The doctor in charge of the medical office was clearly shaken by Cassandra’s appearance.

The only daughter of the Marquis of Rendall was injured or ill, and the doctor’s face was pale.

“I don’t feel well, please let me rest a little.”

She did not have any pain. The shock of suddenly realizing that she had been reborn in this world still lingered.

Dizziness, fatigue, headache. These are the symptoms of what is called a cold.

But Cassandra knew better than anyone that she did not have a cold.

“Please use this bed. Excuse me, but should I inform your family about this?”

They lead her to the farthest bed, which is partitioned off by a curtain.

She guessed that they meant the coachman that was coming to pick her up, rather than her family.

“It doesn’t matter, thank you for your concern.”

Cassandra is the prince’s fiancee, the future candidate for the queen.

As Ralph mentioned earlier, Cassandra is in a different position than most students. Although she has just entered the school, it has already been decided that she will be a member of the student council.

Although she has not yet been summoned, she will soon be asked to join the activities.

She told the coachman that she could not guarantee the time she would return home, even though the morning time was fixed.

If it is as she ordered, he should be on standby and not make any unnecessary fuss.

“Thank you, Rina-san.”

Cassandra put her hand on her chest and smiled.

She has a villain’s face as her eyes are very upturned and she gives other people a grim impression when she is silent. So, in order not to intimidate her, who is as adorable as a small animal, she fully activated her facial muscles.

“I was happy to have a chance to talk with you, Cassandra-sama! Please take care of yourself.”

She never thought she would be the first new student to use the medical office.

It was a dull day, but she is pleased to have gotten closer to Rina.

It is dangerous to approach the protagonist when she thinks of the judgement event.

It’s beyond dangerous, it’s foolishness.

She knows the alarm is sounding, but she will be in the same class as her from here on out.

Cassandra forcibly convinced herself that it would be easier for her to move around if she could get a position where she could see what’s going on than if she had nothing to do with it.

She couldn’t win against the protagonist’s warm and friendly aura, that’s the truth, though.

After watching Rina leave the infirmary with her head bowed, Cassandra laid down on the bed.

No fever, just a little sick.

In short, she thinks it’s due to mental stress.

She will listen to what she said and rest for a bit.

She is in a sort of daze, going back and forth between dream and reality.

She might say that half asleep half awake is the state she is in now.

……She is regressing……

She is getting familiar with her ‘previous life’ while in this body.

Yesterday Cassandra recalled memories of nearly thirty years before her reincarnation.

The shock, like being struck by lightning, stirred up a mess in Cassandra’s head and caused confusion.

Gradually, the memory became familiar. ……

She used to be an around 30 year old office lady.

She tries not to worry about it during her gameplay, but doing activities with a character at least ten years younger than her, much less falling in love,…….

In modern Japan, this would be a crime.

Even if the body is fifteen years old, an adult is with a child!

Is it really possible to have such a crush on a child!?

When she came to this realization, she was astonished.

Having lived for nearly 30 years, Kaori’s mental age has been dragged down by her current body, and both body and mind have become one with the “15-year-old Cassandra.

No, no, it is the opposite.

Kaori’s mental age before her reincarnation …… actually had not grown since she was fifteen years old!?

She was shocked to realize it, but it makes sense when you think about it that way.

When she was fifteen, Kaori started playing otome games.

At times, her fantasies would explode, and she would secretly show interest in derivative works. (Doujinshi, fanfiction and the like)

When she entered university and lived on her own, she was able to freely use the Internet, which accelerated her hobby even further.

Even after she started earning money at a job, her motivation in life was to do what her boss told her to do, go home on time, and play games.

Did she make any effort to improve herself, other than studying for the entrance exams and looking for a job?

……She has not changed! She hasn’t grown up!

When she was fifteen, she thought that twenty was an adult woman.

When she was twenty, she thought that thirty was a more mature woman.

She somehow believed that she would naturally outgrow games and comic books after a certain amount of time.

But even at 20, she still liked to play games, and at almost 30, she still had no one to marry and she still liked to play games.

Isn’t the reality that she is just getting older and is still the same person she was when she was fifteen?

