[All the beasts recorded 100% tamed!]

[Talent 〈The beast trainer who tames any life〉 will be upgraded!]

[Leveling up]……… [Successfully leveled up!]

[Current rating: C]

[50 Fate energy will be given as a reward]

[Skill “Check out detailed information about the skill 〈Care for the Tamed Life〉]

‘It’s crazy.’

Two talents have been automatically leveled up.

It wasn’t just that.

– I’m sorry I didn’t tell you the truth last time.

– Our king awakened his power, so the scope allowed by the law of causality has expanded a little.

– I’ll tell you everything we know within the limits allowed by causality.

The beast chimeras offered to tell me everything they knew about the Hope of the Poor.

“Elizabeth, who appeared in the Hope of the Poor, tried to make a sacrifice. The director seemed to know about the plan, and what was their purpose?”

– I can’t say it.

“Then as a sacrifice…Why was ……… chosen?”

She deliberately did not mention Leonhardt’s name because he was listening right next to her.

But the beast chimeras seemed to understand who I was talking about.

Because their faces are horribly distorted.

-………… I’m sorry. It can’t be said either.

“Then what can you tell me?”

– The woman who has often visited the Hope of the Poor.

“Are you talking about Elizabeth?”

The beast chimera nodded.

– She seems to light candles often. I remember it because it has a unique scent.

“A candle?”

It was unique.

In the Empire, candles were rarely used because they usually light mana stones.

‘If I trace the whereabouts of that candle, I’ll get information about where Elizabeth belongs.’

At last I have a clue.

‘But it’s that, and it’s this.’

The day of the Rose Harmony Research Presentation and Launch Conference is approaching.

It was fortunate that Leonhardt was able to awaken his power and talk to the beast chimeras.

I was worried that there was no one to take care of the beast chimeras, but Leonhardt decided to take the job.

They were tearful

“Hart, are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m so happy that I am able to help you. Please focus on your work! I will play well with my friends.”

I must have been cheered by Leonhardt, because I was busy speeding up my business again.

〈Lady Roselina. I purchased the building at the designated place. We don’t have much time left to prepare for the opening, so cheer up!


When I received a letter from Morris, I wrote back.

〈Good job. You still don’t know where the Master is?

– Roselina〉

I was talking to Morris about business these days.

The last time I went to Hennes, Master wasn’t around, and only Morris showed with an embarrassed face.

“Huh? Morris, where is Master?”

It was strange that Master, who was always sitting in the same seat, was nowhere in sight.

“The Master is gone. But don’t worry too much. It happens often.”

“What? Master’s gone? Are you saying he’s missing?”

For that, the guild’s atmosphere was too peaceful.

“The master goes to find the item by himself whenever he gets information about a purification item. The Master is the strongest and fastest in the guild, so that’s a shortcut.”

“I see.”

“Don’t worry about the Rose of Harmony business. The master left it to me. He also left a message that he would be back soon.”

“Yes, I see.”

I didn’t say much to Morris, but I was a little disappointed.

‘It’s best to discuss it with the Master.’

Morris wasn’t a bad partner to talk business with, but Master is better.

At this point, someone might ask me.

Now that you’ve found the million gold check, don’t you think you don’t have to make money now?

Isn’t it time to focus on divorce?

‘No, that’s why I need more money.’

The Argention I saw last time was not the Argention I knew.

‘Something was off.’

I got the impression that he wanted to avoid divorcing me.

‘Maybe… …he really has a crush on me.’

The Ropan formula states that a male character falls in love after seeing the changed heroine. It may have been applied to him.

‘I’m not going to stay still either. I can’t deal with it myself, so I’ll hire a lawyer. ‘

I am going to have the best lawyer.

Not long ago, I couldn’t even think of a lawyer because of the cost issue, but now it was different.

‘To do that, I must succeed in my business.’

And there was a bigger reason than that.

The great thing was that the Rose of Harmony could cure the curse of roses.

‘I’m so sick and tired of taking medicine every morning.’

As soon as I woke up, I had to take a handful of medicine to suppress the symptoms of the rose’s curse.

Although the curse symptom improved a lot due to the effect of Rose of Harmony, it was not completely cured yet and had to be taken at the same time.

“It’s really not tasty.”

Taking medicine did not mean that I was completely free from the curse symptoms of roses.

I always had to live with care.

The interior of the mansion was decent. Because my father and I didn’t put roses at all because of the curse symptoms of roses.

But every time I tried to go out, the symptoms went crazy.

“Roselina! Did you take your medicine?”

“Lady Roselina. Take your medicine with you in case you suddenly develop symptoms.”

“You have to take more medicine today.”

Every maid I encountered asked me if I had taken medicine.

I’m grateful for them for taking care of me, but I was so tired of taking medicine for a day or two.

And I’m human too………….

Sometimes letters arrived at the mansion.

It was a letter written and sent by people whom I didn’t even know who it was.

〈Hello. I heard that Duchess Palesdon made something to cure the curse symptoms of roses. If that’s the case, I can go out freely someday, right? I wept when I heard the news〉

〈I’m only waiting for the day when Duchess Palesdon succeeds. I don’t know if I can be of any help, but I want to cheer you on.〉

〈The Duchess of Palesdon is my hope!〉

〈Hello. I am writing a letter with shame. I heard about the Rose of Harmony that relieves the curse symptoms of roses.

My baby, who was born not long ago, had symptoms of rose curse. My baby has been staying at home since he almost died as soon as he was born. My wife and I quit everything that day

I’m only focusing on nursing. I hope the Duchess succeeds.〉

〈If my baby can be cured thanks to the Duchess, I will pledge allegiance to you. My wife feels the same way as I do.〉

〈My late mother loved roses so much. But I couldn’t give my mother a rose because my curse of the rose was so severe. That’s so heartbreaking. My arm was paralyzed for six months after touching it once.

Since then, I’ve given up everything.

But when I heard about the Duchess, I had hope. Will the day come when I will give a bouquet of roses to my mother’s tombstone?〉

It wasn’t just my problem.

Too many people were suffering from the curse of roses.

The same was true of Count Maria, whom I became close to.

I still remembered the moment she ran at her peril and told me the healing effects of Rose of Harmony.

“Roselina changed my life. Thanks to Roselina, I have the courage to go outside.”

As soon as I saw Countess Maria holding my hand tightly, something went up in my mind.

At first, I thought the curse of roses was a funny and childish setting, but not now.

‘Rather, it became a wall that I had to overcome.’

At that moment, a notification came to mind.

[Reveal the secret behind the curse of roses] (1)

The coveted roses break people’s hearts endlessly.

The people of the Sylvester Empire have also lived with enthusiasm for roses.

So for them, why did the curse of roses happen?

I can’t believe that getting close to a rose hurts your body, and if it’s severe, you can die. Doesn’t it look like roses are rejecting people?

Everything has its cause and effect.

There must be a cause for the curse of roses. Find out the cause!

– Conditions: Find out the conditions for the curse of roses

– Reward: 50 Fate energy]

I felt like there were a lot of quests to find out secrets these days.

I accepted the quest.


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