dipped in the water, and an unexpected coolness suddenly assaulted her face.

Yu Qingjia subconsciously dodged back, but Murong Yan pressed the back of her head gently, and said,

“Don’t move.”

Yu Qingjia didn’t dare to move anymore.

Murong Yan lowered his eyes, wiped the lipstick on her face intently, while pressing her head with the other hand, the two then sat facing each other, breathing and smelling each other’s scent.

Yu Qingjia’s eyes were wide open.

At such a close distance, she could clearly see Murong Yan’s thick and long eyelashes, straight nose bridge, and jade-like white and delicate skin.


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