Did you just throw out the young lady for trying to kiss you?

“It was such a shame. If only Young-ae had been gentle, I wouldn’t have had to reconsider my trust in the Duke.”

One of Cardan’s eyebrows, which stretched out like a black feather, went up.

“It was all to my taste, from how she dresses and how she looks.”

I was so frustrated that my clothes were about to explode.

Where’s the setting that says you like aggressive women, and now you’re looking for an old lady all of a sudden?

Everything was decorated to Cardan’s taste at best, but it couldn’t be more absurd.

Cardan smiled beautifully.

“Of course, it’s not that I don’t like the duke’s clothes.”

His gaze slurred down on me.

Only then did I realize what I was wearing.

When dealing with external affairs, she always wore achromatic uniform that covered her body tightly, but Duke Baloa, who wanted to sleep comfortably at bedtime, enjoyed wearing night gowns worn by noble ladies.

So I was wearing a nightgown like that, too.

It was a nightgown with a simple design that reached the ankles, but as it is an imperial palace that always cares about heating, the material was light and thin even though it was autumn.

I flinched and clenched my fist so as not to cover myself with my arm.

Instead, she made up a smile that wasn’t as awkward as possible.

“Ah, Thank you.”

“I’ve never seen Duke Baloa like this before. I’ve always seen you so meticulous. This is pretty fresh, too.”

Cardan filled his glass and took a sip.

What was so pleasant was that the red lips drew a continuous line.

“You look much better without your glasses.”

This time, I couldn’t stop myself from groping my face reflexively.

Sure enough, only bare skin was touched, not the touch of cold metal.

Now I felt like I knew why Duke Baloa insisted on glasses with a prescription that didn’t even fit.

When I realized that I had no glasses, I felt like a soldier who was placed in front of the enemy’s arrows without a shield, from Cardan’s persistent gaze.

“Why do you always wear those ugly glasses?”

Cardan twirled the wine glass as if he were curious.

“My eyesight is very bad.”

The words came out a little stiff, because now I had no power to flatter.

“Well, let’s have another drink for the duke with terrible eyesight.”

He filled my glass again.

This is my third drink. I thought I could still hold out.

I gritted my teeth and forced the bitter drink through.

At that time, a hot sensation suddenly rose from her stomach, and her whole body heated up like a burning fuse.

I groaned and put my hand on my head at the dim sensation of my body floating.

“Are you uncomfortable?”

Cardan’s voice, which did not show any concern, was heard.

“Oh, no…………. I feel dizzy for a moment.………”


He let out a little sigh.

“I heard it’s the sweetest wine in the palace.”

Come to think of it, I specially prepared it for the entrance of Count Linoa’s Youngae. Now that I remembered, I looked at the empty wine glass with an ugly face.

How many did I drink? Three? Four?

My memory was hazy.

The hot breath gradually slowed down.

I glanced at Cardan, but I couldn’t tell if he knew or didn’t know just by looking at his face with a slight smile.

Recognizing my glancing gaze, Cardan pulled up the corners of his mouth fishily.

I looked away in a hurry, but he pursued my eyes persistently.

“But it doesn’t taste bad.”

Suddenly laughing, Cardan filled his glass of wine again.

No, stop drinking!

I felt like tearing my hair out.

Of course, the sober Cardan was not a very reliable person, but how much more dog-like will he become if he drinks it.

I already have a headache.

“Maybe it doesn’t fit the Duke’s taste.”

“Well, I don’t really……….”

As the wine rose, the skin brushed against the clothes became hot. I wanted to run out right away and cool my whole body with cold water, but the emperor did not change his complexion because he was not drunk at this amount.

“Oh, my God.”

Cardan looked at me with his chin on his hand.

Wine-colored eyes passed my red-hot eyes and parched lips, fluttering chest and squeezing hands.

“It’s delicious.”

I really felt like I was going to make another mistake. No, I am sure.

I have to leave this room immediately.

“Your Majesty, the night has come.”

I opened my mouth with courage.

“It’s just the beginning, isn’t it?”

Cardan lifted the wine glass and shook it like a tantrum.



“As you can see, I’m fine.”

He filled the glass of wine again and took a sip.

“I’ll have to wait for you.”

“Oh, no, no.”

I had to stop drinking that beggar’s drink for now.

“I’m afraid your health will be damaged. Please do not drink too much.………”

Cardan’s eyes flashed with a sharp light.

“Then will you drink my share?”

He pushed his glass toward me and raised one eyebrow.

I was caught in a fierce agony.

Would it be better for me to drink that, who has reached the limit of her drinking capacity, or for him who has no control?


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