So clingy.

Chu Shaochen was so clingy.

The powerful, battle-hardened General of the Federation clinging to a little Omega?

It sounds outrageous.

It’s a level that could make the Imperial Star gossip tabloid.

Chi Feng, as an old-fashioned thinking Alpha, frowned at Chi Ning’s clinging, delicate, and weak appearance.

Ye Ru and Chi Yun next to them opened their mouths slightly, and their expressions were not very good-looking.

Chi Mingfang looked even more disgusted.

Only Chi Mingye smiled softly.

“Ning Ning and General have such a good relationship, it seems that we don’t have to worry about you not getting used to leaving home.”

Chi Ning bowed his head in embarrassment, “Eldest brother, don’t make fun of me.”

After saying that, he frowned slightly and said with slight distress, “Actually, I’m also a bit distressed, Top Alpha turned out to be like this. I haven’t even come into contact with them before. Turn out they’re so clingy and possessive, but they’re also dedicated to their partners, they’re simply the perfect partner choice.”

His partner is a top-level Alpha, this must be talked about, and let everyone in the Chi family know.

He, Chi Ning, is now married to Chu Shaochen.

It was also the marriage proposed by Chu Shaochen.

They were all good family members, and he occasionally shares his happiness, so what’s wrong?

No one would mind being jealous.

Ye Ru and Chi Feng looked at each other, Chi Feng was still frowning with discomfort on his face.

On the contrary, it was Ye Ru, with a doting smile, “That’s good, you husband and wife couldn’t be more affectionate.”

“But Ning Ning, you also know that you don’t have pheromones, so the marking will be more difficult. When do you and General plan to adopt a child?”

Chi Ning, who was wondering how she was going to slip up, suddenly froze when he heard the word ‘child.’


Sure enough, there was a trick waiting for him.

The smile froze on his face, Chi Ning stared and said sadly: “Mom, I don’t want other people’s children.”

The implication was that there would be no child by births or adoptions.

Ye Ru frowned, and her smile disappeared instantly, “How can you say such a childish thing? If you don’t want it, General doesn’t want it either?”

“Besides, how can it be someone else’s child? Of course, it’s your own. When your eldest brother gets married and you adopt one of them, it’s still your own family.”

Who is my family?

He really underestimated the thickness of Chi’s family face, which was thicker than the surface of the earth.

As expected of a business family, he has just married Chu Shaochen, and they have already set their mind on Chu Shaochen’s inheritance.

Chi Ning looked disappointed, “I know, I was not good enough when I was a child, I lacked pheromones, and I brought shame on my family. For many years, I have been having trouble sleeping, and eating, but—”

Now everything is fine, as long as he leaves Chi’s house, the world will be better.

He raised his head, his eyes gradually became firm, “General said, I don’t have to have children, if I want, it can only be our children.”

Although his surname is Chi, he already has an Alpha. According to the customs of Imperial Star, he should be from the Chu family.

In terms of closeness, he was relatively close to Chu Shaochen.

Qiao Si, who had just entered the door, came to a halt in the sofa area away from the living room, and his look, which had just recovered, turned complicated once more.

He may have a wrong perception of Chi Ning.

In his non-existent memories, this Young master Chi was quite skillful.

“What happened?”

Until Chu Shaochen’s voice came from his in-ear, he hesitated for a few seconds before replying.

“General, don’t worry, Young master Chi is fine.”

Chu Shaochen stopped to read the latest information, “When is he going to come back?”

He has two pieces of information in his hand, one of which was about the Chi family.

Chi Ning’s father, Chi Feng, was born with a mediocre aptitude and was not liked by Elder Chi, and the two elder brothers above him were also much more powerful than him.

In addition, most of the Alphas in this family were A-level, so the Omega has only one use.


It was to become a tool to enlist power and develop a business territory.

Chi Ning’s experience then has a reasonable explanation.

But this does not justify controlling Chi Ning and softly abusing Chi Ning.

Anyone in Imperial Star is protected by federal law.

Chi’s family’s actions did not cause physical harm but caused emotional and psychological trauma.

His marriage proposal was obviously of enormous profit and no damage to Chi Feng.

Network, resources, status, all at once.

Naturally, it was reasonable to pretend to care about Chi Ning in front of him.

Unfortunately, the infamous Chi family thinks that everyone has lost their memory?

The fact that Chi Ning was left on the island to fend for himself was not widely circulated, but many people knew about it.

Yet, as a low-level Omega, no matter what injustice he faced, he was still a laughingstock in those people’s eyes.

Chu Shaochen’s eyes turned cold, thinking of Chi Ning curled up in the chair last night, his heart seemed to be squeezed.

Qiao Si: “?”

What’s the matter with his merciless, iron-willed boss, who only has Helia and Suzaku in his sights, turning out to be a love brain?

Then what he heard just now was actually a memory of existence?

Chu Shaochen thought that Qiao Si hadn’t heard clearly, so he repeated, “The Chi family is not suitable for him, so find a way to bring him back as soon as possible.”

Qiao Si took a deep breath and accepted this task beyond the field.

“Yes, General.”

As soon as Qiao Si finished speaking, he saw Chi Ning staring straight at him with big characters written in his eyes.

—Take me away quickly.

