At this time, there are already several entries on Weibo’s hot search list.

#Lu Jin joins the ambiguous mind#

#Lu JinLin Yan#

#Lin Yan joins the ambiguous mind#

#Lin Yan feeding Lu Jin like feeding a monkey#


Every hot search was very lively, and the reading volume quickly exceeded 100 million.

Passersby were more surprised by the lineup.

—I don’t understand, these two people don’t go to filming, but they actually go to participate in love variety.

—I don’t even understand, they have never appeared on the same occasion, but they are in the same frame together!

—There is something about the ambiguous director. He can invite these two people at the same time. Is the program group so rich?

—As a dog face, I just want to ask, can I ship?

—Dogs don’t ship! One of them almost wrote ‘unique beauty’ on his head, and the other one is someone who says ‘my emotional scene is good because I see my own reflection in your eyes,’ do you think it is good?

—Looking like a CP? In a way, it is quite suitable (bushi)

Yang Shu took the time to look at his phone, and now he has no thoughts.

When he saw that Lu Jin also participated in the show, he was suffocated.

Lin Yan avoided him for three whole years.

Although he didn’t know why, Lin Yan appears to be particularly repulsed by him, and he refuses to appear as long as Lu Jin is present.

He didn’t expect that they would bump into each other.

And also doing the mission together.

Yang Shu kept looking at his phone, fearing that he would suddenly receive a call from Lin Yan to temporarily withdraw from the show.

This is a live broadcast after all.

His status, experiences, and time in the industry are all inferior to Lu Jin’s. If he flirts too much in the show, he may be overwhelmed by Lu Jin’s huge fan base, and he will also be accused of disrespecting his senior.

Yang Shu was restless and opened the live broadcast room tremblingly.

Lin Yan didn’t have the facial expression that Yang Shu expected, but his expression was really not friendly either.

He threw the apple up and down as if deciding from which angle to throw it.

Lu Jin was holding a banana in one hand and a bundle of balloons in the other, so there was no third hand to catch his apples.

He said earnestly: “Be a man and stay on the line, don’t be so vengeful.”

Lin Yan raised his eyes: “Vengeful?”

He added, “Didn’t you ask me to bribe you?”

Lu Jin looked at him dressed in all black, and the sun didn’t seem to be able to warm him, “Killer, take away your powers.”

Lin Yan wasn’t so bad as to actually throw it over.

He put the apples back into the plastic bag and said indifferently, “If you come down, I’ll give you all the fruits.”

Lu Jin: “…I’m really not a monkey. Have you ever seen a monkey that looks like me?”

Lin Yan: “If you want to think that way, I can’t help it.”

Lu Jin: “…”

Lin Yan glanced at him, then suddenly turned and left.

Lu Jin: “?”

Hiss, are you really that ruthless?

As soon as Lin Yan left, the cameraman following him also left.

Lu Jin couldn’t figure out what he was thinking, so he had no choice but to stay where he was; after all, he really couldn’t get down.

Not long after, a voice with a strong local accent came from the alley.

“Come here, I borrowed a ladder, this one is sure to be stable. Young man, don’t be afraid.”

When Lu Jin turned around, a middle-aged man was frantically driving the three-wheeled motorcycle, and the extendable ladder bumped along with the uneven road.

Lin Yan sat in the back of the cart, clutching a pole tightly, afraid that if he let go, he would be thrown straight away.


The small three-wheeled motorcycle braked suddenly by the tree.

The distance was well controlled, and the front of the motorcycle would have hit a tree directly if it was late a second or two later.

The middle-aged man seemed to have completed some mission, and gave Lu Jin a thumbs up, “Young man, we meet again.”

Lu Jin was stunned: “Yes, big brother, why…”

The middle-aged man waved his hand: “Hey, I’m selling toys in this neighborhood, this young man asked me where to buy a ladder. He said a man climbed a tree and could not get down, the moment I heard it, I knew it was you.”

Lu Jin: “…”

Lin Yan’s well-made hair was slightly messed up by the wind, and he fiddled with it a few times before asking the middle-aged man, “You know him?”

The cause and effect were poured clean by the middle-aged man: “When my hand loosened as I passed by, the balloon flew up. It was a few hundred dollars, and I was in great distress. The young man paid for it as he passed by. I didn’t want to accept it, but it had to be done. The balloon stuck in the tree, so he climbed up to get it.”

Lin Yan: “And then he couldn’t get down?”

Middle-aged man: “He told me that the scenery on the tree is beautiful and he wants to take pictures. He told me to go first. Who knows that he hasn’t come down yet. If you have something to say, you can just say it. If your friend doesn’t come, you will sit here until dark?”

Lin Yan: “…”

It’s really a matter of saving face and suffering.

Lu Jin’s psychological quality is really strong.

Being exposed did not change his face, instead, he smiled and said: “Thank you, big brother.”

The middle-aged man waved his hand: “Thank your friend.”

Lu Jin’s smile remained unchanged: “Of course, I will thank him very much.”

Lin Yan said indifferently: “No need, you help me finish the mission, and then we will part ways.”

Lu Jin: “No, you’ve given me the token of love, and you still want to dump me?”