Rather, the fifteen-year-olds in this world are mentally more mature than she was when she was fifteen.

They are much more mature than Kaori in her previous life.

They live in the game world, and they fulfill their responsibilities in the reality within the game world.

It’s so nice to be a princess who wears dresses and goes to parties all the time!

There is no such fairy tale princess anywhere, everyone is living in their own house and taking responsibility for their own lives.

In a game with a “worldview” where there is a gap between rich and poor, and sometimes wars occur due to famine, it would be fair to say that Kaori’s warm 30-year path is conversely childish thinking, wouldn’t it?

Has Kaori ever taken on the responsibility of someone else’s life?

Even Ralph, Jake, Sirius, and the prince. (In my opinion, the author’s inclusion of the prince here is because it is about the responsibilities of these characters.)

In the scenario in the game, it was just three years of lovey-dovey time with the protagonist, but they have lives that are worthy of their position.

Even Cassandra, the villainess, has had to study and take classes and get tutoring in order to fulfill her position. She was forced to behave appropriately in social situations, and she did.

Surprisingly, she is more mature than she was in her previous life, isn’t she?

That’s why I assimilated and fit in so well with Cassandra without any discomfort.

It would have been rather difficult if Cassandra had not been interested in learning things like etiquette.

Normally, she would be so excited about a prince who is more than ten years younger and fifteen years old.

Partly because she likes his face, but it doesn’t seem like it’s because he is younger than her at all.

The only thing that Kaori excels at is that she has the information about the strategy of this world and the tactics of otome games in her head.

Combined with the fact that she has regressed, the part of her that was mentally a child has become uncomfortably familiar with the world.

So she can act completely as a Cassandra of this world.

But Kaori’s memories of her previous life should be useful in this world as information.

Please let it be at least useful to that extent, God! (Yes. she says God and not Goddess)

Cassandra up to now and Kaori in her past life memories.

Cassandra・Kaori・Rendall who has the memories of two people.

But it is ‘herself’ who gets sleepy like this.

It is also ‘herself’ who feels hungry, so let’s not think too much about personalities. ……


She woke up with a start at the sound of her stomach growling.

She noticed her bag that she had left in the auditorium on the side table.

She had left it there, thinking that she would pass by the auditorium on her way home anyway.

There is something in front of it. She pinched the cloth covering it with her hand and found a sandwich there.

The paper on which it is written, “If it doesn’t bother you, please eat it,” has Rina’s name attached to it.

Sure enough, she is the saint of the near future, or even the queen, depending on her choices.

Even the heart of the villainess is firmly in her grasp.


A little sleep helped her feel refreshed.

After getting off the carriage, Cassandra returned to her villa in the royal capital.

The students of the academy are provided with dormitories, but it is a matter of course that the families of high ranking nobles have their own villas in the capital for their stay.

She didn’t know about the local nobles, but the Marquis of Rendall have a villa like a small castle in a prime location in the capital.

However, many male students, regardless of their status, lived in dormitories.

All of the characters in the game should be living in a boys’ dormitory.

Perhaps it is easier. The dormitory is adjacent to the school, so there would be no tardiness.

The parents of the noble daughters are rather worried about them, so……

The royal family is not able to forcibly instruct the daughters to enter the dormitories, no matter how much the royal family is involved.

She can understand why the parents would say that it is out of the question for them to leave the supervision of the “house”.

If a disgraceful rumor were to spread about your daughter, it would be a big problem for the family.

If it were a boy, he could declare that he would keep her as a mistress in the worst case, but this is not the case for a girl.

Cassandra’s parents, as usual, have already made arrangements for her to commute from the villa.

“……Should I ask my father to put me in the dormitory?”

Dormitory life may be cramped, but you’ll get to know a lot of students and have a lot of opportunities to talk to them.

It will affect the social scene, and dormitory life is more convenient for students who want to connect with each other.

If Cassandra were to move into a dormitory, it would be a big move that would require a lot of complicated procedures, so now is not the time to say it.

She was reminded that she is treated so differently from the protagonist, who lives in a dormitory.

“Welcome back, sister.”

