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When Shi Du returned to the live broadcast room, he was a little messy and wanted to laugh.

[It is known that the time when my younger brother left the live broadcast room is 22:02, and the current time is 0:05, what did he do in these two hours and three minutes?]

[What did you do with [Clownfish is not ugly]]

[I feel that Timeless has suddenly lost a lot of strength, like being squeezed dry. Am I the only one?]

[I won’t say anymore, those who understand, understand.]

[Two hours! Is this the strength of an eighteen-year-old boy? So terrifying!]

[Little brother is so powerful, I love him!]

[Don’t love him just because he’s powerful, maybe he spent an hour and 53 minutes on the road, and only ten minutes actually doing something [laughing] [laughing]]

Shi Du promptly banned a few lewd guys with his own banhammer and said, “Moderators, remember to do your job. Don’t make me do it myself. So, what was I doing during these two hours?” The boy laughed and replied, “I went out to see a friend and had a late-night snack together. Any problems?”

During these two hours, Shi Du spent more than half of his time persuading Yu Zhaohan to give up his script. He asked Yu Zhaohan where the script came from, and Yu Zhaohan said that he wrote it himself based on his experience: “When I was in school, I often got full marks for my composition.”

His tone was quite proud.

Then, Shi Du was fortunate enough to read the entire volume of Yu Zhaohan’s “Rules for Pretending to Be Coercive.” After reading just a few thousand words, he might need a lifetime to recover. This also fully explained how much everyone loved Yu Zhaohan’s looks. If someone else were to follow the rules and try to act it out, they would probably… no, they would definitely be beaten to death.

Shi Du couldn’t help but smile as he remembered Yu Zhaohan’s confused and disappointed expression after he rejected the script.

[What are you smiling at?]

[Fuck, my brother’s smile is really handsome ah]

[That’s not right, he’s clearly reminiscing, sisters!]

Shi Du ignored the barrage and was about to start the next game when Yu Zhaohan’s WeChat came again.

[Shine: I thought about it]

[Shine: I still think my script is okay, there’s no way it’ll fail.]

[Timeless: ?]

[Shine: I decided to trust my own judgment, I’m going to act this way.]

[Timeless: [smile] [smile]]

[Timeless: Why don’t you delete me]

[Shine: Don’t say anything, just watch my performance]

At this time, there was a knock on the door. Shi Du struggled repeatedly between listening to the captain’s words and saving Yuyu, and finally decided to respect Yu Zhaohan’s choice.

“Come in.”

Yu Zhaohan opened the door and hesitated for a moment when he saw the bright room. Without a change in light and shadow, the pretentious effect will be reduced by at least half. But he has come all the time, so he can only act.

Shi Du sat on the gaming chair, nervously watching Yu Zhaohan approach him.

Yu Zhaohan was still wearing the white shirt with a small bear hidden on it, and his skin looked flawless under the picky fluorescent lights. He seemed to be trying to make his eyes look deep like a pool, but what others could see was just him looking expressionless and simply beautiful.

Shi Du suddenly stopped worrying.

Yu Zhaohan looked at Shi Du’s computer screen and asked, “Oh? Are you live broadcasting?”

Shi Du said “Hmm”, thinking that his voice was not particularly hoarse.

It sounded good.

Yu Zhaohan nodded slightly: “Come to the meeting room after the broadcast.”

Shi Du suppressed a smile: “Okay.”

After Yu Zhaohan left, Shi Du glanced at the barrage and saw dense comments containing the words “wife” between the lines.

Shi Du closed the barrage with complicated emotions.

Yu Zhaohan was right, there was no way it would flop.

The next morning, Lu Youshan knocked on the door one by one and called the boys down to review the game. The three small rounds he won with Thrones were all crushing rounds, and the atmosphere of the replay was relatively relaxed.

While Lu Youshan was still looking at the opposite angle, Cheese asked Shi Du curiously about what happened last night: “Wasn’t Clownfish just an accompaniment player? When did you start getting to know him?”

Shi Du looked at the screen and said casually, “The captain introduced us.”

“What?” Cheese was skeptical, “Then why did you go to him yesterday?”

Shi Du: “I went to persuade Clownfish not to become an oilfish. But I found out that he was already trying hard to become one, but he couldn’t achieve it.”

Cheese: ?

“Timeless, Cheese.” Yu Zhaohan called and criticized, “Do you like to talk during the review?”

Cheese shrank his shoulders: “No.”

Shi Du readily admitted his mistake: “Sorry, my bad.”

