However, these grapes had a different taste from the stale raisins, which she had no idea how many there are. When bitten it emits a fragrant smell, the soft flesh is crushed, giving it a sweet and sour taste. I fell in love with the taste of grapes.

“Is it good?”



Heath picked up a grape and held it out. She tried to take it with her hands, but Heath avoided my hand, then he brought the grapes to her lips. He was embarrassed to take food with her mouth, but there was no reason to refuse, so she took the grapes with her mouth. The sweet and fragrant taste filled my mouth.

Heath held out the grapes again. After taking a few pieces, the juice got on my lips. I unconsciously licked the juice with my tongue. It’s sweet and delicious. But at that moment, Heath frowned. What is the matter? He looked displeased for a moment, then he picked up the grapes again.

But this time, instead of sticking the grape to my lips, Heath put it in his mouth. I looked at it silently. After all, I was the only one eating the grapes, so Heath… …

But Heath brought his lips with the grapes inside his mouth close to me. I noticed his intentions, and I said in bewilderment.

“Wait, Heath… … . There are other people around.”

“People? Where?”

I looked around at his calm reply.

No one is here.

There was no servant around the table. Not only that, the demon knights guarding the entrance were nowhere to be found, and there were only the two of us in the dining hall.

“… … ”

When I was silent, Heath put the grapes in my mouth. Following the sweet taste, his tongue entered my mouth. His tongue licked the juice left on my lips and then sucked the juice in my mouth. I felt goosebumps at the sensation of his tongue running through my gums, and my head went blank. Swallowing the grapes, Heath closed his eyes and smiled. The smile on his lips was sweet.

“Ung … .”

Then he bit my lower lip lightly and dug into the gap between my lips. Heath now seemed to smell like grapes. He ran his fingers through my long hair. The kiss that followed was itchy, yet strange.

“Would you like to eat more?”

Heath parted his lips from hers and asked. The amethyst eyes were filled with a dangerous light. I nodded my head as if possessed by him.

“Y, Yes.”

Heath picked up the grapes again. Then someone came into the dining room. Startled, I pulled away from Heath and sat right in front of the table.

The person who entered the restaurant was the Demon, Archduke Keith, whom I met briefly yesterday. He just saw me kiss Heath, but his stiff face didn’t change. That’s a great poker face. His pale face doesn’t seem to have a drop of blood that will come out even when stabbed.

In the book of Demons, it was explained that Archduke Keith was the re-imagination of the Demon Realm. After Heath, he is the second most powerful person, so he is a person of importance.

Archduke Keith strode forward to the table, lowered his head deeply, and said:

“Demon Lord, I have something to tell you in preparation for the upcoming war.”

What, war?

I was startled by the harsh words.

But Heath did not listen to him and took the grapes and offered them to me. As she ate it as it was, she could feel Archduke Keith’s eyes sharpen even more. It seemed like he could stab me with just his eyes.

Heath gestured and said.

“I’m busy right now, so I’ll listen later.”

“… … I understand.”

Archduke Keith bid goodbye again without saying a word and left the dining hall. He didn’t forget to look at me again before he left. It was clear that Archduke Keith didn’t like me. After all, I am the reincarnation of the goddess and a saint. Archduke Keith’s reaction is normal, and Heath who clings to me right now and talks about getting married is not.

Well, I’ll just think about it later.

The food was put in front of her and stuck with Heath for too long. I dropped my body back and picked up the grapes and brought them to Heath’s lips.

“Heath should eat too.”

“This is for Julia. Demons do not eat human food. However… … .”

Heath took the grapes in my hand and ate them. But instead of moving away from me, he sucked the juice from my fingers. Then, with his tongue, he slowly licked the soft flesh between her fingers. As I twisted at the tickling sensation, Heath grabbed my hand. His lips fell only after licking all her fingers and leaving a kiss all the way to the inside of her palm and wrist.

“… … This is delicious.”

Heath’s lips left kisses all over my body. First, they kissed lightly on the lips, then he kissed her forehead and earlobes and over her cheeks. I quietly closed my eyes and accepted the kiss. The touch of his lips that lightly touched her skin was itchy, yet pleasant.

But when Heath rolled up the hem of my skirt, I couldn’t help but cringe. He got up from his chair and kneeled between her legs. The sight of the Demon King kneeling under me was somehow unrealistic. But before I could even feel that sentiment, he spread my legs.

“Wait, Heath… … . ah.”

Heath lifted my knee with his hand, then kissed her on the back of her foot and calf. His dark hair touched her leg and it tickled. His other hand gently caressed the inside of her thigh. And his lips moved higher and higher, and then towards the depths between her legs.

“Ah, ah… … . stop… … .”

It was too thick and mushy for a light caress. I shuddered and shook my head. But Heath’s lips moved higher and higher, and he sucked hard at the tender flesh on the inside of her thigh. Everywhere his lips passed, there were red marks. Heath murmured, raising his head slightly from her thigh.

“You told me to eat too, right?”

No, I don’t mean that… … !

Heath ripped off the underwear under her skirt, and with both his hands spread her thighs wide apart. The secret place between her legs was exposed before him. He ran his hand slowly between my thighs. Regardless of my will, a sticky liquid dripped from her wet inside and damped his fingers.

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