When she opened the door, her stepbrother, Alek, was waiting for her with one hand raised in the air.

He has a well-defined face that makes you wonder if he is really ten years old, and eyelashes longer than Cassandra’s, which she thinks is against the rules.

It was a pleasure to be greeted by a boy with a sparkle in his eye the moment she walked in.

“Well, Alek, thank you for welcoming me.”

She merely returned the greeting.

He was just saying hello, but then he blatantly furrowed his brow and wondered.

“I’ve been thinking about this since yesterday…… sister, aren’t you acting a little strange?”

His blue eyes narrowed and his expression looked suspicious.

As if to expose the sins of the guilty, Cassandra who was looked at couldn’t bear it.

“What? I-Is that so?”

She put her hand on her cheek and tilted her head….

“I would say that you are more of a proud woman, and you don’t bother to thank me. In the morning too, I heard you didn’t make a single complaint to the servants, they were scared to death”

The beautiful boy stares fixedly at her.

Come to think of it, there is a good reason why Cassandra was chosen by the world as a villainess.

The time period when she couldn’t remember her reincarnation, Cassandra was not a snooty and haughty daughter ……, but she was a person with a certain amount of high-handedness and overbearing.

She certainly had the pride of being the daughter of a noble, a superior person who did not easily bow down to those below her.

But she was not a bad person. That is definitely not the case, She would argue.

As the daughter of a marquis, she had been served by those around her from an early age, which would have made her a proud young lady.

In a sense, Cassandra grew up in an upright manner.

She didn’t resort to violence or direct name-calling. She nodded once again in her mind and said no, she definitely didn’t do any of those things.

Although sarcasm, snide remarks, and reprimanding servants for minor blunders may have been a daily occurrence.

In this country, she was destined to behave as “a haughty young lady whom no one could defy”.

Cassandra Rendall.

“T-That’s……I am just trying to adjust my behavior to fit in with everyone as quickly as possible when I enter the academy.”

Alek’s eyes widened this time.

“No way! To think that my sister would be so admirable ……!”

How rude.

You, what the heck do you think you are saying to your sister.

She was about to start screaming, but she tried to cover it up with a laugh.

“I thought about this when I left your room yesterday……It is as if you have changed.”

She was startled.

Alek, who is five years younger than her, was acting as if he could see right through her.

The actual memory of reincarnation has come back to Cassandra, so there is no way for her to answer. If she told the truth, she would only be suspected of being sick in the head.

She is sure that it will cause an uproar in the Marquise’s household, wondering if she has eaten something bad or hit her head.

“M-More than that, Alek. isn’t it about time for you to go back to our territory?”

It would be five years before Alek entered this school. He should not have to stay at the villa with Cassandra now.

“You may have forgotten but I have been assigned by my stepfather to watch over you, sister. Even if I wanted to leave, I could not……”

She felt a little sad for herself that her actions were being monitored by her younger brother Alek.

Well, he is very mature. It would be disrespectful to him to compare him to a Japanese elementary school student.

Even though he is a distant relative, he was taken to a strange mansion at a young age and educated to be the next marquis.

It is at moments like this that she can feel that neither of them is just an ordinary child.

“I see…It is only natural that you want to return to Rendall. If father recognizes that I got it together, then there will be no need for you to be here. I will do my best to help you return to our territory as soon as possible.”

“Sister, are you sure your head is alright? Do you have a fever? Did you hit your head somewhere?”

Alek was confused and distraught.

Even so, she was worried about him and concerned about him.

She could not believe that he was talking to his sister like that, and a vein almost popped up on her forehead..

She wondered if she had changed that much. She is becoming slightly worried.

But he was never mean-spirited to begin with.

She has actually experienced all of the fifteen years, no doubt about it.

His words and attitude may have been underwhelming in some areas, but he was not supposed to be aggressive.

This is the villainess correction, huh? A terrible power of fate.

“By the way, have you met the prince?”

She gasped.

What came to mind was his fresh smile. Blonde hair, blue eyes, a handsome guy.

“Yes, he is a wonderful man. And he seemed to be very…… busy.”

She wondered if she was smiling well right now.

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