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[The target of ⟨Location Tracker Summoned from the Unknown World⟩ will be designated]

[To be designated: Elizabeth Molly]

[You can check the location of the designated target.]

It’s working!

In the meantime, it has been worth tracking Elizabeth’s location whenever she has time.

Soon a map was created and Elizabeth’s location was marked on it.

‘Where is she?’

Some roads were also marked in the forest of the imperial hunting grounds.

The place where Elizabeth’s location was now photographed was in the middle of nowhere.

It seems to be in the capital city based on the map, but it was quite a remote place.

‘She’s not in the mountains, right?’

It was suspicious that Elizabeth’s location was shown at first then suddenly disappeared.

And the map for her location was also shown.

‘But I have a hunch that the child is over there.’

At that moment, a notification came to mind.

[Proceed with the Scenario ⟨Blessed by Brighton⟩!](5)

After persistent attempts, we have located the child!

As you may have guessed, the child is over there.

The place where the child is located is called the ‘Hope for the Poor’.

Why has he been in the orphanage all this time?

But now we have to put all the questions behind us. Saving the child is the first thing.

Now! Right away! Save the child!

– Conditions: Saving the Child

– Reward: 50 Fate energy, linked quest open]

‘Save the child now?’

I have no transportation scroll. How can I get there?

‘Actually, I wouldn’t have been able to go there even if there was a transportation scroll.’

When using the transportation scroll, it was necessary to specify the location to be transported.

‘But I don’t know where that is.’

It was a location where I couldn’t find it just by looking at the map.

The system stressed a lot about saving the child right now.

‘I have no choice but to walk there.’

I opened the skill window right away.

[Skill ⟨Walk Only on Flowery Path⟩! Are you sure you want to activate it?]

‘If there is a flowery road effect, the possibility that it will be the way I want it to be will increase even a little.’

[Skill ⟨Walk Only on Flowery Path⟩ will be invoked!]

Do you want to activate [Skill ⟨Unconsciously Enhance Items⟩?]

I used my skills one after another.

[Skill ⟨Unconsciously Enhance Items⟩ will be activated]

Specify the items to which [Skill ⟨Unconsciously Enhance Items⟩] applies.]

“Location Tracker.”

[The target item for skill ⟨Unconsciously Enhance Items⟩ is designated]

[To be designated: A Location Tracker from the Unknown World]

[The designated target will be enhanced.]

White light gushed out of the system window and wrapped around the location tracker.

[The enhancement of ⟨Location Tracker⟩ has been completed]

I checked the location tracker’s information as soon as I got the notification.

‘Please, please…!’

[The Location Tracker that has been Summoned from the Unknown World]

-Grade: Grade B

– Item Description: Location Tracker to find out the location of the specified target

– Reinforcement properties: Can transport near the location of the specified target.]

“It’s done!”

The function I wanted was added.

I quickly used the item again because I was afraid that Elizabeth’s tracking would disappear again.

[The target of ⟨Location Tracker Summoned from the Unknown World⟩ is specified.]

[To be designated: Elizabeth Molly]

[You can check the location of the designated target.]

[You can move near the location of the designated target.]

A new phrase came to mind thanks to the reinforcement.

I pressed the letters and moved near Elizabeth.

The white light enveloped me, and soon I opened my eyes.

“Hope for the Poor?”

The name given by the system was visible.

The most noticeable thing was the old building that is on the verge of collapse.

Beasts were seen through the cracks in the fences surrounding the building.


It’s a little weird to call them just a beast.

‘They look more like a devil.’

Whether it was a beast or a monster, I made eye contact with a beast who seemed to be the head of them.

At that moment, a notification came to mind.

[Beast Tamer who can Tame any Beast] (1)

It is time for you to take on a new challenge, who enhanced the characteristic ⟨Taming any beast⟩ into the characteristic ⟨Taming any life⟩

As you may have guessed, those are not pure beasts.

To be exact, it’s a chimera that’s created by mixing wild animals with evil spirits.