After the match against Thrones, Lu Youshan said: “One more thing, Splendid has left, who will play the hero Virus now?”

These days, Lu Youshan and Yu Zhaohan have been watching a lot of people in the youth training team and the academy team, but they are not particularly satisfied. There were a few with potential, but they require time to cultivate and adjust, and they will not be able to play in a short period of time.

Yu Zhaohan said: “I already said it last time, I’ll play it.”

Shi Du said: “I’m the short-gun position, so it’s only natural that I should play. If the captain plays short-gun, who will play long-gun? Let me tell you first, my long-gun level can only be considered in the upper middle of the league.”

Yu Zhaohan said, “Who said that double C must have one long and one short gun?”

Shi Du suddenly realized, “Do you want to play double short guns?”

Qi Xian was slightly surprised: “It’s such a retro idea. The last time I saw double short-guns in an official competition was two years ago.”

The four positions in the game are not fixed. If you don’t care about winning or losing, you can choose four support characters without any problem. However, in the latest two-year versions, whether it’s a training match or a formal match, the combination of one tank, one support, one long-range gun, and one short-range gun has the highest winning rate, which is the optimal solution for the version. The tank can withstand damage, the support character can heal, the long-range gun can output from a high point at a distance and provide a broad view, and the short-range gun is responsible for close-range output and harvesting remaining health points.

A double short-gun means losing the long-range gun’s vision suppression. The opponent does not have the danger of being headshot by a single shot, so they do not have to rely too much on cover, and their movement will be more flexible. The virus skill makes up for this defect very well. The virus can use stealth to enter and exit among enemies, providing more accurate vision for teammates.

Lu Youshan hesitated before responding: “I considered the possibility of double short-gun at first, so I put a short-gun as a substitute in the first team. Shine, you’ve been in the long-gun position for two years, and I’m worried.”

“Are you worried that I won’t be able to shoot the short-gun well, or are you worried that the feel of the long-gun will deteriorate as a result?” Yu Zhaohan asked.

Lu Youshan said frankly: “Both.”

“I can master all positions,” Yu Zhaohan seemed to be stating a simple fact, “Trust me, okay?”

Lu Youshan lost faith in the players’ confidence after Wan Feng’s last match. He only trusts the data, the results, and his own judgment.

But Shine is an exception, they can always trust Shine.

Lu Youshan shouted: “Good!”

Yu Zhaohan looked at Shi Du and asked, “Does Timeless have anything else to say?”

Shi Du smiled and acted humble, “I dare not.”

After the meeting, they returned to the training room to practice. Yu Zhaohan logged into the game and saw Shi Du sent him a message.

[Timeless: I’ll give you full marks for this pretense, you’re so great.]

[Shine: Huh?]

[Shine: But I was not pretending just now, I was seriously in a meeting]

[Timeless: But the effect is very good, you can continue to pretend like this next time]

[Shine: Okay~(-^O-)]

Yu Zhaohan had another task on his shoulders. He trained longer and longer as the match against DSD approached, only sleeping four or five hours a day, and was so preoccupied that he forgot to compete with Xiao Jiang. The others weren’t much better than him. They can’t get up early, but they can at least practice with him until three or four in the morning

Old Tan saw their training time and was particularly worried about what went wrong with them. Tenosynovitis, dry eye, and cervical spondylosis… are all common occupational diseases of E-sports players. When he saw Yu Zhaohan rubbing his wrists in the training room again, he was so frightened that he immediately issued a new rule: he must rest for one hour after dinner every day, and whenever he saw anyone in the training room, he would immediately pull the main switch and cut off the power.

Yu Zhaohan wanted to use this hour after dinner to go back to his room and catch up on sleep and he happened to meet Cheese on his way upstairs. “Captain, you’d better not pass the gym right now—and if you must, don’t look in,” Cheese advised.

Yu Zhaohan asked: “Why?”

“Because Xiao Jiang is working out inside, he even took off his shirt!”

Yu Zhaohan’s heart skipped a beat: “So…”

Is there abs to see again? He wanted to see.

He was more interested in figuring out why he was embarrassed to see Shi Du’s abs that night than in seeing Xiao Jiang’s abs. Was he embarrassed by the abs of all his teammates, or just Shi Du’s?

Cheese lowered his voice: “Captain, don’t you know Xiao Jiang’s personality?”

Yu Zhaohan was rather displeased: “I know my team members very well.”

Concubine Zhi did it on purpose; he even chewed his tongue behind his back with the intention of causing friction between him and Nobleman Jiang.

