The room was briefly disturbed by my shocking remarks.

The nobles made a fuss and began to whisper among themselves.

“A concubine…………?”

“We certainly need a successor.”

“But will His Majesty agree? He’s been stubbornly refusing to marry.”

“If it’s the Duke of Baloa’s recommendation, it’s different.”

The nobles with daughters watched the emperor with jealous eyes, and the nobles with only sons with curious eyes.

Only Cardan looked at me with a blank face.

Cardan, who put down the wine glass, quietly rubbed the circumference of it with one finger.

She had no idea what he was thinking.

But not once did he give his eyes to the Young Lady of Count Linoa.

Is it ruined?

When the giddy sensation of the floor beneath one’s feet is about to come over


A plain word fell.

It’s clink.

The wine glass pushed by the gesture of Cardan fell to the floor.

Fragments of glass scattered everywhere, and red wine gathered on the marble floor.

In an instant, the atmosphere at the venue became thin ice. No one even tried to breathe.

I was out of breath, too.

However, the corners of Cardan’s mouth, which broke the glass, were beautifully bent.

“I’ll trust my Duke again.”


“You must be aggressive.”

In the new room for the two, I told the Young Lady of the Count everything I could tell her in the next few hours.

“Throw away all the culture, decency and manners you’ve learned. You can be honest with your feelings.”

The emperor of the original book hated the woman he had left out.

He wanted only an easy and comfortable relationship according to the principle of not blocking people who come to him and not catching people who go.

If Count Young-ae confesses her pure heart and that she has admired him for a long time in front of Cardan like this?

She might have been kicked out of the palace.

I looked at her expression for a moment in case Young-ae, who had grown up beautifully, was shocked by my words.

However, Count Young-ae nodded her head unexpectedly.

As a result of the five maids sticking together all day and polishing from head to toe, the young lady’s fair skin looked soft at first glance and gave off a sweet scent that even I was slightly drunk.


The long-stretched blond hair poured down under her shoulder, drawing coveted waves one by one with perfume.

The thin slip on her body barely caught a glimpse.

She looked like someone whom a man couldn’t pull himself together in front of.

I said seriously, throwing away my pride.

“Get rid of your quietness.”

Fortunately, the lady was not just a weak greenhouse plant.

“Don’t worry, Duke. I’ll do my best.”

It was not until I saw Count Young-ae, who clenched her fist with burning eyes of will, pulling down one slip strap at all that I was able to leave the room with relief.

I headed to the small bedroom attached to the palace office with a light heart.

As soon as I washed my face and changed into my pajamas, I immediately laid down on the bed.

I felt like I could sleep comfortably after a long time.

Then the door burst open.

The servant, who had forgotten to knock, called me in a panic.

“Duke! I’m in trouble! You have to come right now!”

I ran out right away.

I didn’t have time to dress up and prepare my mind like when I was called last time.

I didn’t even have to ask such questions as what was going on, where to go.

I could tell just by looking at the white face of the servant.

My survival rate drops every second.

I overtook the servant and ran straight to the room, which had been assigned to Count Young-ae.

When she entered the room, Count Young-ae was trembling on the floor, and the emperor was leaning obliquely against the pillar of the private bed with his arms folded.

Anyone could tell that Cardan had thrown away Count Young-ae.

I was taken aback.

He was a tyrant, but I didn’t expect him to go so far with women.

A sense of guilt flooded in.

I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that I had subjected her to a rough situation which she hadn’t encountered before.

“It’s unfair.”

Cardan rubbed his lips slowly.

“I’m the one who was attacked, but it’s like I’m the perpetrator.”

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty……….”

The young lady’s voice trembled inexorably.

“Sorry, I’m sorry. I am guilty of death, Lord………….”

Cardan looked down at her trembling, shaking her shoulders.

“There is nothing to be said about the attempted murder of the imperial family.”

Lady Linoa eventually began to sob pitifully.

My heart sank with a thud.

What do you mean she attempted to harm the royal family? It was no different than a death sentence.

Even if it was only an attempt, it was the crime of harming the imperial family that is enough to annihilate one family.

What about me who recommended Count Yeong-ae, much less being taken into the eight villages where she has no acquaintance?

“Get out.”

I made a quick decision with Cardan’s hard words.

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