Chapter 70 Part 1:  Alpha

It was only then that I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before, because I was too busy worrying about his disfigured appearance.

‘The sign of the contract!’

There was a pattern on the back of Yeon-Won’s hand, and it was the sign of a contract!

The lime green geometric pattern, or the contract crest, covered the back of his hand.

The stronger the contractual entity was, the larger the crest would be.

My contract with the Red-Beak Demon crow was only a dot at best, but this much…

‘What kind of entity did he form a contract with?’

I was confused because there were so many things that changed from before the regression, but I was still clear about the situation at hand.

“Tell me who the monster is!”

“Noona it’s that man! It was the man who just talked to you!”

My gaze immediately moved towards the person Pyo Yeon-Won was pointing at, and a man with a perplexed expression stood.

It was Park Young-chan.

‘So It was him.’

“Hunter Park Young-Chan… I think we’ll need to have a little chat.”

“You don’t actually believe that, do you? He’d actually say such an outrageous thing… He heard about it from a voice? He’s definitely lying to you.”

“Excuse me for a moment.”

“That’s too much! No matter how close you are, you can’t just say something like that…”


I charged up my Noir and pointed it towards him.

Surprised faces flashed by the onlookers, but I had no hesitation in pulling that trigger.


“Han Seo-ha!”

Jo Yeon-ho called out to me as if to stop me, but I was faster.

The trigger was pulled and the bullet hit him.

“What ah…”

Park Young-Chan simply grimaced, and swung his deformed left arm.

‘I only have one shot.’

«Cozy Breeze»

Of course, I wasn’t firing using live ammunition.

It was simply just for verification.

But the target wouldn’t know that.

If it hit him, then I can confirm whether he was a normal person, or the monster, like Yeon-Won claimed.

And as expected, Park Young-Chan’s true identity was revealed.

This guy is indeed a monster.

His deformed left arm, which barely looked like a human’s, proved that.

Whose monster’s arm was it?

It looked like a wind raker’s.

True to its name, a Shapeshifter is a monster that always lives by copying other creatures’ forms.

Once they reach adulthood, they forget their true selves and live parasitically on others.

So that arm must be a form of imitation from others, not its own.

It was bizarre to see a human body with the arm of a monster.

“You’ve got this all wrong, you know? I was just trying to be nice and play hide and seek.”

Basically, Shapeshifters don’t have a high attack power.

Its troublesome nature stems from the fact that it should be a boss monster.

Due to the nature of the gate, which is that you can’t clear it without killing the boss monster, its slippery nature only adds to the trouble.

However, an ordinary Shapeshifter, once its identity is revealed, can be solved easily.

‘But this one is different.’

The first thing I noticed about it was that it didn’t run away or hide when its identity was revealed, but instead directly responded to me.

This is probably a sign that it was confident in a head-on collision against me to some extent.

‘After all… This guy is an Alpha.’

If it’s a Shapeshifter that’s a little different from the others, that’s the only possibility.

‘I’m the only combatant here. Jo Yeon-Ho is a healer, and everyone else is ordinary.’

There’s a mountain of people to protect, and I’m the only one who can put up a fight…

The probability of meeting an Alpha, the only one among the Shapeshifters, is usually very low.

Unfortunately for me, I just had to get that opportunity.

“How did you recognize me? It’s amazing! Did he just say that he heard it from a strange voice?”

“Shapeshifter. Did you build this dome, too?”

“I wish you would stop comparing me to such lowly creatures. I am a far more evolved species than they are.”

He bowed his head exaggeratedly, while introducing himself.

“Indeed I built it myself. Copycat, that’s my name.”


It was a fitting name.

“This evolved ability doesn’t stop at just copying a creature’s forms. I can also do this—.”

With a wave of his hand, a bow suddenly appeared in his grasp.

‘A Ranger’s handbow skill? How did he do that….?’

It was a skill that some of the more advanced Rangers could master.

Also known as the Hand Bow.

It’s an advanced skill that allows you to summon your most familiar ‘Bow’ form even if you don’t have a bow in your hand.

‘I’ve never heard that Shapeshifters could even mimic a skill!’

The Alpha of the Shapeshifters.


True to its name, its stats far exceeded those of ordinary Shapeshifters.

“Let’s test it out, shall we?”

He draws the bowstring.

Not at me, but at the students.




The terrified students screamed, and he simply smiled, as if amused by the sight.

Each and every one of them was my weakness.

‘The odds are stacked against me.’

‘What should I do?’

‘How can I turn this situation around?’

My head was spinning.

“… What do you want?”


He grinned mischievously and shrugged.

His arms had already returned back to a human form.

‘Why did he even bother to come in here and try to sway public opinion?’

It’s not like it had anything to lose, and he actually said that he was going to ‘Graciously pretend to play hide-and-seek’?

That’s kind of… A creepy idea.

“It actually seems like… You actually get the pleasure out of playing with people’s emotions.”

“Is that so?”

“You go after pleasure, not prey?”

Most monsters, at least the Shapeshifters I know aren’t monsters like that.


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