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Chi Ning raised his head shyly and looked at Chi Yun, who had a strange expression on her face.

Not willing to give up, right? That’s right.

There’s something else to be jealous of!

His eyes widened slightly, he looked up, his eyelashes fluttered, and he displayed a confused, innocent, and ignorant expression.

Withdrawing from Ye Ru’s arms, Chi Ning straightened his clothes before raising his hand and ruffling the hair that had grown a little longer around his ears.

The Celini worn on the wrist shone brightly in the sun and exuded the smell of money.

Chi Ning practiced the seemingly inadvertent movement several times in the car.

He caught a glimpse of Chi Yun from the corner of his eye, the kind of look that said she was upset but couldn’t kill him—

So pitiful.

Chi Ning raised a cute smile and looked at Qiao Si beside the car, a smile flashing in his eyes.

“I sincerely apologize. Recently, the General insisted that the Imperial Star was not safe and asked Deputy General Qiao to drive me here.”

Qiao Si: “…”

How could he not remember that Chu Shaochen had said such a thing?

Does the young master of the Chi family have too many memories that don’t exist?

However, it was also possible that Chu Shaochen and Chi Ning said in private, after all, Chi Ning did not seem like someone who can fabricate lies.

“You’re welcome, you are General’s Omega, and you are the same as General to us.” Qiao Si recalled how much Chu Shaochen valued Chi Ning, and took another step up, “Young master Chi, do you want to take down those gifts in the car?”

When Chi Ning heard it, he immediately shook his head, and turned to look at Ye Ru and Chi Yun, “How can we bother Deputy General Qiao with such a small matter! Mom, third sister, you also think so, right?”

Ye Ru, immersed in the fact that Chi Ning successfully captured Chu Shaochen, finally came to her senses.

“Ning Ning is right. Mom will let someone come to help here. How can I bother Deputy General Qiao?”

Qiao Si shivered, and a cool breeze blew on the back of his neck.

The Chi family is really evil.

This sudden politeness felt a bit strange.

The servants of the family obeyed Chi Ning’s command and brought down the gifts from the hover car.

It looked like they were all packed in simple gift boxes, but everyone was very careful in their movements, for fear of falling.

Out-of-print wristwatches, century-old paintings, bracelets polished with crystal stones…

Every gift was clearly packaged in a low-key way, but the logo on it makes it hard not to notice.

The expression on Chi Yun’s face completely collapsed when she saw the dress tailor-made by the well-known Imperial Star designer.

Her expression was surprised and happy as if she was about to put on the clothes in the next moment, “Xiao Ning, is this dress really made by Ms. Xuanyu?”

Chi Ning was so confused that he didn’t even know which box Chi Yun was talking about.

Chu Shaochen asked Voss to prepare these gifts when he was changing clothes, and Qiao Si didn’t tell him until he got in the car.

If he had known in advance, these things would not have appeared in Chi’s family house.

Was the Chi family worthy of it? It’s almost the same with a few charities.

Even if it was donated to charity, it will not be given to the Chi family.

When good things were given to Chi’s family, it was like throwing away fine bran to feed pigs.

He stepped forward, “Third sister, which one are you talking about?”

He frowned pretending to be distressed, “General said that these are just heartfelt gifts that are more of goodwill than personable.”

No way, Chu Shaochen is simply a mode Alpha.

Not only did he keep male virtue, but he was also generous.

Chi Yun swallowed the swear words that almost blurted out, and said with a smile: “Xiao Ning, General treats you so well, you are so lucky.”

Chi Ning Omega smiled shyly, “Well, General is very nice, he told me a lot about his time in the military academy, we both—”

His pupils dilated, he lowered his gaze, his ears turned reddish, and he hesitated, “Anyway, he is really good to me, you don’t have to worry, that’s my home.”

It was more like a normal home than Chi’s family home.

Nobody will be deceived by you.

Chi Mingfang walked into the living room and snorted coldly as he remembered the face-to-face insult.

Isn’t it just marrying a top Alpha, what’s the big deal?

Look at his mother, who has always had her eyes above her head, and his domineering and arrogant sister; the adoration was written all over their faces.

Chi Feng, dressed in a suit, stood at the door with a solemn expression, “Why did you stand at the door, let’s go in and talk.”

It’s outrageous that a piece of trash can attract Chu Shaochen.

What type of pot should go with what type of lid? Alpha, who was born in a slum, really cannot eat good food.

Chi Ning was slightly startled when he saw Chi Feng’s back, his face was disappointed, and he lowered his head.

He quickly wrote down a note for Chi Feng in his heart.

