“Drink, drink,”

When Cardan staggered to his feet, the bottle he was holding tilted dangerously.

Cardan, who had thrown half the wine on the floor, divided the other half fairly into the cups around him.

I could feel the watchful gaze from the next table.


His eyebrows twitched for a moment, but Cardan quickly began to laugh again. Anyone could tell he was drunk.

Then the woman next to him hugged him on his waist.

“You’re so handsome. My ideal type. Who are you and where are you from?”

As she hugged him, Cardan twisted slightly.

“Haha, why don’t you let me go so I can pour you some more wine?”

But contrary to his expectations, the woman got closer to him. The coquettishly bent woman looked up at Cardan.

“Why, it’s good to be like this.”

Cardan looked around with a smile in his eyes. The guests at the next table glanced away.

Soon another woman clung to him.

“Move! I want to sit next to you!”

“You’re so ugly! Move!”

When the fight finally began, Cardan began to be swayed around.

“Stay with me tonight.”

“No, I’ll go first!”

When they began to grab each other’s hair and scratch each other, Cardan tried to calm them down.

“Well, everybody’s got their turn—”

Cardan sighed before finishing the sentence.

Fortunately, the women smiled softly at each other’s hair, as if they had never fought.




Again, in a friendly atmosphere, the women clung to his sides and began to drink.

“What do you do?”

“A ladies man.”

“How did you come here?”

“I’ve been looking for beautiful women all over the country.”

Cardan grinned. Soon his eyes went back to the next table.

“But I’m the kind of person who works for the country.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful.”

Cardan, who removed the hands of the woman who was feeling his chest, pointed to the woman lying on the table.

“There, you.”

Cardan held on to a woman who was drunk and unable to control herself.

“I’ll do it with you today.”

The woman snored a little, but there was no answer.

When I took the woman to the stairs leading to the second floor, the people attached by the Empress Dowager turned away as if there was nothing else to see.

When he got to the room, Cardan threw the heavy woman to the bed and went straight into the bathroom.

Cardan shook his head roughly with one hand.


As he cursed the name a few times, he threw his clothes on the floor.

It was all because of her, Erina, that he’s doing this.

There was no place to treat the wounded in the nearby village, which had been difficult to go to until evening. I had no choice but to treat the wounded knights at the inn as a temporary measure.

As a result, all three rooms in the small inn were occupied by the injured.

“I’m sorry.”

Upon hearing the news, the village elders repeatedly apologized.

It was not very nice to see an old man with gray hair apologizing to me, who is younger that him, but there was no way to stop him.

“If I had known in advance that the duke was coming, I would have prepared it separately, but I am very sorry.”

The elder bent almost in half.

“It’s all right, but please take care of the wounded.”

It’s not like I am going to get sick if I stay at a campsite for another day. I was really fine.

“We’ll camp outside in moderation. Is there a place for the duke to stay?”

When asked by the Knight Commander, who was conscious of me, the elder thoughtfully.


The elder, who spoke with difficulty, looked somewhat uncomfortable.

“There is a good facility, but it is not a good place to serve such a precious person as the Duke.”

However, my ears have already been hooked on the words “facility” and “goodness.”

“Do you have a bed?”

The elder nodded slowly.

“There’s a bathroom?”

The elder nodded again.

“Show me the way.”

I don’t mind camping, but there was no reason to refuse if I could wash in the bathroom and sleep in bed. Just listening to it made me feel as if my fatigue would go away.

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