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After leaving the temple, Demon King-sama said he had something to do and transferred to the city again. There were many things in the city, and just looking at them was a lot of fun. 


Among them, Demon King-sama took my hand and headed towards a store with especially miscellaneous items. 

Is that a general store with a lot of mysterious tools?

It was kind of like that. There are a lot of strange things, and it’s interesting.


“What is this, amazing!” 


I found a beautiful lamp and reached out for it. 



“What are you doing!!” 




An old man came out and grabbed my arm. 


“Are you stealing!? Haa! You fucking kid!!”


“Hey, stop it~! I’m not stealing anything!” 


What is this old man!

I was just watching!


As I thrashed around, the Demon King grabbed my waist. 

He’s going to hold me like that.


“She’s not a thief” 


Demon King-sama said so in a calm voice.


“That’s right! You stupid old man!” 


“Who’s an idiot!!” 


“Don’t you get excited too?” 


The Demon King pinches my cheek.


That’s when the old man and I finally stopped staring at each other.


“This is a magic tool shop. This old man is the shopkeeper, so calm down.”


That’s what I heard from the Demon King.

 I see. 

When I thought there were a lot of strange things, it turned out to be a magic tool shop.


“… what is it, you are Oswald boy, right?” 


The old man looked up at the Demon King and said so. 




“Eh, Demon King-sama, was your name Oswald?” 


“……That’s it” 


“What, it’s a normal name.” 


“That’s why I have said from the start , right” 


The Demon King made an uninteresting face.


“A kid who doesn’t even know the name of the Demon King…” 


The old man looked at me with a puzzled look. 

Then he looks at the Demon King with a startled look.


“This girl is…?”



what am i 




The Demon King quietly nodded. 

It’s as if he understands the meaning of the question.

Hmm, I don’t know.


“Hey, what are you talking about?” “


Even if I ask that, the two of them ignore me.


“Is that so… this little one is…” 


“I’m not Chibi. I’m called Presea.”


I have a name, so remember it! Seeing the two of them having an exchange that I didn’t quite understand from a little while ago, I showed a puffy anger. 

The old man ignored me and looked at the Demon King.   


“So, for what purpose, I don’t think you broke the castle’s magic ceremony again.” 


“It’s different” 


Demon king-sama shakes his head sideways.


“That time was hard. Was it because of this little one that the garden was destroyed?” 


W-Who’s the fucking little one! 

What can you say to this super pretty me!

The Demon King soothes me when I get angry again. 


“This girl is not good at controlling magic power. So I want a magic tool that controls power.”



Demon king-sama, did you come to this store for me?


Withdrawing my anger, I looked at the demon king and the old man alternately. 


“Oh, a tool to control, huh?” 


The old man immediately put his hand on his chin and started thinking about something. 

Hmm, he groaned.


“A ring huh… no, that would be impossible.” 


Ignoring our existence, the old man went into the back of the store.


“What is that old man?” 


Meanwhile, I asked the Demon King.

There was a chair, so Demon King-sama sat there while holding me.


“Magic tool master. I make magic tools and calculate magic formulas. I also have him write some magic formulas for the castle.” 


I don’t know if it’s a magic formula.

Anyway, is it something like a craftsman?


 “Hmm. You’re a strange old man.”


“Yeah, he’s famous for being bigoted, but his skills are solid. He’s a reliable magic tool master.” 



Is it so.


I had the urge to look around the miscellaneous store, but I couldn’t get down from my knees because the Demon King was firmly holding my waist. 


Ugh, talk to me.

I won’t run around.


After resting on the Demon King’s lap for a while, the old man returned with a long, narrow box. 


“Here you go, you bastard”


Saying that, the old man rummaged through the things in the box and handed them over to me. 


“Wow, what is this?” 


It was a beautiful golden staff wand. A large magenta-colored, glittering stone is attached to the tip. 

It’s a really cute cane design…


 “With this amount, you can also control magic power.”




The old man said to me, who was so cute and excited. 


“Anything is fine. Try using magic.” 




The Demon King told me not to do it, but…

I nodded when I glanced back at Demon King-sama.


“Do it. I don’t mind” 



Then, shall I show you my skill, floating magic?

I got down from Demon King-sama’s lap and concentrated while holding my staff. 

Then the tip of the wand shone brightly. 




“Keep going” 


When I was told that, I tried to concentrate again.

Then, my body gently floated up. 

But it’s not as rickety as usual.

Isn’t it slowly and gently floating in the air just as I imagined?


“what is this, it’s amazing!”


Even if you speak or wave your hands, it does not move at all. 

On the contrary, I was able to subtly control my levitation.   


“I’m good at magic!?” 


“Idiot. Thanks to that wand.” 


The Demon King stood up and reached out to catch me. 

As it was, I gently fell into the Demon King’s arms.


“This is amazing!” 


“Hmph. There are no flaws in my magic tools.” 


That’s amazing~!

I was happily swinging my cane around.


“Demon King-sama, I want this!” 


“Is that ok?” 


“This is good!”


Please~! When I asked, the Demon King laughed a little.


“Yes. If you become a pillow again, I can buy it.” 


“Yeah yeah! Good!” 