Chi Ning blinked, silently conveying his thoughts.

As the second-in-command of the strongest General of the Federation, he must understand it!

Qiao Si faced Chi’s family’s eyes, feeling extremely uncomfortable, and said with difficulty, “Young master Chi, General asked when you will go back.”

Before the words landed, Chi Ning stood up.

It was like having a spring on the sofa.

The speed was astonishing.

Chi Ning’s cheeks flushed slightly, and he coughed gently, “Well, it’s all my fault, I had promised General that I would personally care for his injuries till he healed.”

Does Chu Shaochen have mind reading skills?

Knowing that he wanted to go back, he really deserves to be the strongest Alpha.

Ye Ru was slightly taken aback, thinking that Chu Shaochen was so indulgent to Chi Ning, could it be because of the high pheromone matching?

But Chi Ning can’t release pheromone at all now, it should not affect an Alpha.

What the hell is going on?

Chi Ning and Chu Shaochen were two persons who had no interaction at all, and it was hard for them to have any further relationships.

“Well, dad and mum, I’m going back first, and I’ll return when I have a chance.” Chi Ning blinked, “Big brother, second brother, and third sister, I’m leaving.”

This place wasn’t suitable for a long stay, it was better to leave it to those who needed it.

As soon as he stepped out, Chi Mingye stood up, his gentle look was a bit uncomfortable.

“Ning Ning, I’ll see you off.”

The smile on the corner of Chi Ning’s mouth froze, and he quickly recovered, “Okay.”

Qiao Si turned around, pretending not to see the annoyance flashing in Chi Ning’s eyes.

Was this how the business tycoon world was like? You’re playing me, and I’m playing you?

It was so complicated, I couldn’t figure it out.

Chi Ning and Chi Mingye walked side by side. Seeing that Qiao Si was waiting beside the car, he stopped and waited for Chi Mingye to speak.

“You should think carefully about the child. At the very least, you’ll have someone to rely on in the future. Although the General is powerful, swords have no eyes on the battlefield. Once he dies, there is no possibility of survival.”

He actually cursed Chu Shaochen for an accident?

My goodness, the Chi family dares to think about this.

Chi Ning pursed his lips, “Brother, General will be fine.”

The Chi family would be ruined, and Chu Shaochen will be fine.

Chi Mingye looked at the innocent younger brother in front of him, and shook his head, “You, how can we rest assured that you have been so innocent since childhood?”

Chi Ning raised his face and shook his head with tears in his eyes, “Don’t worry, I will be fine.”

“By the way, I saw General gave you the azurite ring on your hand?” Chi Mingye went around and finally got to the point, “The azurite ring in the research institute is currently purchased at a high price, which is inconvenient. The research on your glands would require a significant amount of these material resources; you can ask as to where General obtained the blue crystals in his hands; maybe we can help you recover your glands earlier.”

How shameless!

How can someone turn black and white, turn a deer into a horse, and claim the necessity for a huge number of blue crystals for experiments, then offer patented remedies and claim to be able to recover his gland!

Bah bah bah!

What bad luck! He wanted to step over the brazier when he goes back!

Wait a minute, what experimental project of the Chi family needed blue crystals, and how come he didn’t know?

The new research and development?

Chi Ning suppressed his excitement, nodded, and said: “Okay, eldest brother, you have worked hard on working on my glands for so many years.”

“Just as a family should be.” Chi Mingye was glad to see Chi Ning responding so obediently, “Go back quickly, don’t keep General waiting.”

Oh, oh, this eldest still has two faces.

Chi Ning reluctantly waved his hand, feet like the wind to go to the car, and directly pulled open the door to sit in.

Qiao Si was startled by Chi Ning, “Young master Chi?”

Chi Ning turned on the optical brain and saw a message from a friend who hadn’t seen him for a week.

“Qiao Si, is there a brazier at General’s house?”

Qiao Si: “?”

“What kind of brazier?”

“The brazier that I can step over it.” Chi Ning explained with an innocent face, “It’s like this, Chi’s family Feng Shui is not very good, and every time I go in and out, I have to step over the brazier to get rid of bad luck.”

Qiao Si smiled and tried his best to be a driver, “Okay, I’ll have someone prepare it immediately.”

Chi Ning returned the message with concentration, “Okay, thank you.”

Chi Ning: “Your store was seized?”

Tang Xi: “That’s not the point. The point is that you married General Chu Shaochen? My God, do you know what that means!”

Chi Ning: “It means that I can show off the top Alpha in front of the Chi family, and make them greedy?”

Tang Xi: “Fool, you can escape from Chi’s family house now. although that General is a bit older and maybe still a bad-tempered guy. W hat I said was not entirely accurate. He could have thick hair and a thick neck. His mouth is full with alcohol, and the arm muscles can kill you with a single punch?”

Chi Ning’s eyes widened and his reply stopped.

He felt that he and Tang Xi had some fate.

Otherwise, why would he meet Tang Xi when he went to the underground market for the first time.

It was so graphic.

Tang Xi: “Am I right? My God, you are so pitiful.”

Chi Ning moved his lips, repeatedly typed a sentence, and deleted it.

After a few moments, he sent a photo from the information library and replied with two words.

“Complete nonsense!”

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