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Chapter 46
She escaped again! (h)

Lunatic King desperately tried to make Qi Shui’er unable to get out of bed without giving up. He rammed Qi Shui’er, turning her into water.

The water from Qi Shui’er’s lower body kept increasing, following the thrusts of Lunatic King’s meat stick. The more he pumped, the more it flowed. He had never seen such a beautiful thing.

“Wow! Ah! Ah!” Qi Shui’er’s screams followed Lunatic King’s thrusts. They were indeed fit together.

“Pa Pa Pa, ” Lunatic King pounces in three shallow and two deep strokes, fast like a horse, topping Qi Shui’er screams.

“Ah! Ah! Oh,” Qi Shui’er screamed as she grabbed Lunatic King’s shoulders, the sweat falling from her hair onto the bed.

The Lunatic King’s meat stick grinds fiercely in and out of Qi Shui’er hole. Finally, Qi Shui’er lay flat on the bed, satisfied. The Lunatic King attacks again a few times and then stops, lying beside her.

Qi Shui’er gasped. She seems to have run a long, long journey, really tired.

“My dear Consort, how is it? Are you satisfied with this King’s performance?” The Lunatic King is breathing heavily.

“Well, it’s not too bad.” Qi Shui’er said pretentiously.

When he heard her say that, he was angry and wanted to eat her. All women were satisfied with his level. He used every possible means to please her, and she only gave him a “not too bad” and sent him off!

“I say, consort, let’s do it again.” The Lunatic King said close to her lips.

“I said, don’t call me consort. I’m not your consort. Please call me Miss Qi.” Qi Shui’er said.

“May I ask if you are still a girl?” Lunatic King smiled and looked at her, implying something.

“Uh, I’m tired and want to rest. Can you go out now?” Qi Shui’er said.

This woman, you want to dump me after the fight? No way! Lunatic King slept and pretended he could not hear her words.

“Hey, hey, hello? Get out.” Qi Shui’er said.

Lunatic King remains silent. He even started snorting! Qi Shui’er was angry, but she was exhausted and did not have the strength to get up to hold him. After a moment, she also slept deeply.

Qi Shui’er had never slept in a comfortable bed as a runaway, and she was tired, so she slept very deeply. As well as the Lunatic King who was looking for Qi Shui’er for so long, now that he has found her, he can finally sleep in peace.

Qi Shui’er mouth was dry when she woke up at dawn. Ah, my mother, ah. I’m so tired, and my waist is about to break. This dead man is indeed powerful! Qi Shui’er looked at the sleeping King beside her. The satisfaction in her lower body was awesome!

She got up to pick up the clothes on the floor, put them on, and drank all the water on the table. Dang, how can my mouth still dry? Qi Shui’er looked at the water bottle. Why only a little water inside? How could it be enough for me to drink?

Qi Shui’er opened the door. Ah, this guy did not let someone guard the door! The door is unlocked! Then, let’s get out!

Qi Shui’er walked around. Now the sky is slightly bright, so she can hazily see his residence. It seemed not bad, oh. It was larger than hers.

His family is indeed wealthy. Qi Shui’er walked around and saw that no one was up in this King’s house. Wow, great! Maybe God is trying to guide me to escape this marriage.

Ah! Hahahahahaha, that’s great! Qi Shui’er went straight to the gate. Hey, how can God be so good to me? Qi Shui’er thought, where should I go this time?

I’d better go back to the Yanmi Pavilion. I’ll hang my name tag. This time, I’ll receive the guests just like the girls! Piss off this bastard King!

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