On June 12th, on a sunny day, Chi Feng scolded Chu Shaochen.

His elder brother Chi Mingye came over, always personable and friendly, stretched out his hand to stroke his hair, “Don’t be sad, Dad has always been like this, it’s not against you.”

Chi Ning Omega’s shoulders trembled and he lifted his head with a sniffle.

“Eldest brother, does dad hate the idea of me being together with the General? Is General being nice to me bothering our dad?”

“How come? General loves and cherishes you, our whole family is very happy.” Chi Mingye put down his hand and glanced at the blue crystal ring on Chi Ning’s ring finger.

The blue crystal is the most precious of all the rare crystals in the Imperial Star.

Not only is the price expensive, but there was no market for it.

Chu Shaochen was too generous to put a blue crystal the size of a baby’s pinky finger on Chi Ning’s hand.

“Eldest Brother?”

Chi Ning shouted timidly, “I won’t be like this in the future.”

Of course, it will not be the same as this time. He will become more aggressive and let Chu Shaochen come along.

Is there any crystal or gift that can be more glamorous than bringing a top Alpha out shopping with you?

“What do you mean?”

“If I come back in the future, I will still dress the same as before, so that both mom and dad will be happy.”

Chi Ning couldn’t hide the grievance in his tone, he raised his eyes and looked aside at Qiao Si, “Deputy General Qiao, I’m sorry to trouble you, I will call a car to go back by myself later.”

Qiao Si glanced at Chi Mingye, “No, the General has already instructed to make sure that Young Master Chi arrived home.”

Qiao Si, who has been following Chu Shaochen for nearly five years, does not know how to control the ruthlessness in his body, and his face was tense at this moment that no one dared to approach him.

Chi Ning’s eyes flashed with surprise, and then secret admiration.

He was indeed worthy of being Chu Shaochen’s left and right hands, as he knows everything.

“Alright then.” Chi Ning reluctantly accepted, and then followed Chi Mingye into the living room.

Chi Feng and his wife, as well as Chi Mingfang and Chi Yun, were sitting in the living room.

When Ye Ru saw him, she waved and said, “Xiao Bao, come and sit by Mommy’s side.”

Chi Ning almost stopped abruptly, and his expression was on edge. Fortunately, with his many years of survival experience, he maintained his composure and walked to Ye Ru, and sat down next to Ye Ru without hesitation.

As soon as he sat down, he caught a glimpse of Chi Feng’s hesitant expression, and Chi Ning suddenly realized.

Chi Feng put down his glass and looked at him.

Chi Ning suppressed his excitement, waiting for Chi Feng to speak.

Here it comes, the good show begins.

“You and General have been matched and registered as partners under federal law.” Chi Feng said coldly: “But you have to remember that you are a child of the Chi family, and this is your home.”

“Xiao Bao just came back, what are you talking about, our Xiao Bao is the most obedient, and he must know who is really good to him,” Ye Ru next to him retorted.

The glamorous and charming face showed a kindness that had never been seen before, “Xiao Bao, is what mom said right?”

Chi Ning’s eyes were slightly startled as if he was taken away by Ye Ru’s words.

So warm and comfortable.

It’s like returning to the hotbed at the beginning of life.

Chi Mingye’s voice was gentle, “Xiao Ning, this is your home. Remember to come back often in the future, send more messages, and tell us what you are doing, so that we know if you are bullied.”

His eyes lost focus, confused and empty.

Everyone was stunned until the optical brain’s prompt sounded suddenly.

Chi Ning felt as if he was just woken up from a dream and suddenly didn’t realize what he had just experienced. Seeing that it was Chu Shaochen’s call invitation, he immediately connected.

Chu Shaochen, who was sitting on the head of the bed dealing with things, asked without raising his head, “When are you coming back?”

Chi Ning looked into the eyes of everyone in the Chi family, lowered his head, and smiled, “Do you miss me?”

Chu Shaochen received a message from Qiao Si who suspected that Chi’s family was giving Chi Ning a hard time: “…”

Putting down the pen in his hand, “What are you doing?”

Chi Ning Omega continued: “I’ll be back soon, don’t miss me too much.”

Chu Shaochen raised his eyebrows, “Miss you?”

The two words were spoken lightly, yet they seemed to carry unconscious teasing and curiosity.

“Okay, I miss you too, see you later.”

Chi Ning finished speaking quickly and hung up the optical brain.

Chu Shaochen: “…”

What little game is his Omega playing?

Chi Ning raised his head and explained to the stunned Chi family: “He is too clingy.”

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