Lin Yan: “?”

Lu Jin shook the banana: “What a precious gift, when I was hungry and cold, this was a ray of light in the dark, what’s the song? A green light?”

Lin Yan helped the middle-aged man set up the ladder, “If you talk again, I’ll take the ladder away.”

[Translate for you, Lin Yan: Shut up.]

[My head hurts from laughing, why is Lu Jin always doing outrageous things?]

[So the video with such a high beauty value just now was recorded by him climbing up and down the tree?]

[I seriously suspect that he was supposed to meet at the villa, but he couldn’t get down, so he just told the director that it would be more romantic…]

[This pair of CP is already hard to come by, Lu Jin said that don’t ignore the token of love, right?]

[Lin Yan: Screw off.]

When Lu Jin finally came down from the tree and stepped onto the ground, he couldn’t help but exhale a sigh of relief.

Holding a bundle of balloons in his hand, he picked one and stuffed it into Lin Yan’s hand, “A gift in return.”

Lin Yan was caught off guard and instinctively grabbed the string, then looked up.

A pink rabbit smiled at him.

Lin Yan: “…”

He didn’t really want to see a rabbit today.

Lin Yan took a deep breath: “I don’t…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the big brother selling toys smiled at him: “If you get my ballon, you will have good luck!”

Lin Yan: “Your luck just flew away.”

Middle-aged man: “…Hmm.”

Lin Yan ended up not giving the balloon back.

People always have some fluke psychology. When they hear the word “good luck,” they will pray for their own good luck.

The middle-aged man rode away on the small three-wheeled motorcycle.

Before leaving, he also advertised to the camera.

Lin Yan walked into the cafe and asked the clerk: “What mission are we going to do?”

Clerk: “The mission…”


There was a muffled sound behind him.

Lin Yan looked back and saw Lu Jin standing at the door with a large group of balloons flying behind him, and said innocently, “I can’t come in.”

Lin Yan: “…”

The clerk pursed her lips, afraid that she would laugh.

Lin Yan felt a little helpless, “What is the mission?”

The clerk rubbed her face, adjusted her expression, and said to him with a smile: “This mission is very simple, as long as you drink a cup of coffee in the cross-cupped wine, you can get the mission items.”

Lin Yan closed his eyes and said patiently: “…Is this a survival program?”

The clerk blinked: “It’s a love show, dear. I’ve already prepared a glass of wine.”

Lin Yan: “I feel like it challenging my limit.”

The clerk laughed dryly and quickly handed the two cups of coffee she had prepared,”Please.”

Lin Yan felt that this balloon had no luck at all.

He wanted to give the balloon to the little girl, but Lu Jin was watching behind him, and he would pester him later about the “token of love.” It was too much for him, so he tied the rope around his wrist, took two cups of coffee, and went out.

Lu Jin blocked the door with his balloon.

Lin Yan stood in front of him: “Which hand do you want to use?”

Lu Jin stuffed the banana into his shirt pocket, took the coffee with his vacant right hand, and said as if he were going to die: “Come on.”

Lin Yan looked at his expression and curled his lips coldly: “You hate me?”

Lu Jin: “I don’t hate you, but I might become impure, this is after all a ‘cross-cup’ ritual.”

Lin Yan; “…”

Lu Jin: “My pure body, you have to cherish it well.”

Lin Yan stretched out his hands expressionlessly and crossed them with him, completely ignoring him.

The two were very close.

Lin Yan could smell a faint fragrance from him, with a bit of fresh sweetness.

He thought: what a show-off.

The warm body temperature came through the thin anticipation.

Lin Yan stepped back uncomfortably.

They had never been this close before.

They have barely met in the three years since they agreed to marry, let alone maintain close contact.

The mission of this variety show was a bit out of the lines.

“Hurry up and drink.”

Lu Jin lowered his voice and his peach blossom eyes gazed at him quietly: “Or do you just want to be so close to me? That’s not good, my pure body…”

Lin Yan took a big sip.

Then the whole person was stunned by the bitterness.

Lin Yan pursed his lips and swallowed the coffee in his mouth bit by bit as the sour and bitter taste of black coffee exploded in his mouth.

Lu Jin looked at his face: “Scared of bitterness?”

Before Lin Yan could say “It’s okay,” a banana was stuffed into his mouth.

Lin Yan: “???”

Lu Jin had peeled the banana in his hand at some point while holding the balloon string, “You have eaten the love token, remember to pay me back.”

The sweetness of the banana quickly overwhelms the bitterness of the coffee.

Lin Yan finally couldn’t help but said: “We may not be in the same group, maybe it’s a little early to make a love token?”

They needed to receive the mission items to know the final grouping.

Lu Jin: “Why do you think I’m here? Of course, I came to see who my destiny is!”

Lin Yan: “…”

Lin Yan was speechless.

It came out of nowhere.

Whether he drinks the coffee or not, he has to pair with Lu Jin.

With Lu Jin’s personality, he was sure to think that the director intentionally put them in the same group.

Sure enough.

In the next second, Lin Yan heard him say, “Did you deliberately pick me into this pair?”

Lin Yan coldly poured all the coffee to Lu Jin.

“Drink it yourself.”

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