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Chapter 70 Part 2:  Alpha

They were smart, but like monsters, their primary purpose was to consume their prey.

“Don’t compare me to such lowly creatures.”

As if it could see right through my thoughts, he suddenly responded.

“I have evolved! My food is no longer blood and flesh, or flesh and meat. Oh, it’s not that I can’t eat it, of course, but I know a more ecstatic feast than that.”

“That can’t be…”

“Yes! Your pleasure and your pain. The extremes of one’s emotion hahahaha!”

He laughed out loud.

I felt like I was watching a bad movie.

It wasn’t a gory or violent one, but a strange sense of unease surged through me.

“Oh, yeah! I got an idea! What if these students watch the hunter who came to save them get blown to smithereens? What emotions would they convery? Oh What ecstatic flavor would it have?”

He looked insane.

“So… You should die.”


His arms suddenly changed its form.

I couldn’t tell exactly what kind of creature it was, but its thick, long arms were weapons in their own right.

It was pointing towards me, and scratching the wall.

“If you dodge… These students will get hurt.”

Would it be kind enough to stop its arm, if I did?

Would I risk these students’ lives by relying on that probability?

No way.

I gripped the gun and stood up straight.

As if sensing my intentions, Jo Yeon-ho suddenly shouted behind my back.

“No, Han Seo-ha, I’d rather…!”

Jo Yeon-ho didn’t finish his sentence.

He must have meant to tell me to abandon the students instead of myself.

I stretched my arm forward, and placed my hand on the trigger.

With the sound of energy condensing, a cluster of light began to gather in front of the muzzle.

I didn’t need it to condense that much.

If it’s a monster that can eat, then it’s probably a grade that I can pierce.

If I can pierce its dome, why not its arm?

My goal was to condense the bullet as thin as possible.

Then aim it to the place where the human body connects to the monster’s arm!

«Penetrating iron!»


“You’re playing tricks!”

The monster’s arm quickly shrunk in volume and returned to its human form.

It then tried to dodge the bullet with a lighter body.



It was able to avoid the condensed energy, but I was still able to graze it.

A trickle of blood flows down.

It’s red, like a real person’s.

‘I can only use special bullets six times a day, but I had already used two.’

It wasn’t a good sign.

“Haha… You weren’t called a hunter for nothing!”

He doesn’t seem to like the injury.

There was a hint of tension in the air.

“Oh, right. You seemed pretty unhappy with the sacrifice of the few earlier…”

It’s not the sacrifice of the few that’s the problem, it’s the fact that they were targeting Yeon-Won.

“Ah, never mind, how about this?”

He summoned a bow and pointed it at the students.

“Even if you’re a Hunter, you won’t be able to save all of them can you?”

“Ahhh, help me…!”

‘He was right.’

No matter how strong I was, I couldn’t fight and protect that many people.

“So, here’s a proposition— If I have this many hostages, what’s the point of fighting you one-on-one?”


“If you let me eat you, then I’ll let the rest of them go. How about it?”

“You’re only going to eat me?”

“Well, I’m a gourmet, myself. Humans who aren’t hunters can barely fill my appetite. It’s different if it’s a hunter though.”

He laughed deeply, and his eyes turned a crescent-shaped.

“Apparently, you’re a pretty strong human, too, aren’t you? Maybe I can get stronger by eating you.”

It’s definitely a deal that we shouldn’t make.

If I get eaten, it will be even harder to catch next time.

“… And the hunter who will have to come after it is…. Big sister Hye-won.”

She’ll be here in two or three days, and there’s no other hunter who can get here faster.

‘Besides, he said he won’t touch the others?’

‘How can I believe that?’

‘You can’t trust a monster’s word.’

Even if the others are safe, it’s not going to let the others slide, at least not Jo Yeon-ho, the healer, or Pyo Yeon-Won, who revealed its identity.

‘So I’ll pretend to follow its wishes for now… and when its caught off guard, I will attack it with my penetrating iron shot or fiery rain.’

That was the best countermeasure that I could muster right now.

“Drop your weapons and come this way. Slowly, very slowly, so I can enjoy your despair.”

I put Noir down.


Pyo Yeon-Won cried out from behind me, but I feigned ignorance.

I wanted to tell him that it was okay, Noir belonged to me and I could summon it at any time, but the monster would hear it…

So I kept my mouth shut.

Tap, Tap, Tap.

I creeped closer to the monster, slowly taking my chances.

Just a little closer.

‘If I get a little closer… Then he won’t be able to dodge me.’

‘Three steps later, I’ll be behind him with my spatial interference, and I’ll be able to summon Noir just like that…’

I was making a lot of calculations in my head, while I was slowly approaching it.

‘One step.’

He was smiling heavily.

Sadly, I couldn’t let things go his way.

‘Two steps.’

Jo Yeon-ho blocked Yeon-won, who was about to run out from behind.

Pyo Yeon-won’s treatment was just finished.

“No, Yeon-Won… We don’t have the power. It can’t be stopped.”

Jo Yeon-Ho shouted in a painful voice as if he was about to vomit blood.

“But Hyung…. I— for one, can’t leave it as it is.”

Pyo Yeon-won cried solemnly.

‘Three steps.’


It was time for me to activate spatial interference, and the topography around the membrane was about to be identified.


But Pyo Yeon-Won suddenly shouted something.


A bright light suddenly engulfed his body.


“What are you doing..!”

Copycat asked, but I was stunned, too.

“𝒟𝓇𝓎𝒶𝒹? What’s that? Why is he emitting such a huge amount of light?”

Soon the light stopped, and the entity summoned by Pyo Yeon-won appeared.

“A Deer…?”


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