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As soon as he realized it, Argention jumped up from his seat.

“I’ll be on my way.”

“Please go back………. What?”

Argention ignored Leodor, who opened his eyes wide, and left the drawing room.

“Where’s father?”

“He went to the palace. It’s about time he came back.

“So brother………….”

Roselina and the maid were talking in the hallway a short distance away.

She didn’t seem to hear him.


Argention turned his head sideways and saw a window.

Without hesitation, he opened the window and jumped.

The drawing room was on the third floor, but it didn’t matter at all.

After a little while

“Duke Palesdon! Going like this.………. Huh? Rose?”

Leodor, who left the drawing room in a hurry, ran into Roselina.

“Rose, have you seen the Duke of Palesdon?”

“Wasn’t he in the drawing room with brother?”

“No, he just left.”

“Really? I didn’t see him.”

“What’s going on?”

Roselina and Leodor looked at each other with embarrassed faces.

“I’m sure he was here a little while ago, but he’s not here anymore…………?”

Leodor muttered in an absurd voice.

13. For Eliza

“Where did the Argention disappear?”

But I couldn’t think long about this matter.

It was because a notification came up as soon as I came back to my room.

[Passive Skill ❬Random Preview of Disaster Facing the Brighton Family❭ is used.]

[We detected a danger in the near future!]

[The disaster preview begins]

“All of a sudden, there was danger?”

I fell into the illusion before I could question it.

The black fog enveloped me and soon disappeared.

‘What is it this time?’

It was my father, Duke Brighton, who was soon in sight.

“God is indifferent, how can this happen!”

“Duke, it’s a blasphemous statement, so it’s dangerous……….”

“Shut up! You know what happened to me and Brighton, but you’re saying that!”

He was in a rare state of rage.

‘What does he mean?’

Something big seems to have happened, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

“My child is so pitiful, what should I do………. That young man………….”

The Duke wept and grieved.

The only people he’d call a child are Leodor and I.

‘But I don’t think the ‘young man’ the duke is referring to is me or Leodor.’

The question was quickly resolved.

“A child whom I thought died before he was born is actually alive. As a father, I am guilty for not knowing that. Kuk……….”


I was astonished to hear the Duke.

‘The baby in the womb who died with Beatrice was actually alive?’

I was surprised like this, but the duke seemed to be in agony.

The duke in the illusion quickly became weak.

“Father, cheer up.”

“That’s right. Why are you so weak these days?”

In the illusion, Leodor and I seemed to know nothing.

The Duke kept the truth confidential and embraced his sadness alone.

Then, eventually, I saw the duke falling down.

That was the end of the illusion.

‘No way.’

I couldn’t say anything for a while because of the shock.

‘I never thought he’d be alive.’

It was a truth that Leodor and her father would never have known since they died one after another in the original.

The child lived and died without a name.

‘I have to find the child right now.’

Then as if it had read my will, a notification came to mind.

[A new quest has occurred. Do you want to check?]


[Scenario ❬Blessing of Brighton❭] (4)

You changed your destiny many times and proceeded with the scenario ❬Blessing of Brighton❭.

The scenario ❬Blessing of Brighton❭ does not only affect you.

It also had a slight influence on the youngest child of Opersse Brighton and Beatrice Brighton. Because of that, the child is still alive.

However, the intended doom of the child was only delayed a little, and not extinguished.

There’s not much time left. Go ahead and find out where he is!

– Find out the whereabouts of the perpetrator

– Reward: 50 Fate energy]

‘Did a quest come out because I don’t have much time?’

It was not about finding and saving the child, but a question arose.

‘Let’s use an item first.’

I took the location tracker out of the inventory.

[Do you want to use ❬Location Tracker Summoned from the Unknown World❭?]

Are you sure you want to target the ❬Location Tracker Summoned from the Unknown World❭?]

‘Yes, I’m going to designate my brother.’

[Failed to locate the target with the Location Tracker from the Unknown World]

[Designated to: ???]

[The location of the designated target cannot be determined.]

I couldn’t give up like this.

I used the item again.

[Do you want to use ❬Location Tracker Summoned from the Unknown World❭?]

Are you sure you want to specify the destination for ❬Location Tracker Summoned from the Unknown World❭?]

‘The youngest child of Operse Brighton and Beatrice Brighton.’

[Failed locate the target with the Location Tracker Summoned from the Unknown World]

[Designated to: ???]

[The location of the designated target cannot be determined.]

But it failed one after another.

‘Why isn’t it working?’

I looked at the information about the location tracker.

[Location tracker Summoned from the Unknown World]

-Grade: Grade C

– Item Description: Location Tracker that lets you know the location of the specified target]

Underneath it was a very small letter, ‘Caution’.

I read the words aloud.

“To use an item, you need to know the real name of the designated target.”

There was no way I knew the real name of an unborn child.

But I couldn’t even ask the Duke of Brighton.

‘It’ll be like picking up the pain he’s been trying to cover up.’

I also considered strengthening the item, but it was useless.

‘I could level up a skill but it does not change the nature of the item.’

The location tracking item was to confirm the location of a person whose real name the user knew.

I realized at the same time.

‘That’s why the system gave me a quest to find out where the perpetrator is.’

The child was known to be dead.

It was Elizabeth who proved that death.

‘I need to find Elizabeth.’

She would have taken the child, so she would know where the child was.

‘I chose the wrong target to use the item from the beginning.’

I used the item again.

[Do you want to use ❬Location Tracker Summoned from the Unknown World❭?]

Are you sure you want to specify the destination for the ❬Location Tracker Summoned from the Unknown World❭?]

“Elizabeth Moliot.”

[The target of the location tracker summoned from the unknown world will be designated]

[To be designated: Elizabeth Moliot]

[You can check the location of the designated target.]

“It’s working!”

The map I saw last time appeared in the air.

I focused and waited for Elizabeth’s location to appear on the map.

And finally.

The result was just a failure.

‘No. Is it ambiguous to call it a failure?’

Half of it failed, but the other half succeeded.

Elizabeth’s location was pointed on the map.

[Finding the whereabouts of the culprit has been confirmed]

[You have completed the quest scenario ❬Blessing of Brighton❭ (4)]

[50 Fate energy will be given as a reward.]

Technically, the quest has also been completed.


[The name of the designated target “Elizabeth Moliot” is unknown]

[The location of the designated target cannot be determined.]

Elizabeth disappeared from the map.

Surprised, I tried to locate Elizabeth again, but failed.

But I didn’t give up.

‘I’ve located her once, so it’ll work again.’

I had no choice but to keep trying until I locate her again.

‘I have to succeed.’

[Do you want to use ❬Location Tracker Summoned from the Unknown World❭?]

Are you sure you want to specify the target for ❬Location Tracker Summoned from the Unknown World❭?]

“Elizabeth Moliot.”

I operated the location tracking item several times.

Elizabeth, wearing a hood, looked around the road.

‘There’s no one following me.’

After checking thoroughly over and over again, Elizabeth stepped forward.

She walked for a long time.

She got out of the complex alley and mixed in the crowd, and intentionally entered and left a store.

‘Just in case, I have to be careful.’

Elizabeth was determined.

‘This is my last chance. He said he wouldn’t tolerate another failure.’

At least she was on the receiving end of the stick.

She was not immediately disposed of in recognition of having fulfilled his orders so far.

‘So I must succeed.’

At last, Elizabeth arrived at her destination.

“Hope for the Poor.”

An old, shabby building that doesn’t even have a proper sign.

Elizabeth entered it without hesitation.

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