Chimeras guarding the Hope for the Poor take the lives of intruders if an unauthorized person attempts to enter.

Tame the Chimeras and enter the Hope for the Poor!

-Condition: Taming the chimeras

– Reward: 20 Fate Energy, Characteristics ⟨Trainer of Beasts that tames Any Life⟩ Level up]

‘It’s disgusting….’

They mixed beasts with evil spirits? The mere thought of it made me sick.

Maybe that’s why the reward was good.

‘There’s nothing I can’t do to save the child.’

[Do you want to use the skill ⟨Greetings to the beast⟩?]

After using the skill, I approached it carefully.


Honestly, I was scared, but I didn’t show it as much as I could.

Beyond the fence, the beast shone its yellow eyes.

Fortunately, the results were successful.


I checked the system window.

[List of tamed beasts: Monster chimera mixed with lions, Monster chimera mixed with hyenas…….]

The system window was filled with all sorts of chimeras.

[⟨Taming the Chimera⟩ has been confirmed]

[Quest ⟨Beast Tamer who can Tame any Beast!(1)⟩ has been completed]

[20 fateful energy will be given as a reward]

[Characteristic ⟨Trainer of a beast that tames any life⟩ can be leveled up. Do you want to level up?]

‘Let’s level up later.’

Now it was first to save the child.

‘Elizabeth is in the director’s office now.’

Perhaps because I came into the building, an internal map came to mind.

I took my slingshot out of the inventory.

There’s nothing better than this.

I also learned how to handle magic from the master of the tower, so I was confident that I could handle the slingshot better.

I secretly headed to the director’s office.

“Anyway, I’m glad I could kill him. Brighton disgusts me!”

“We need to get rid of all Brighton’s seeds in the world.”

“Yes, that despicable woman! What humiliation I had to suffer because of that damn girl……. If it wasn’t for him, I’d still be rotting in the dungeon.”

Elizabeth’s voice leaked out of the director’s office.


It seemed like a helper who helped Elizabeth escape from prison.

‘I have a hunch that I’ll soon have a quest to find him and fight him off.’

I felt like my original goal of becoming a rich unemployed woman kept moving farther away.

Anyway, I put the slingshot through the gap in the slightly open door.

‘Just enough not to die. But to the extent that it hurts as much as possible.’

When I put mana into the slingshot, it was loaded automatically.

I shot at Elizabeth as it was.

Suk – Puck!


Elizabeth screamed when she heard something flying violently.

“Who is it? …………………Argh!”

I threw a slingshot at the director, too.

He fainted after being shot once.

After confirming that they both collapsed, I went into the director’s office.

There was a document on the table.

The paper had a glimpse of information about someone.

– Age: 14 years old

-Special note: Brighton’s blood sacrifice

– The attic appears when you push the picture hanging at the end of the hallway on the third floor

‘I was right.’

I was furious when I checked Brighton on the paper.


Then the story of the child dying………… You mean the child became a sacrifice?

‘Crazy bastards.’

I gave Elizabeth and the sprawling director another shot of slingshot, chewing on a curse.

Still, my anger didn’t go away.

‘First of all, saving the child.’

I headed to the room based on the document.

The more I walked, the more heartbroken I felt.

The building was generally very old, but there were still some well-equipped facilities.

There were several rooms in the hallway at a reasonable distance.

However, the child was living in the attic behind the painting.

‘He must have tried to hide the child’s existence in the orphanage.’

I have vowed to catch every single person involved in this.

Walking as fast as running, I arrived at the end of the hallway on the right side of the third floor in front of the painting.

There must be a special way of pushing the picture because no matter how much I pushed it, it didn’t budge.

‘I’m sure that’s okay.’

I put some magic into the slingshot.

‘Just enough to break the painting and open the door. The child inside should never get hurt.’

The more I think like that, the easier it becomes to control my mana.

I was able to open the door to the attic in no time.

And what I saw was.

“Please don’t take me. Help me…………….”

Crying for help, was a child with nothing but bones.


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