14. To the heart

I was playing with the beast chimeras again today.

– Give me a lot of food! The meat you gave me last time is good!

– Play with me, too. Why are you only playing with him?

– Hehe. Don’t you get it? It’s because I’m prettier!

The wild beast chimeras were not as dignified as they seemed.

They eat a huge amount of food every day, but they still go crazy asking for more.

“Ugh, these pigs.”

I murmured softly, and as if they understood me again, the beast chimeras were furious.

– Pig! I’m a great tiger

– I’m better! I’m a lion!

– Are you guys talking about greatness without me?

I had a headache as they fought against each other.

‘If I knew this would happen, I shouldn’t have used my skills…….’

So the beginning of this tragedy goes back to a few days ago.

[Do you want to use the skill 〈Communicate with the beast〉?]

“Yes, I’ll use it!”

I was full of ambition to communicate with the beast chimeras and uncover the secrets of the Hope for the Poor.

I hit the ground and used my skills ambitiously without regret.

The reality, however, was cruel.

[Do you want to specify the target for the skill 〈Communicate with the beast〉?]

I chose the nearest beast chimera.

“The monster chimera mixed with lions.”

[Skill 〈Communicate with the Beast〉 is used.]

I watched the lion chimera with a pounding heart.

Soon the lion chimeras opened their mouths, and the first thing they said was—

– Kyuu?

It was…

“Why would a lion say that?”

I got angry without realizing it, and the lion chimera, who heard me, protested.

– How could you say that to us? I’m shocked.

“I was more shocked”

In addition, the lion chimera knew nothing about the Hope for the Poor.

I asked something like this.

– Lions don’t know things like that.

When I asked who made them and if they remembered it, I did not get a proper answer.

– Lions only remember good moments.

In addition, when they started to communicate, they started to push me to pamper them, perhaps because they were excited.

– I like yesterday’s meat better than today’s.

– Brush my fur. You have to brush it once a day.

– Lions should drink fresh water every day.

At first, I was holding back, but at some point, I exploded.

“Don’t you have hands or feet?”

“Why on earth do you call yourself in the third person?”

The chimera, a lion who listened to me, replied.

– Because it’s cute, kyuu.


In the end, I gave up.

‘Should I ask a chimera, a beast, with more intelligence than a lion?’

But it didn’t work.

I tried to talk to other beast chimeras using my skills, but they knew nothing about the Hope of the Poor.

And the real problem started there.

Rumors spread among the beast chimeras that I could communicate with them.

Every time I entered the garden, the beast chimeras clung enthusiastically to me.

“What? What’s wrong with you today?”

– They want you to communicate with them too. Kyuu.


I tried to ignore them, but I gave in in the end because I was completely defeated in terms of numbers.

Eventually, I used the skill of communicating with the beast to all the beast chimera.

As a result,

[The skill of 〈Communicating with the Beast〉 reached its highest level!]

[The skill 〈Communicate with the beast〉 has been fully integrated!]

[Skill 〈Communicate with the Beast〉 is upgraded to a passive skill. It will be used automatically from now on.]

‘What? No! Why are you doing this to me?’

Eventually, the skill changed to a passive skill.

In the past, it was possible to turn off the skill and pretend not to know, but now it is impossible.

As a result, I was reduced to cleaning up the mess of the beast chimeras all day long.

‘Help me…’

I was able to recover when I was with Leonhardt.

My father and I, Leodor, took turns spending time with Leonhardt.

The decision was made because Leonhardt was afraid to be alone.

While we were together, I took charge of his education.

Leonhardt started by learning letters because he had no education.

Father taught him the letters, and Leodor was teaching him about numbers and arithmetic.

I was in charge of reading him fairy tales.

Leonhardt was particularly afraid of sleeping alone at night.

From what I guessed from his sleep talk, all the time he spent at Brighton’s mansion felt like a dream, and he seemed to be afraid that it would disappear when he opened his eyes.

Maybe that’s why Leonhardt was especially sad with tears in his eyes when I read him the story of the Little Mermaid.

What if this place disappears like a bubble? He cried and I comforted him that it would not happen.

Therefore, I chose fairy tale books with bright and hopeful contents for Leonhardt during bedtime.

“It’s time for me to read him a fairy tale.”

I hurried to announce to the beast chimeras.

“Guys, did you finish eating? Is there anyone sick? I’m going now.”

As soon as I finished speaking, the beast chimeras protested fiercely.

– Don’t go. Why do you leave every day?

– I’m still not satisfied. Play with me more.

– Ouch! I think my soles are a little chapped. Please take a look at it.

Some of the chimeras were lying on the floor, protesting.

They were out of their minds because they were afraid the person who would make them excited would disappear.

Still, I didn’t hate them.

“I have to go read a fairy tale to Leonhardt.”

– Is that so? Then it can’t be helped.

– That skinny child’s name is Leonhardt? I have to remember.

The beast chimeras, who heard Leonhardt’s name, went back to their territories.

They told me to go without holding on to me any longer.

– You have to go to that kid.

– He took care of me with his skinny body.

– A good beast knows how to repay kindness.

Leonhardt seemed to have opened up his heart to these beasts as he fed the beast chimeras.

He should also know how grateful they are for him caring for them.

I headed to Leonhardt’s room mumbling and smiling.

☆*: .。. .。.:*☆

“……So the prince lived happily ever after.”

I closed the last chapter of the fairy tale book.

Leonhardt’s eyes were still wide open.

“Do you want me to read you another book?”

“Can you do that?”

“Of course. I’ll read it to you as much as you want.”

“Thank you, sister.”

So cute.

I patted Leonhardt’s head gently.

Leonhardt was really cute.

He’s been eating well for the past few days, so his cheeks are starting to gain weight.

Calling me sister because he wanted to look good to me.

It was all lovely.

“What book should I read for you?”

“Well, Spirit of Moonlight.”

“Hart seems to like spirits”

Leonhardt nodded quietly.

“Until my sister saved me, there was someone who was there for me. It feels like a spirit in a fairy tale.”

“Really? I’m thankful that it stood by your side. Tell me the details.”

“The first thing that appeared was…….”

When I heard Leonhardt’s story, I thought.

“I think it’s really a spirit that Leonhardt saw.”’

Spirits were not easy to see.

Doing nothing, yet being able to see a Spirit and even communicating…….

“Hart. You must have the qualities of a spirit master.”

“Spirit master”?

“Yes, we’ll have to wait and see.”

I read a fairy tale to Leonhardt again.

The only friend of the child who lived in the attic was the Spirit of Moonlight who came every night.

The Spirit of the Moonlight visited the child every day, but it was soon time to return to the moon.

“The Spirit of the Moonlight said. My dear friend. I’m going back now, but we’ll be able to meet again.”

Leonhardt’s breath slowly faded.

He’s falling asleep.

“The boy cried and asked. How can we meet again?”

I read the rest in a lower voice.

“The Spirit of the Moonlight answered. Find my real name and call me. Then I’ll be back by your side.”

When I read that far, Leonhardt’s eyes were completely locked.

He seemed to have fallen asleep.

I quietly left Leonhardt’s room after organizing the fairy tale book without making any noise.

When I saw the moon in the sky, I thought about the fairy tale I read a while ago.

If you call me by my name, I’ll return to you.

“……… Huh?”

The sudden thought stopped me from walking.

“I’ve heard this before

I remembered the conversation I had with the Spirit.

– Yeah. Until you sing it for me.

“Can I call you again?”

The Spirit nodded when asked so.

What if the way is to find out the name of the spirit and call it?

I was frozen there for a moment as if lightning struck me.

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