Chi Ning’s eyes were still red, but his eyes were filled with excitement, and he nodded.


Before Chu Shaochen could speak, he said, “General, I’m really worried about you. It seems that there is a crisis of trust between the Federal Committee and you.”

Judging from the results, Chu Shaochen was the victim.

The disappearance of Cumulus 1 has been widely spread in Imperial Star, and because no wreckage has been discovered, it’s possible that the crew members are still alive.

But because of this, Chu Shaochen became the object of suspicion.

Because the military cadets on Cumulus 1 belong to Chu Shaochen.

But he didn’t understand, even if the four cadets in Cumulus One were suspected of betraying the Federation, what did it have to do with Chu Shaochen?

Chu Shaochen was the least likely person to betray the Federation, let alone associate with interstellar bandits.

“It’s normal.”

He understood the federal government’s approach of being suspicious of things and people beyond their control.

But he couldn’t help but agree.

The injury on the left shoulder was hurting again, he looked at Chi Ning, “When I recover from the injury, I’ll take you to the Helia to have a look.”


That is the strongest starship of the Federation, and—

Chi Ning widened his eyes and became curious, “You mean the Mothership Helia?”

“Yes.” Chu Shaochen nodded, “It was sent back to the base after a routine inspection a while ago.”

“Can I go up?”

“Why not? You have to remember, you are no longer just the young master of the Chi family, but also my Omega.”

Chu Shaochen’s eyes were serious, “No matter where you go, you will enjoy the same treatment as me, and you don’t have to be uncomfortable because of the preferential treatment. I traded all of this back on the battlefield.”

As the General of the armada, he sacrificed himself for peace, so why can’t he receive preferential treatment?

The reasonable tone made Chi Ning feel unprecedented anticipation, “Then you have to take good care of your wounds and don’t get hurt again.”

Chi Ning stood up and supported Chu Shaochen’s arm, “Does your wound still hurt? Doctor Bai said that it is easier to recover when resting in bed.”

But within a day, Chu Shaochen repeatedly went up and down because of him.

He felt guilty, “General, leave the next few days to me, and I will make you recover as soon as possible.”

Chu Shaochen turned his head to look at him, with a faint smile on his face, and deliberately asked, “Then how will you take care of me?”

Such a serious look, just as cute as when he was a child.

He should have brought Chi Ning with him two years earlier. He shouldn’t have made him suffer so much because he was worried that Chi Ning would not accept it.

But it’s not too late now. Compared with two years ago, he has a solid foundation and can protect Chi Ning better.

How to take care of him?

Chi Ning was stopped by the question.

He has never taken care of anyone. In order to pay his living expenses, he works part-time in a starship model shop, which is very popular for publishing the 100% restored model of the starship.

He is very good at taking care of the starships models.

People should be similar, right?

“I’ll help you in changing, and I’ll be with you all day and night.” Chi Ning gave it some serious thinking before saying, “You don’t even need to take care of yourself while you eat,” as he approached the bedroom door.

Chu Shaochen almost tripped when Chi Ning said that, which caused him to look at Chi Ning with complicated and distressed expressions.

Due to his gland issue, the young master, who was supposed to be pampered, suffered injustice and had to endure humiliation and stare at others in order to survive.

He had no idea how Chi Ning managed to grow up with such a good personality and such a loving heart.


“No, you need to.”

Chu Shaochen, who was forced to become a seriously injured patient, lay down on the bed with the quilt drawn up to his chest and even the pillows adjusted.

He turned his face to look at Chi Ning beside the bed, seeing Chi Ning staring at him for a moment, he smiled and asked, “Aren’t you bored?”

Chi Ning shook his head, “No, I think it’s good to sit like this.”

“Besides, you are a patient and need someone to take care of you. Optical brains and terminals can’t replace people.”

He is so smart, how could a small optical brain and terminal be able to replace him.

That doesn’t make his existence worthless.

At that word, Chu Shaochen responded, sudden fatigue made him sleepy, and his eyelids began to twitch up and down.

From the beginning of the mission to the present, he has closed his eyes for less than four hours, and if his body feels tired, it means that he has reached his limit and gives a warning.

Chi Ning sat on a chair and looked at the famous general up close with his cheeks on his hands.

What a messy day.

From last night to now, it has been a mess.

What happened one after another was more ups and downs than in the books he read.

He didn’t expect that Chi’s family was so thick-skinned, they were just married anyway, and when they heard the news that he was critically ill, they had such a stinking face that they rushed to the funeral, they were really—

So shameless.

He merely needs to get used to the federal government, the ruler of the shameless world.

“Knock knock.”

When there was a knock at the door, Chi Ning came back to his senses, looked over at Chu Shaochen, who was about to fall asleep, got to his feet, and moved in the direction of the door.

He gently opened the door and saw Voss standing there with a bowl of medicine.

“Is this medicine for the general?”

“Yes, Young master Chi.”

Voss was full of admiration for Chi Ning, he knew that Chu Shaochen finally got an Omega who was good enough to stand side by side with him.

Even if the world doesn’t understand, even if there will be no heirs, even if he can’t be marked, this Omega in front of him is the most suitable partner for Chu Shaochen.

Voss straightened his back, held the medicine in one hand, and raised the other hand, with the palm facing inward, and placed it above his heart.

“Young master Chi, I leave General in your care.”

This is the highest courtesy of the Imperial Star to show admiration to others.

Chi Ning was stunned, not knowing why, but was infected by Voss’ mood, and his expression became solemn. He took the medicine bowl and answered solemnly.

“Please rest assured, I will definitely take good care of the General, even if I have to give everything I have, I will not let the General return to his previous situation.”

The previous situation of being deceived by those crappy old men of the federal government.

Bullying young people, right?

Then he will fight evil with evil and see who has better acting skills.

Voss felt that Chi Ning seemed to have misunderstood something.

Just as he was about to explain, Chi Ning nodded to him and returned to the bedside with the medicine.

Voss stood at the door frozen, unable to speak until he observed Chi Ning set down the medicine bowl, then gently awaken Chu Shaochen, and fed the medicine to his mouth himself.

The expression on his face changed from puzzlement to sudden realization, and Voss gently closed the door.

A gardener passed by and looked at Voss puzzledly, “Mr. Voss, what’s wrong with you?”

Voss shook his head and returned to his serious and staid look, “I’m just happy for the general, he finally found his own sun.”


The gardener smiled, “That’s great.”

The sun in Imperial Star is a symbol of light, representing the purest and most intense feelings.

In the room, Chi Ning held the medicine bowl, and carefully handed the spoon to Chu Shaochen’s lips, “Will it be hot?”

That previous cup of tea was hot.

Chu Shaochen hesitated, opened his mouth tentatively, and drank the whole spoonful after confirming that the temperature was normal.

Much better than that cup of tea in the morning.

Seeing that Chu Shaochen drank the medicine, Chi Ning was satisfied and recognized the effect of taking care of the patients.

Taking care of the sick is just a small problem.

It’s all up to him.

“Take another sip, and then go to sleep after drinking. I’ll be by your side to watch over you.”

Chu Shaochen’s gaze on Chi Ning’s face gradually darkened, like an endless black sea in the universe with no end in sight.

The lingering eyes conceal the softness hidden in the deepest part.

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