49. The Elixir (3)

The system does not recognize gold, silver and jade, points are its only currency.

Yu Qingya finally realized that she was completely insignificant in front of the system, she was not qualified to fight against it at all.

Yu Qingya was silent for a moment and took the lead to lower herself in front of the system, and said,

“System, I want to exchange for medicine.”

「Welcome to the female-matching system, It’s an honor to serve you. Host, I think I don’t need to remind you that your points are now negative. In order to protect the interests of the system, when the host’s debt ratio reaches thirty percent, we will close the system shop. Your debt ratio has now reached twenty-two percent, are you sure you want to continue with the transaction?」

Yu Qingya frowned, once the system shop closes, then she didn’t have any way to turn back.

Yu Qingya is now like a trapped beast, not being able to redeem anything, and can only sit back and watch her biggest backer become sick, and die.

However, if she continues with the transaction, she will definitely force herself to a dead end.

This move, no matter how it goes, is a dead end.

Yu Qingya tentatively asked the system as a last resort,

“Is there any way to get points quickly?”

「Complete the system tasks, or exchange something of equivalent value.」

She knew about completing quests to gain points, but an exchange of equivalent value?

She never heard of it.

As if being compelled by an evil spirit, she couldn’t help but ask,

“What is an exchange of equivalent value?”

「The system shop provides a trading platform for different realms, supporting purchase and pawning. The host can exchange points of equal value to the system with the unique items on their body.」

“Unique items? Even gold and silver are just non-ferrous metals in your shop, so are you sure that there’s something in ancient times that you are actually interested in?”

「Yes, there is.」

The system said slowly, 「For example…」

「…Human emotions.」

At this moment, in the courtyard of the second household, Yu Qingjia is sitting in front of the mirror, carefully examining the person in front of her.

The more she tidied up, the less spirited she became.

Murong Yan was sitting outside the screen and watched for a long time, his eyes could not hold back any longer, and finally said,

“What do you want to do?”

“I want to make myself look a little ugly.”

Murong Yan looked at her and didn’t say anything, Yu Qingjia also felt that it was a bit shameless to say that, but it was really the truth.

Yu Laojun is seriously ill, and Madam Li and Yu Qingya have been attending to her illness for the past few days.

They were almost sleeping in her courtyard at night.

They both look haggard and numb, while Yu Qingjia goes for a stroll every day and comes back with a meaningful expression of concern, she eats well and sleeps well.

Her face is rosy and glowing, she simply looks different from the others.

Yu Qingjia doesn’t think that this is a good thing.

People may think that she is not worried about Yu Laojun’s illness, and she is afraid of people talking about it, and causing her unnecessary trouble.

So, it is better to make herself look ugly.

Yu Qingjia looked at herself in the mirror and felt that her face was still too clear and was not pale and sickly enough.

She tossed around for a while, with a stiff expression on her face, then turned back to look at Murong Yan,

“Look at me now, is it ugly enough?”

Murong Yan originally did not want to pay attention to her, but he gently glanced at the corner of his eyes and swept Yu Qingjia’s expression, he was helpless and amused.

So he finally resigned himself to standing up and walking around the screen towards her,

“If you want to wear sickly makeup, it is not enough for you to just slap powder on your face.”

Murong Yan grew up in the palace, he was far more familiar with these women’s tricks than Yu Qingjia.

So when she saw him walk in, she immediately very trustingly moved to the side, and placed all kinds of snails and brushes on the display table.

She then looked up full of expectation at Murong Yan.

When Murong Yan saw those various bottles and jars, he could not help but feel some hesitation.

In fact, he had only seen the Crown Princess and other palace concubines use such means, he himself does not know how to do it.

Yu Qingjia is still looking at him with bright eyes, so Murong Yan’s expressionlessly picked up a brush.

For him, brushes are always the same, anyway, Yu Qingjia just wants him to make her look ugly, this is very simple.

He sat on the other side of the couch, and sat face-to-face with her. His posture of dipping the brush into the conch was very calm, and Yu Qingjia closed her eyes with trust, and let Murong Yan play around. But after a while, she suddenly felt that something was wrong,

“That’s lipstick, why are you rubbing it on my face?”

“Oh, is it?”

Yu Qingjia couldn’t help but open her eyes, the two of them looked at each other for a while, she immediately saw Murong Yan’s eyes rippling with laughter.

So she went to get the mirror, and after seeing her face, she was so angry that she was about to slam it into Murong Yan’s face,

“Why did you make me look like this!”

“Well. I’ve only seen people do it, and I never said I could.”

“Then you actually dare to take the brush? And use it on my face?”

Murong Yan caught the bronze mirror and casually threw it to the ground.

Yu Qingjia looked around and couldn’t find a weapon to use.

She was so angry that she got up and started hitting Murong Yan.

Murong Yan easily held her wrist, but he only managed to hold one, the other one immediately pounced on him, and he could only lean back, and finally catch her two restless hands together.

Since her two hands are restrained, Yu Qingjia was still angry.

So she took two steps forward with one knee, and used her teeth and claws to settle accounts with him.

“Miss, a letter from the Master had arrived!”

Yin Zhu rushed in, and went around the screen, but when she saw what was happening inside, her footsteps could not help but halt,

“Master said—- Miss, what are you doing?”


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