T/W: Mention of sexual/assault

After drinking the medicine, Chu Shaochen quickly fell asleep.

Chi Ning dutifully stayed by his side. He left for dinner and came back. Chu Shaochen didn’t even wake up, and he didn’t even turn over.

At eleven o’clock in the middle of the night, there was a light knock on the door.

When Chi Ning heard that, he put down the book he was holding, and went over to open the door. To no one’s surprise, Voss was standing there holding a blanket that had a sweet smell.

He looked at Voss puzzled, “What is this blanket for?”

Voss looked inside to make sure he hadn’t woken Chu Shaochen and then explained in a softer voice, ” Young master Chi, the blanket is for you.”

Chi Ning subconsciously refused, “No need, the bed is so big, I can just squeeze in.”

Voss was shocked, “This—”

General is still injured, so it’s not possible, right?

Seeing the disbelief on Voss’ expression, Chi Ning reacted and quickly took the blanket, “I mean, there are so many quilts in the room, I can just use one of them.”

The smell on the blanket was very good, he didn’t know what cleaning product was used.

He didn’t expect Chu Shaochen’s household items to actually smell so fresh and strangely girly.

“But the quilt is too heavy, a blanket is better, please.”

Voss nodded as his expression returned to normal, and asked again: “Young master Chi, do you really not want me to watch the night?”

“No, no, I’m worried about General. I have to take care of him personally. It’s dishonest to change someone while he’s asleep.”

Even if you come out to hang out, you still have to be faithful.

It was rare to have an Alpha like Chu Shaochen, he has to cherish this fake marriage.

The marriage between the families of Imperial Star can’t be more normal. It has formed its own circle. Hundreds of years ago, we can probably count the family relationship.

But there were not many people with a sense of morality. Although many marriages appear to be perfect, they are often messy, and many couples like playing exciting games.

When he was a freshman, there was a very bad abuse incident in their school, and the object of the abuse was an Omega.

Although the school he attended was the best private school in Imperial Star, most of them were from the same circle.

However, in order to gain a good reputation, the school will admit a dozen students with good grades and ordinary family backgrounds every year, in the name of fair education.

There were 300 students in each class in the school, and the proportion of more than a dozen does not affect anything at all, and it will not even help much in future employment.

But there were still student unions.

That incident happened shortly after he enrolled in his freshman year. An Omega in his third year was thrown in the mountains behind the dormitory area and ran down crazily.

Unclothed and with almost completely damaged glands, there were signs of bondage, whipping, and sexual/assault.

The police station quickly intervened in the investigation, but it seemed that there was no result afterward.

“Young master Chi?”

Voss called out, “You can always call me if you need anything.”

When Chi Ning came back to his senses, he hugged the blanket and waved his hands, “Mr. Voss, you go and rest, I will take some time to look after him, and I won’t exhaust myself.”

Voss felt Chi Ning’s firmness and was moved by him again.

Even though they have only been married for a short while, it is heartwarming to see how well they are willing to care for them.

“Then I’m going down.”

“Okay, Mr. Voss good night.”

When Voss finally left, Chi Ning shut the door, went back to bed with a blanket in his arms, took off his shoes, and cuddled up in the chair.

Covering his body tightly with a blanket, he read carefully with a book in his hand and glanced at the sleeping Chu Shaochen from time to time.

It seemed that Chu Shaochen is a very good person.

Looking at the Imperial Star, or even the entire Federation, there shouldn’t be an Alpha more suitable for him than Chu Shaochen.

The estrus period lasts for a long time and has strong self-control ability. He will not discriminate against him for not having pheromones and is willing to cooperate with him to act in front of Chi’s family.

The room is clean and tidy, and there seem to be no bad habits.

Most importantly, he is handsome and has a high status, making him a perfect partner.

So, what else does he want?

Perhaps personal starship.

His eyes moved away from Chu Shaochen’s face and returned to the book.

The book cover reads ‘Different Social Habits of Alpha and Omega,’ a common professional book on sociology.

Chi Ning turned a page, his expression gradually became tense.

It was so exciting to prove himself and fly a starship by himself on a mission to sneak into the opposing camp and capture their general.

So much fun.

Although the plot is extremely thrilling, at the end the protagonist proves himself by virtue of his own strength.

Chi Ning looked at the novel disguised with a fake book cover with great interest and became more curious about the author.

This kind of reading material is not allowed to be sold publicly, so he bought it back from a classmate at a high price, and he didn’t know who wrote it.

