“It’s so pretty!”


“It looks like a jewel!”


Although it burst after a short while, it reappeared when blown again.


“Look at this.”


Then, Grace dipped the ring into the soap solution and blew hard. Small and numerous soap bubbles flew out, making the children laugh.


In another corner, there was a basin filled with hot water and soap.


Bubbles rose up and the pleasant scent of good soap spread far away.


A young couple became interested and approached to watch.


“Is it soap?”


“It’s beautiful.”


However, they hesitated because the price was higher than the soap they usually used.


Cleta quickly approached the couple. Grace had already told her a story beforehand.


“Cleta, there’s a legend in my hometown that if you buy a soap with pressed flowers and use it all up, your wish will come true.”


Cleta asked Grace if there was really such a legend in her hometown. Grace replied that there wasn’t, but a passing customer might not know about it.


Cleta laughed.


“In my hometown, there’s a legend that if you use up a soap made with pressed flowers on Mask Festival, your heartfelt wish will come true.”


“Oh, how romantic. Isn’t it honey?”


“Yeah. Should we buy it too?”


Of course, he had no idea. So he said it casually.


The young couple bought the soap, and other customers continued to stare.


“Any wish will come true?” asked the voice that wasn’t unfamiliar to Cleta but not exactly familiar either.


It seemed like Benjamin had heard Cleta selling the soap based on Grace’s advice.


“..M-Mr. Linden. You weren’t here until just now…”


“Ah, I had to meet an acquaintance for a moment.”


I’m glad I’m done dealing with the child. But I wish I could have helped at the stall too. Benjamin spoke with a gentle voice and then glanced back at the soap.


“More than that, this is actually the first time I’ve taken a close look at what you’ve made. I’ve heard stories about stones or gems that grant wishes, but soap is a whole new thing.”


Benjamin hesitated with a smiling face and then purchased a soap adorned with pressed crimson flowers.


“…Do you have a wish?”


“Well, everyone has wishes, don’t they?”


Benjamin smiled softly and stole a glance at Grace, who was playing with the children and making soap bubbles on the other side.


She was so focused on the children that he didn’t even notice when Benjamin arrived.




Grace was smiling brightly, unlike when she was in the mansion.


There was no miracle of endless lines and crowds of people fighting to get in. There was no miracle of everyone offering to help.


Of course, it’s obvious. The soap bubbles and the scent of the soap may have caught people’s attention, but in the end, it was just soap.


But people did gather.


More than Cleta expected, and more than Grace predicted.




Later on, there was no time for playing with the children or performing as a street entertainer. It had been a long time since the foam on the basin had subsided.


Calculating the change and dealing with the crowded customers was a challenge.


Customers would flood in all at once during busy times, and it would be awfully quiet during slow periods.


Grace took a moment to catch her breath and regain her composure.




Her husband.


He would eventually kill her and like other women, but he was still her legal husband. And he was the one who came with her to the festival today!


Grace never intended to help Cleta sell soap.


She just wanted to entertain the kids at the beginning, help clean up the area, and say, “Cheer up~ Let me know if everything sells out by tonight or the next time I come~”.


However, Cleta seemed to struggle too much.


Grace couldn’t just watch a good person suffer so much.


“Ben, Benny?”


But she couldn’t see Benjamin around. Grace prided herself on her good eyesight. It had been the same in her past life and it was the same now.


“Where did he go?”


As Grace looked around blankly, Cleta noticed who she was looking for and said, 


“After seeing Mrs. Lindien, Mr. Linden said it might be better to enjoy the festival separately.”




Seriously, why?


Grace couldn’t understand Benjamin’s stubbornness. In the first place, it was Benjamin who had suggested finishing up quickly and enjoying the festival together.


“He also gave us money for an after-party….”


He gave money… said Cleta as she handed Grace a wad of cash without saying much.


Her hands were trembling, indicating that it was a significant amount of money. Even without seeing how much it was, Grace could tell how surprised Cleta was by the sum.



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