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The Duke of Baloa is always by the emperor’s side.

In other words, she’s always at a standby at Cardan’s beck and call during the day and handled her duties as a prime minister 24 hours a day.

So she was able to put herself naturally at dinner with Cardan and the king of the neighboring country.

King Taraka and his wife, who requested an exclusive meeting with the emperor, looked a little dark as soon as they saw her at the dinner hall.

She boldly stormed into the dinner room door.

“How long has it been, King Taraka?”

She made a fuss and naturally took the right seat at the table.

Memorizing and learning the customer service manual was just as easy as chewing gum.

Thanks to hercomplete understanding of the information in Duke of Baloa’s office, she was not only able to learn the struggle with the recent border issues, but also all the tea types that King Taraka’s six daughters each liked.

All of it.

In addition, when information about King Taraka, who appeared briefly in the original work, was combined, then the king and his wife were right at the palm of her hand.

“The queen and I requested a private conversation with the emperor.”


When she suddenly shouted, the king pursed his lips in ridicule.

“If I’m not here, who will taste the food of your majesty?”

It’s Plan A to protect her life.

The original duke pretended to be on the side of the emperor only in words, but never showed it in action.

However, as long as she knows that her neck is on the verge of flying away, she should not be complacent with just flattery.

There must be no one with a big liver enough to poison a tyrant, so there was no sure way to show her loyalty as much as to give a suggestion.

“Duke, are you suggesting something?”

King Taraka frowned. It wasn’t that his curiosity wasn’t understood.

The current Duke Baloa is the dog of the emperor, and dogs have to bark in order to survive.

She barked fiercely again.

“Or, are you saying that it is okay for King Taraka to poison the great emperor now?”

King Taraka’s face turned completely white.

“No, that’s not it, I don’t mean that at all.”

At that time, the servant announced the emperor’s arrival, and they all stood up from their seats.

No, to be exact, when King Taraka and his Queen stood up, she was already waiting at the door.

“You’re here, Your Majesty?”

She pushed the servant away and opened the door with her own hands and bent her back deeply.


Cardan, who answered in a drowsy voice, looked like he had just woken up.

Dark hair curled up and covered his forehead, and the buttons on the uniform were half-buttoned instead of neatly closed to the tip of his chin

Even the sharp corners of his eyes gave off a languid atmosphere.

If it were an ordinary person, it would have looked like someone who’s unemployed, but Cardan rather had a more decadent atmosphere like a bored beast.

Unlike the king, Cardan didn’t seem to be surprised that she attended.

After staring at her for a while, he naturally headed to the top seat.

She made herself walk faster than him and pulled out his chair.

King Taraka and his Queen, who watched the scene, looked a little tired, but she sat in her seat with more confidence than anyone else.

She was trying to make a living, and she’s proud of it.

As soon as the dish came out, she immediately bowed to Kardan.

“Your Majesty, may I serve your food?”

Cardan only stared at her and had no answer for a while.

At first glance, he looked insensitive, but she couldn’t erase the feeling of his persistent gaze at her for some reason.

Did she say something wrong?

As soon as she started feeling a little anxious.


Cardan slowly raised one eyebrow.

She immediately bowed her head, trembling.

“It’s to show my little loyalty to your Majesty.”


A voice that sounds like a smirk at first glance. Her mouth went dry because of the tension.

“Okay. Then please proceed.”

Ignoring her nervousness, Cardan pushed his share of steak to her with a sharp gesture.

As Cardan’s gaze slowly turned to her, she immediately cut the tip of the steak and put it in her mouth.

“Eating poisonous food still makes me feel uncomfortable, but it’s good.”


She almost bit her tongue for a moment.

Only then did she vaguely remember.

Cardan was a sword master. He was also quite famous in the war of conquest when he was a prince.

There’s no way that a Sword Master can be poisoned.

He only ends up with an upset stomach, but she’s going to end up in the afterlife.

It was her choice, but she almost missed the fork because she was hit with reality.

She had no choice but to hope that the day would come when her tearful efforts would shine.

She hurriedly put down the fork so that her hand holding the fork would not be seen tremble.

“There’s nothing wrong.”