“No, no, you probably don’t know much about Xiao Jiang since you haven’t interacted with him much,” Cheese waved his hands and said, “Xiao Jiang… He’s just a fairness fanatic! If you do something to him, he’ll definitely retaliate! That means, if you look at his abs, he’ll also want to look back!”

Yu Zhaohan looked at Cheese calmly, “You think I’ll believe that?”

Cheese, who was suspected by the captain, wanted to jump into the Yellow River to prove his innocence: “The last time I accidentally saw him taking a shower, he wanted to watch me pee!”

“Can’t you replace those vulgar words with ‘washroom’?”

“Anyway, what I said is true!”

Yu Zhaohan said, “Whether it’s true or not, I’ll go and take a look.”

Yu Zhaohan walked towards the gym. Cheese followed him and tried to dissuade him, but eventually failed to do so.

Jiang Di was the only one in the gym. He was bare-chested and wearing sports shorts as he ran on a treadmill. He must have been running for a long time because his calf muscles bulged with incredible strength, and beads of sweat fell drop by drop from his eight-pack abs.

To be fair, Xiao Jiang’s abs were more visible and bigger than Shi Du’s. However, after looking at him several times, Yu Zhaohan didn’t feel much other than admiration for Jiang Xi’s toughness and a desire to touch him a little.

Perhaps because he didn’t bury his face in them and cry like he did with Shi Du?

Jiang Di immediately turned off the treadmill, grabbed a drink, and walked over to Yu Zhaohan: “Captain?”

Yu Zhaohan came back to his senses and quickly found a topic to discuss: “This drink you’ve never seen before, it’s interesting.”

Jiang Di: “Yes.”

Yu Zhaohan: “…”

Cheese: “Ah, today’s dinner is delicious, don’t you guys think so?”

After waiting half a minute and not hearing Jiang Xi speak again, Yu Zhaohan could only reluctantly say, “You continue training, don’t forget about the practice match.”

Jiang Di: “Okay.”

Cheese occasionally looked at Jiang Di and then at the captain during the evening training. He has already prepared the first level of security; if Jiang Di rushes up to lift the captain’s shirt, he will stand in front of him and show Jiang Di his belly: “Let go of the captain, come to me!”

However, Jiang Di and Yu Zhaohan had a peaceful night, but Cheese’s performance suffered as a result of being distracted.

At 2:30 a.m., Old Tan arrived at the training room to chase everyone away, and the boys all went back to the second floor to take a bath and sleep one after the other. Lu Yaoshan scolded Cheese harshly, and he was the last one to leave the training room.

He went back to the room and got a towel to take a bath when he saw Jiang Di standing in front of Yu Zhaohan’s room from a distance, his heart tightened—it’s coming, it’s coming!

Cheese didn’t dare to face the imminent tragedy alone, so he knocked on Shi Du’s door nearby: “Brother, something big is going to happen!”

Shi Du opened the door. He had just finished taking a shower, and said lazily, “What.”

“Xiao Jiang wants to see the captain’s abs!”


Cheese told Shi Du what happened. Shi Du asked angrily: “First of all, why did the captain want to see Xiao Jiang’s abs?”

Cheese blinked: “Is that point?”

“…No.” Shi Du reluctantly said, “But Xiao Jiang’s fairness principle doesn’t work with the captain, so go to sleep, don’t worry.”

“But I just saw Xiao Jiang knocking on the door of the captain’s room.”

Shi Du said “fuck”, he pushed Cheese aside and flashed out. When he arrived at the door of Yu Zhaohan’s room, Jiang Di had already left. Shi Du knocked on the door, and the first thing he said when he saw Yu Zhaohan was: “Did you show him?”

Yu Zhaohan: “Huh?”

“Abs.” Shi Du panted slightly, “Did you show Xiao Jiang?”

“No, Xiao Jiang is here to bring me drinks.”

Only then did Shi Du see Yu Zhaohan holding a bottle of sports drink in his hand. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Cheese said that Xiao Jiang came to see your abs.”

“Do you believe Cheese’s nonsense?” Yu Zhaohan said, “And I don’t have abs.” The result of being thin and not exercising was a flat belly and no abs.

Shidu nodded and chuckled, “Why was I so anxious just now, damn it.”

Yu Zhaohan had given up on correcting his younger brother’s habit of swearing, “Why are you in such a hurry? Don’t swear.”

Shi Du absent-mindedly said, “Maybe I’m just anxious that Xiao Jiang is going to see your little belly.”

“What will happen if he sees it?” Yu Zhaohan shrugged.

Shi Du shrugged: “Who knows- goodbye, Yuyu, good night.”

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