[Updated information on talent <The Beast Trainer that Tames any Beast>. Do you want to check it now?]

Seeing that there was a notification that seemed to be urging me unlike usual, it seemed I needed to check it right away.

[A beast trainer who tames any beast]

-Characteristic rating: E

– Become a trainer who truly interacts with beasts beyond species. You can use a variety of skills to tame predators more easily. It gives off a beast-friendly atmosphere. The level of vigilance of predators becomes less.

– Increases your nature-affinity. So, not just wild animals, but any living thing can be tamed. The higher the level, the greater the range that can be tamed.

Sealed mana partially opened.

-Skills: Greeting a beast, giving medicine to a sick beast, treating a sick beast]

‘The name has changed.’

What does it mean that any form of life is possible?

And the most surprising thing is.

‘Sealed mana?’

I thought Roselina couldn’t use magic.

I tried to use magic as a test.

But nothing happened.

“I guess the seal was too weakly opened.”

Mumbling awkwardly, I focused my attention.

“Let’s summon the rose of harmony to bring to the tower.”

Soon, the day of the official release of the rose of harmony was approaching.

[Please specify the item you want to summon]

“The Rose of Harmony that I always summoned.”

I thought blankly while waiting for the summons.

‘It would be better if its power to cure the curse of roses was stronger.’

Summoning the rose of harmony was not much different because it was a daily routine.

I’ve seen its notification so many times, so I almost had them memorized.

[This item has a summon history. The item will be summoned without using up fate energy.]

[Summoned successfully. You’ve acquired the rose of harmony]

[Summoned items are stored in the inventory.]

I hesitated to delete the notification details.

‘Isn’t it different than usual?’

Originally, the item I was summoning was always accompanied by the phrase “status adjusted.”

However, what was summoned now was the “Rose of Harmony with Magical Power”

‘Let’s check it out.’

I tapped the rose gently to open its description window.

[Rose of harmony from the unknown world]

-Grade: Grade C

– Item Description: It contains beautiful harmony that gives joy to everyone, and the power to cure the curse of roses.]

‘Wow. Awesome.’

So far, the roses I’ve summoned have usually been class F.

However, I can summon Class E items more often as I level up and increase my proficiency.

But the rating immediately jumped to C.

‘And there’s a description that says it can cure the curse of roses.’

Even without that phrase, it already has a healing effect, but what about now that it has become an official statement?

While my heart became grand for the first time in a while, I also got curious.

‘Why did this change all of a sudden?’

It just said that some of the seals that seal my mana were opened due to the level-up effect.

‘Is that magic in the summoned rose?’

At that moment, a notification came to mind.

[You have met the hidden conditions!]

[<Unconsciously controlling mana> has been confirmed]

[Congratulations! You’ve summoned a magical item for the first time]

[Note: You can level up <Summoner who summons objects from an unknown world>]

[Some of your sealed mana will be unsealed]

‘What? I unconsciously controlled my mana?’

I was becoming a wizard smoothly.

A few hours later,

“L, Lady Roselina! Welcome!”

“I should have contacted you in advance, I’m sorry. I have something I want to discuss urgently.”

“We will welcome you whenever you visit.”

Countess Maria greeted me shyly.

“I am always grateful for the hospitality of Countess Maria. It’s been a while, by the way. How have you been?”

“I’ve been well. Thanks to Lady Roselina’s concern………….”

Countess Maria wriggled her fingers.

I smiled and held out the rose I had brought.

“It’s a gift.”

“You don’t have to give me anything…! I have a lot of rose of harmony, too.”

“This is a brand new product that I just made.”

On the outside, I seem like someone like an alchemist.

‘It would be suspicious to summon an object from an unknown world.’

I used Palesdon again this time.

I said that I became interested in alchemy as I stole a book in the secret study of the Duke.

I thought people would doubt me, but no one doubted me.

“She’s infiltrated a secret study that’s only accessible to the Duke? Oh, it’s possible for the Duchess of Palesdon.”

“She was reading a book and suddenly got hooked on alchemy? I’m glad she’s not into curses. Anyway, she’s making something helpful to society.”

“The Duchess of Palesdon has a talent for alchemy, but she’s also creative, so she creates something rare? Well, I’ve recognized her since she bullied people in all sorts of ways.”

No matter what they said, it was easy for them to understand, but… … … ….

‘Roselina, just how have you lived?’

No matter how much she lives in a class, people will understand no matter what she does.

Anyway, I added an explanation to Countess Maria.

“It has a stronger effect on curing the curse of roses.”

“Really? That’s good to hear.”

The answer came from the head of the Tower, not the Countess of Maria.

He was walking a few steps away.

“I’m sorry I’m late, Duchess of Palesdon.”

“It’s because he’s been working on his research day and night these days. I ask for your understanding.”

They are such a good couple.

“I’d be happy if the head of the Tower would put a lot of effort into his research.”

I also presented the newly summoned rose of harmony to the head of the magic Tower.

“It’s a newly made rose of harmony. As I said earlier, I brought it right away because the treatment effect seems to be stronger.”

“…Indeed, it’s different in mana. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such pure mana.”

The Head of the Tower, who received the rose harmony, admired it.


“Yes, there’s not a lot of magic inside, but the purity seems to have improved the healing effect.”

I didn’t mean to, but the flow of the conversation went exactly in the direction I wanted.

I visited here because I wanted to ask the owner of the Magic Tower about the mana I have.

‘I should ask him to take me as a student of the Magic Tower so that I can continue to seek advice.’

It just so happened that he was turning his head towards me.

“Make me your disciple………”

“Take magic lessons from me………….’

At the same time, the head of the Magic Tower and I shut their mouths.

“Oh, you two must have thought the same thing!”

Countess Maria laughed.

“Yeah. I can’t miss the opportunity to make something better.”

“I don’t want to miss the opportunity to have such a talented student.”

As soon as the words came out, I set the class schedule right away.

“If Master has time, will you be able to take the first class today?”

(T/N: I’ll be referring to the head of the Magic Tower as the Master Mage from now on)

“That’s what I was going to say.”

The Master mage and I got along pretty well and started our first class right away.

“I can’t teach here, so please follow me.”

“Yes, I understand.”

The head of the tower led me to a private study.

Like a mage’s study, most books about magic were on the shelves.

“If you open that door, it leads you to a private lab. Simple research or experiments are done there.”

“Yes, I see.”

“You can sit down now.”

After hearing a brief explanation, I sat down between the Master Mage and the table.

“Thank you for accepting me as your student.”

Not everyone could be a direct disciple of the Master Mage, so I thanked him.

“Before that, I want to ask you a question. Please answer honestly.”

“Yes, ask me a question.”

“I know you’re not an alchemist.”

“What? What do you mean? I’m an alchemist.”

I hastily denied it, but he didn’t believe it.

Rather, he seemed more suspicious of me.

“No, and you’re not a wizard.”

“What do you mean………. Why are you making jokes that are so boring?”

“Do you think I’m joking?”

I tried to pass on his words in vain, but they didn’t work at all.

On the contrary, the expression of the Master Mage became more serious.

‘Did he realize I’m a transmigrator?’

I was in a cold sweat and my throat was dry.

The glassy eyes of the Master Mage stared me in the face.

“What is your real identity?”


My heart felt like it fell to the floor.

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