On the final page, the main character finds love and is cleansed of his crimes.

An Omega from a troubled family who went undercover and enrolled in a military academy eventually became a soldier alongside the Alpha.

His lover is his former teacher and his senior.

Chi Ning raised his eyes and looked at the faintly swaying curtains. The bright moonlight shone through the window and dropped to the floor.

He blinked lightly, closed the book in his hand, and leaned back against the back of his chair with peace of mind.

He yawned and stretched his back.

He inadvertently glanced at Chu Shaochen, but instead, he was met with a set of dark eyes that seemed like falcons in the night.

Chi Ning suddenly froze, then subconsciously fell backward, and tumbled the chair with him, falling on the thick carpet.

Sitting on the floor with the blanket on top of him, it was dark in front of him.

He grabbed the blanket on his head and looked up at Chu Shaochen, who had a complicated expression on the bed.

“General, why are you awake?”

He almost died on the spot because he wasn’t saying a word.

Chi Ning blinked and, with a serene expression on his face, calmly rose from the floor, sitting on the edge of the bed and holding out his hand before Chu Shaochen could respond.

Chu Shaochen froze but recovered quickly.

The sharpness and defensiveness in his eyes withdrew, leaving only a good leisurely expectation.

He felt that Chi Ning was a person full of surprises and seemed to always bring him unexpected feelings.

The slightly cool palm was pressed against the forehead, like a piece of glistening jade.

It was pleasant and comfortable.

“Hmm, the temperature is normal, no fever.”

Chi Ning withdrew his hand and smiled, “Doctor Bai has explained that the injured may have a high fever at night, so I stayed with General. It seems that General’s physical fitness is really good now.”

He didn’t remember what Bai Chen had said, but that’s what was written in the book just now.

The powerful Alpha got hurt while protecting the protagonist. After the wound was bandaged, he developed a high fever at night. The two hid in the abandoned factory. The pheromones that were released were intertwined and quietly comforting.

In the dark and silent night, the Omega surrendered himself.

He doesn’t have pheromones, so he won’t be able to appease him.

But he had a mouth and hands, so he could see if he had a fever.

It’s too old-fashioned to sacrifice his life to save Alpha. Medicine is so advanced now that he can call a medical team with just one phone call.

Chu Shaochen’s eyes moved from Chi Ning’s face to his hands.

The hands resting on the dark sheets looked very white and delicate, with no signs of beatings from society.

So different from his callused hands

It’s the evidence left of the year-round use of weaponry, starships, and mechas.


Chi Ning called softly, “What happened to you?”

Unable to control his feelings, Chu Shaochen lowered his eyes and said with a hoarse voice, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Chi Ning shook his head, “It’s not hard, it’s worth it for General’s health.”

How can the Federation’s top Alpha fall down?

At least he shouldn’t fall in front of those crappy old men. Good people should live a long life.

Chu Shaochen stopped breathing for a second and quickly recovered from Chi Ning’s words.

“Worth it?”


When Chu Shaochen closed his eyes, a number of memories that he should have long since forgotten raced through his normally calm mind.

“Chi Ning, why do you think it’s worth it?”

He asked Chi Ning as if he was asking himself.

Chi Ning wondered why the Chu Shaochen at this moment was not quite the same as before.

He looked lonely, very lonely.

He seemed to be a lone star without a star trail or constellation in the vast universe.

“No reason, because—”

Chi Ning paused, thinking seriously before saying, “It’s just that I think General is worth it, isn’t that enough?”

Chu Shaochen opened his eyes suddenly, those gray pupils seemed to see through Chi Ning’s soul.

There was a sweet smell in the air that didn’t belong to his pheromones, faintly mixed into the realm of the blue ice cypress.

After some time, Chu Shaochen uttered the following: “Then you must remember today’s remarks.”

Chi Ning gulped uneasily, caught a glimpse of the book next to the bed out of the corner of his eye, and slowly leaned over to close the book with one hand.

It was so dangerous that his identity as a top student was almost exposed.

He slowly pushed the book with his fingertips, a little more, and it will be able to return to its place in no time.

Chu Shaochen raised his eyebrows and glanced in the direction of the bedside table, “Your university major is sociology?”

Chi Ning: “…”

He came close to opening the book as his fingertips shook.

A small smile appeared on his face as he carefully placed the book on his knees.

He looked up at Chu Shaochen, “No, it’s just a hobby after school.”

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