If that’s okay with you, then be happy.

 As I nodded desperately, the Demon King said to the old man.


“Send the invoice to the castle appropriately.” 


“Hey Oswald, that wand, Orichalcum and the highest rank magic stone, so it’s expensive.” 


“I do not care” 


I learned later that this cane was a ridiculous price.

As for how much… Let’s say it’s enough to buy a piece of land.

Well, the Demon King says it’s good, so yeah. I’m sure.


Wow, said the old man, who was delighted. 


“Listen, little one. This wand transforms into whatever you need.” 




“If it’s big and it’s a hindrance, try ordering it to shrink.” 


“Eh…? Shrink?” 


After hearing that from the old man, I ordered my cane to do so. 

Then the wand shone slightly, and then it began to shrink!


“Wow, that’s amazing!” 


In the end, the wand became something like a small earring. 


“What is this, it’s convenient!”


“There are several other forms. Well, it’s dangerous, so it’s just that for the time being.” 


Hmm, I wonder what else they have. I was curious, but the Demon King told me not to do anything unnecessary, so let’s check it again next time.


 “Keep it close to you.” 




I put the earring on my ear.


“Thank you, bigoted old man~!” 


“Who’s a bigoted old man!” 


I was hit on the head by an old man. It’s hurt.


The old man said quietly.


“Well, it was my fault that I grabbed your arm.” 


He apologized.


“A long time ago… I had my precious magic tool stolen.”


“I’m sorry.”

He apologized again.


“… okay, I’m also sorry for saying you’re a bigoted old man” 


Thank you, cane!

 When I said that and laughed, this time he sneezed and stroked my head. 


“Please take care of Oswald.”




What do you mean? Before I could ask back, I was interrupted by Demon King-sama. 


“Don’t say unnecessary things.” 


After saying that, the Demon King took something out of his pocket and threw it at the old man. 

There are two dogleg-shaped, black lumps of iron. 


“I’d like to ask for the improvement I was talking about before.” 


“Oh, that’s right, that’s what I was talking about.”


I wonder what this is…

It’s kind of… unsafe.


“what is this?” 


“Don’t touch it. You don’t need it.” 


When I reached out my hand, the Demon King pulled me away so that I wouldn’t be able to touch it. 


“I want to increase the number of magic bullets loaded”


“Hey you, why don’t you take your weapon to the weapon shop?” 


Although the old man was amazed, he received the two iron lumps. 

I can guess from the conversation just now.

It was probably a small gun.

 I don’t know because there was nothing in the human world that was that small.


“And can you improve Presea’s collar as well?”


Demon king-sama ordered another one from an old man. 


“As it stands now, if this girl were to move to the human world, it would be difficult to pinpoint the location. I would like the search function to be strengthened.” 




Hey, what are you talking about, Demon king-sama.

When I looked at the demon king in surprise, he whispered in my ear. 


“I have no intention of returning you to the human world.”


“…I, I, I don’t run away” 


I don’t know why, but my cheeks turned red.

I feel awkward and let my eyes swim. 


“Idiot. Take one order at a time.” 


The old man made a sour face. 


“Even though I’m already busy. This time it’s just this girl.”


The old man picked up a gun and looked at the demon king. 

The Demon King frowned, but he didn’t say anything more. 


Hmm, are you a group that doesn’t abuse authority?


“…then it’s fine. I’ll ask for the limited express.” 


Without saying anything, the old man waved his hand and entered the store. 

It’s really unfriendly.

You didn’t even see the guests off.


“Grandpa, bye-bye” 


I waved my hand on his back.

Grandpa, hope you alright ~



It was already evening when I left the shop. 

I’m kind of tired, and I’m being carried on my back by the Demon King.

Carrying me and Bunny on my back, the Demon King walks through the city at dusk. 

He can return to the castle in an instant, but I wonder if it’s for my sake that he doesn’t do it.


“Hey Demon King-sama” 




“Sky, it’s beautiful.” 



It looks like the sky is on fire.


“I didn’t notice it because I didn’t look very closely.”


I clung to the Demon King. 


“The sky was so beautiful.” 




“The air is sweet and the sounds are human voices, insects, rustling leaves.”


Everything around you.

I wasn’t even conscious of it.

In the past, my body ached, and I didn’t even know that.


“The ice cream was delicious, and they also bought me a cute cane.”


After I said that, Demon King-sama kept facing forward and asked as usual.


“Did you enjoy it?” 




If possible, I want to be with you more. 

By the time I realized it, I was thinking that.




When I called out to him, the Demon King flinched.


“What, suddenly” 


“I just wanted to call you.”


When I said that with a smile, the Demon King glanced at me. 


“Don’t call me Demon King-sama, but call me that once in a while.” 


“? Do you want me to call you by



“Not always” 


“Oswald, Oz, Oz!”


“Don’t yell in my ear, so noisy” 


“Demon King-sama, you told me to call you!” 


“I told you it was fine once in a while.” 


The Demon King let out a sigh. 

I chuckle.


“Demon King-sama, you know.” 




“When I get back to the castle, I’ll give Tiara a souvenir.” 




──When I return to the castle.


Aah, I thought these words made me very happy.

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