Cardan nodded his head.

“Okay, you did a great job.”

She pulled the tip of her shaky mouth hard and smiled.

“It’s just an honor to help your Majesty eat comfortably with my little effort.”

Cardan’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly.

But soon he picked up a fork and knife and said sarcastically,

“Thanks to the sacrifice of the Duke, I can eat at ease.”

“I’m so grateful!”

She bent down until just before her nose touched the plate in front of me.

Cardan, who said he would eat freely, just nibbled on the food as if he didn’t have any appetite.

“It’s a little hot.”

At Cardan’s little murmur, she kicked up the chair.

“Open the window right now!”

After ordering the waiting servants, she pulled out the fan from the queen’s hand.

That was the only thing she could see right away, so she couldn’t help it.


The queen, who was about to shout in surprise, went silent as she stood next to Cardan and began to fan vigorously.

“Has the heat subsided a little, Your Majesty?”

Instead of answering, Cardan put down his fork and knife with a small sigh.

“Cutting steak is annoying.”

3 seconds.

She has to come up with what he wants in three seconds.

It’s already too late if she tries to cut the steak right away.

At that moment, her eyes caught sight of King Taraka’s deliciously cut steak.

When King Taraka was about to take a piece of steak with a fork,

“Your Majesty, eat this steak.”

She brought the plate from under the king’s nose and placed it in front of Cardan.

The red-faced king couldn’t say anything, but his mouth was stiff.

When she was done, Cardan picked up the fork.

“It’s cut well.”

Cardan, who spoke dryly, finally took a piece of food to his mouth.

“Stop fanning. The strange smell of perfume is disgusting.”

If it smells bad, she couldn’t just stop fanning.

“I’ll get you out of this room right away.”

She threw the fan out of the open window without hesitation.

The queen stood up half way from her seat and made a strangled sound.

“My mother’s memento…”

However, when the king next to her blinked, the queen sat down again with tears in her eyes.

She felt a little guilty, but it was too late.

Then the tactless emperor opened his mouth again.

“That statue over there.”

The eyes that were perfectly ratioed were slightly distorted.

“It’s blinding.”

She took the marble angel statue and placed it right in front of the window.

“I’ll get you out right away!”

She jumped up right away, but as soon as she took a step, she regretted a little.

The statue was almost her size, and it probably weighs about five times as much as she does.

If she throws that out of the window, her back will be crushed.

“No, forget it. “

When Cardan shook his hand, she breathed a sigh of relief inside.

“The statue itself is worth seeing. It blends well with the scenery of the room. However, the reflection of light from the head of a statue…”

At that moment, she did a faster operation than AlphaGo.

She has to close the curtains to prevent sunlight coming through the open window, but when the curtains were closed, Cardan said it was hot earlier.

When she moved the location of the statue, he said that it harmonized well with the scenery in the room.

The statue itself is worth seeing, so it’s beauty should not be compromised.

However, the angel statue was still showing off its shining hair.

After all the calculations, she grabbed the King Taraka’s hair.


The king swung his arm wide in a hurry, but she was one step faster.

The luscious blonde hair fell off with a booming sound. She immediately decorated the angel statue with it.

The golden, high-quality wig goes well with the statue of the angel.

The king was staring at her as if he were going to kill her, but she didn’t even have time to care about him.

Cardan slightly folded his eyes and smiled deeply.

“As expected, the duke’s eye is excellent. The angel statue has become even more beautiful.”

She bent her back deeply.

“It’s just my little wish to show only beautiful things to His Majesty.”

Cardan even laughed out loud at what was so fun.

“However, there’s a glare elsewhere.”

She understood those short words perfectly.

Holding a handkerchief from the inside of her pocket, she approached the king, who was still fidgeting.

“Excuse me for a moment.”

And politely covered the king’s shining head with a handkerchief.

“It might fall off.”

She stepped down only after meticulously tying a knot under the king’s chin.

The king, whose face turned so red that she was worried that it might burst, clenched his mouth and shook his clenched fist.

She didn’t feel very good either, but it was something she had to do to live.

“Please excuse my rudeness.”

To keep her last conscience, she bowed down and apologized.

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