“I won’t quit.”

Someone lightly asked Felix, who was gritting his teeth.

“Then what are you going to do?”

“What do you mean…! I’m going to ruin her life.…”

Felix, who was talking, felt uncomfortable and stopped.

In his days of being the crown prince, maids followed him wherever he went. So he answered naturally.

‘I came out alone today.’

He was angry, but now there’s no servant who’s been chasing and caring for him.

Felix asked, clutching the sword he had hidden in his arms.

“Who are you?”

“Me? Someone who will ruin your life.”

Damn it.

Felix swallowed the curse into his mouth and pulled out the sword.

Felix was a pretty good swordsman.

There was no knight who could follow his sword at the palace.

Felix, however, has overlooked something.

Since he was a crown prince in the palace, no knight ever truly laid a sword against him.

Not knowing that, Felix proudly swung the sword.

His confidence grew when the first attack worked well.

‘All right, this is it. I’ll take care of you like this…………!’

But after a while, he collapsed on the cold road.

“That’s a pathetic skill.”

Felix was humiliated even between his fading consciousness.

‘No, this isn’t my true skill!’

But he just lost his consciousness.


❬We are closed today.❭

Having put a notice on the doorstep, I returned to Rose House.

Antonia and the other maids and Leonhardt were waiting for me with their eyes shining.

“It was a great success today! I hope you finish your research presentation without any problems!”

“Congratulations today! Lady Roselina will continue to be successful like this!”

“It was an honor to help you!”

I laughed awkwardly.

“Thanks for your help. Let’s hurry up and clean up and go in. I’ll give a big reward for your hard work today.”

“Yes! Good!”

The maids grinned and began to clean up the house.

I also participated in cleaning up the mess, and Leonhardt appeared with a broom.

Then he started sweeping the floor without any time to rest.

“Hart. You helped me promote today, so take a rest now. I’ll be sorry if I make you clean up as a kid.”

“No, I will do anything if I can help you!”

Leonhardt cleaned up hard, regardless.

The floor glistened wherever he passed by.

“You’re so good at cleaning.…………”

Leonhardt’s cleaning skills showed how hard his life had been.

I want to make him quit because I was heartbroken, but Leonhardt was too enthusiastic.

Leonhardt, who was busy cleaning, ran to the entrance.

“Huh? Are you a customer? We’re closed for today.”

“I’m not here as a customer.”

I jumped up from my seat when I heard the man’s voice.


“Roselina. How have you been?”

“I’ve been well. What happened? Did it go well?”

“Yes, thanks for your concern.”

The gently smiling master pulled something out of his arms.

“It’s a souvenir.”

“What’s this?”

I paused when I opened the small box.

Some pretty candles were wrapped.

‘If it’s a candle……’

Elizabeth, who has been in and out of the Hope of the Poor, had a unique scent of candles.

The quest to look for it was scheduled to begin in earnest after I completed the Rose Harmony Research Presentation.

“It’s a local specialty I’ve got from the place I’ve been to. Don’t you like it?”

“No, thank you.”

Once I finished packing the box, I told the master.

“I wish you had come a little earlier. The response was good today.”

“That’s right! People were so happy!”

“I’m sorry. I was going to come earlier, but I had to deal with some bugs. By the way, this is…………”

The Master’s eyes were on Leonhardt.

“It’s Leonhardt. I found my lost brother a while ago. Hart. This is Sister’s business partner.”

“Hello. It’s a great pleasure to meet you.”

“Hello! I’m Hart!”

After the greeting, we sat around the table.

Antonia just happened to serve some refreshments.

“Master. I heard you left because you needed something. Did you get it?”

“Oh, yes.”

But somehow, the Master’s answer was not good.

“What is it?”

Argention’s eyes shook when he heard Roselina’s question.

He didn’t leave to get anything.

Argention visited the priest who had made a prophecy for him a long time ago.

He heard that the priest, who was quite old, returned to his hometown in the south.

“No imprint is born on this land for the young Palesdon.”

Argention constantly reflected on the prophecy as he headed south.

He has lived his life believing in the prophecy.

For the people of the Sylvester Empire, as well as the Argention, the prophecy was absolute.

Those who did not believe in God’s word were even imprisoned.

But recently, something happened that shook his faith.

The epicenter was Roselina.

Being with Roselina or having the stuff she gave him eased his insanity.

And he always thought of Roselina.

‘The important thing here was the ‘act of thinking’.’

His madness grew worse day by day. As time went by, Argention lost his feelings as a human being.

Of course, I didn’t care about or think about others.

When Argention thought of Roselina, his madness had changed.

And all this…… It was the reaction of Palesdon to their imprint.

However, it was difficult to say that Argention imprinted on Roselina.

First of all, it was against the prophecy.

In particular, the priest who gave the prophecy to Argention was the priest who gave the prophecy to Palesdon for generations.

The priest’s prediction was always right.

Argention’s father, as well as former head of the family, was able to quickly find their imprints thanks to the priest.

‘It doesn’t make sense if the prophecy is wrong.’

The imprint is made the moment a Palesdon first meets their imprint.

HIs first meeting with Roselina that Argention remembers was when Roselina prepared his own funeral.

‘Although I slept well because of Roselina.’

It was an ambiguous phenomenon to say that the imprint occurred.’

He heard that imprinting feels like you’re reborn, but it wasn’t to that extent.

‘So what the hell is it?’

His situation was summarized as follows.

1. Argention did not imprint on Roselina.

2. However, he showed the same symptoms as being imprinted.

The coexistence of the two contradictory phenomena caused the Argention to be confused.

As he drove his horse in a hurry, he arrived at the village where the priest lived.

He tied a horse to the entrance of the village and went out to find the house of the priest.

“I came to find the priest’s house.”

“The priest spends most of the day in nature. He must have climbed the mountain again today.”

After listening to the villagers, Argention’s forehead narrowed.

‘The old man is bothering me until the end.’

Eventually, however, Argention climbed the mountain.

He was able to meet him only when he arrived at the top because the priest, who was said to have retired due to old age, is still quite strong.

“Are you here?”

The priest was not surprised, as if he knew that Argention would come.

“What the hell is it? The prophecy you made in the past–”

“You’ve become very impatient since the last time I’ve seen you. Follow me.”

The priest, who stopped Argention’s words, went out of the way.

Inevitably, Argention had to follow him.

He thought the road was over, but as the priest turned and entered, the endless road continued.

Argention, who had been following him for a long time without saying anything, eventually stopped and asked.

“…what is it?”

“I’ll give you an answer when I get there.”

“There’s no time to waste. Let me know right now.”

“There is a time for everything.”

And the priest left again.

“This old man is so damn energetic.”

“Isn’t it you who came to spend time with this damn old man?”

“Don’t hate me too much. Because I like you.”

After a while, they finally arrived at a small temple that seemed to have been abandoned a long time ago.

“Come inside.”

Contrary to the exterior, the interior was cleaner than he thought.

It seemed that the new officer managed it carefully.

“Sit here. I’ll be right back.”

“I don’t have time for tea or anything. I’m here, so please let me know quickly.”

“Why? Do you want to go back to Roselina as soon as possible?””

Argention’s face stiffened coldly.

In an instant, he drew his sword and put it on the priest’s neck.

“I must have touched your wrath.”

“If you want to keep your life even if it’s not long, you’ll have to watch your mouth.”

“Do I look like I have lingering feelings in my life?”

The priest burst out laughing.

“That’s right. There’s just too much left over.”


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