Grace and Cleta opened the window wide for ventilation.


“While the soap is hardening, let’s prepare the packaging.”




As she said that, Grace sat down and quickly started making ribbon packaging.


Three-tiered ribbons, ribbons woven with two different colored strings, flower-shaped ribbons…


While Cleta made two ribbons, Grace made six.


“…You said it was a hobby, right?”




Although Grace’s plump hands were quite skilled, she seemed unaware of it.


Grace asked Cleta, 


“What price do you think we should sell these for?”




Cleta hesitated to set a price and asked Grace, 


“Did the materials cost a lot?”


“I just used everything I had at home.”


Grace’s home was a nobleman’s house, so of course, everything was of the highest quality. She skipped over this part and just explained that she had used what she had at home.


‘If she had brought the herbal tea in its case, they would have known it was a luxury item.’


Although it was difficult to tell from the leaves, the case clearly exuded an air of luxury.


“So, there’s no need to charge too much for the materials I brought.”


Cleta reevaluated the price based on those words.


“Then, it’ll be around 450 zen.”


Grace nodded her head in agreement with Cleta’s words.


“Then let’s sell it for 900 zen.”


It was twice the price.




It was a considerably unreasonable price.


“Isn’t it too high?”


Cleta thought that it would never sell at that price, but Grace was confident that it would definitely sell.


“Because it’s much better than before.”


After a while, Grace took out the finished soap from the mold and smelled it.


A pleasant scent of herbs and oil mixed together emanated from the hard surface of the soap.


‘Maybe it’s because we put good ingredients in it.’


It wasn’t just a regular item, it was truly a premium product. In fact, it was a loss if you considered the cost, but Cleta had no idea.


Grace thought for a moment and nodded her head.


“What will we do if it sells out?”




“So, will you do it my way next time too?”


The handmade soap that Cleta and Grace made was piled high. That’s why Cleta never thought that the 900 Zen soap would sell.


In fact, the reason why she called it 450 zen in the first place was that the ingredients that Grace brought seemed expensive, so she priced it higher than she originally intended.


‘It should have been 200 zen.’


Cleta looked into Grace’s turquoise eyes behind the white mask. She didn’t notice it at first, but now her eyes seemed to sparkle strangely.


“…about collateral.”


“Oh, no. I’m not asking you to sell the building or give away your children or your body.”


Grace denied all the negative things that Cleta could think of, one by one.


As Grace continued to deny all the terrible things that Cleta could think of, Cleta became afraid because she didn’t know what Grace was trying to suggest.


But in the end, she had no choice but to nod her head.


It was natural.


She had no other options at the moment.


When Cleta nodded her head, Grace looked around and found a kitchen knife stuck in a cutting board.


“Do you have two large bowls?”




“Oh my, what’s that fragrance?”


Food always sells well at festivals.


With so many people coming and going, all sorts of efforts are needed to grab their attention, and food can capture not only their sight but also their sense of smell.


“It’s a nice fragrance.”


It was a little past lunchtime.


As Grace ate the food that Benjamin had bought, she realized that the food sold at the festival was often greasy, sweet, and overly stimulating.


After eating such food, people instinctively sought out something clean to cleanse their palates.


It was not food, but in a place where a refreshing and fragrant scent was emanating, colorful transparent bubbles floated around and popped with a “pop!” sound. Children giggled with delight.


“Try blowing out like this, ‘hoo~'”




Grace was teaching the children something with a cheap glass ring sold at the festival.


When the children blew into the glass ring and made a “hoo” sound, a transparent film appeared, and bubbles formed, floating gently in the sky.



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