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When the man who was left alone took off his mask, dark hair and red eyes were revealed.


‘I didn’t think of this.’


The man, Argention, muttered to himself.


“I can’t believe Roselina left me behind. Twice.”


In addition,


‘You don’t seem desperate.’


“I’m not desperate?”




Drops of sweat flowed again down Argention’s face. The excruciating pain in his body did not subside easily even after a long time.




Argention clenched his teeth.


The Tears of the Wind was an item he had been searching for so long. It was the only hope to alleviate the terrible madness he was experiencing.


After the war, instead of immediately returning, he started searching for it. He found a lead, a clue he could barely discover, and it led him to Brighton’s auction house. He didn’t expect to see Roselina there.


“800,000 gold.”


After not seeing her for a few days, she looked different from his memory.


Perhaps because she couldn’t recognize him due to the effect of the magic mask, she seemed to regard him purely as a competitor.


But it was strangely pleasant.


‘In addition…’


Roselina’s 1 million gold must be the amount he sent.


He can also guess where she would use the Tears of the Wind.


It’s to treat Leodor Brighton, Brighton’s eldest son, who is said to be lying in a separate house.


‘Was their relationship that good for her to use 1 million gold?’


Soon, Argention stopped thinking about it. Because it wasn’t his concern.


Anyway, if he bet 1.1 million gold, he could’ve obtained the Tears of the Wind right away. It was said to free him from this damn pain for a while. He could do anything for that.




‘Why am I hesitating?’


Argention looked down at his hand.


‘Now, 1 million gold has come out. We’re going to bid three times soon. If there is no higher price in the meantime, the lady over there will take the Tears of the Wind!’


The auctioneer’s loud voice rang in the hall.


The auction was ending. It was clear that if he didn’t write the amount on the paddle right now, he would lose the Tears of the Wind that he had been so eager for. Nevertheless, he couldn’t even lift a finger.




Feeling her gaze on him, Argention raised his head.


And the moment he saw those pink eyes burning with pure passion, he forgot to breathe for an instant, and time and space stopped.


“From now on, I’ll ask you three times. 100, 100… 100!”


It was as if the auctioneer’s voice could be heard from afar. When he realized it, the auction had already ended.


Argention missed the Tears of the Wind right in front of his eyes.


‘Did I lose my mind again?’


Argention’s eyes settled. Madness sometimes took away his sanity, which was a very dangerous sign. He had to somehow obtain the Tears of the Wind. If he didn’t, he would turn into a monster that had lost its sanity again.


‘It won’t be hard.’


Fortunately, it was Roselina who now had the Tears of the Wind. A woman who was so obsessed with him but agreed to divorce for 5 million gold. In fact, she would have been more interested in his wealth and power rather than himself.


Argention was convinced that Roselina would be easy to handle.


‘You can ask for 5 million gold this time too.’


Then the Tears of the Wind would be in his hands.


Was that a complacent judgment?


Argention couldn’t say anything in front of Roselina.




Since when did he become a honey-eating mute in front of her? He can’t save the Tears of the Wind by saying nice words.


It was then.


The pain began to rise again.


Argention clenched his teeth. Otherwise, he felt a scream would burst out right away.


‘The cycle has gotten shorter.’


At least the remaining shreds of his reason urged him to immediately hide away from where he was. It was then,




He couldn’t move at all, as if he was under a spell.


And what was offered to Argention is…


“It’s a reward for giving up.”


It was a handkerchief with Roselina’s name on it.


His reason shouted not to accept that.


Roselina was a sophisticated woman. He didn’t know what kind of scheme she was hiding. Nevertheless, he reached out before realizing it.


As soon as he touched the soft fabric, relief spread from his fingertips.


‘I don’t know.’


He felt like the pain that had been particularly severe over the past few days was subsiding.


A handkerchief that resembled its owner and had a light pink color.




Argention called out the name of the person who had already left the place. It was a strange feeling.


Soon after, the emotions that followed…




Argention laughed out loud. That couldn’t be true.


However, he could hardly calm down.


Instead, he held onto the handkerchief, the only thing that was left in his hand. It smelled like Roselina.




“There’s nothing you want?”


“I’ve only done what I had to do as Leodor’s sister. So, there’s no reason to get compensation.”


Duke Brighton looked at his daughter in disbelief. Is there really nothing Roselina, who was the embodiment of greed, wants?


“Roselina, you can be honest. You’ve done a great job. If there’s anything you want, I’ll give it all to you.”


“Just in case…”


“That’s right.”


“I know you’re busy, but please spend more time with Leodor. Then there might be a way.”


‘There it was.’


The duke finally admitted. Roselina had really changed.


She did not bully the servants of the mansion, crash into any party, or ruin the atmosphere of the family.


‘Far from that, she even saved Leodor.’


Nevertheless, she didn’t want any reward.


When Roselina, who recklessly arrived at the mansion, brought up the issue of divorce, the duke thought she was being fickle again.


‘After a few days, she’ll change her mind and go back to the Palesdon mansion.’


However, the duke’s expectations were wrong. Roselina silently showed her intention through her actions.


‘Did you finally grow up in Palesdon?’


He was proud, but at the same time, he felt sorry. It was an ambivalent emotion.


He was glad to see his daughter grow up, but he wasn’t happy about the hardships she had endured.


‘What happened in those three years?’


The duke recalled Roselina’s words.


‘I’ve been alone all along…’


That time must have been terribly lonely and difficult. That Roselina, who was so obsessed with the Duke of Palesdon, wanted to let everything go.


Finally, the duke made a decision.




“Yes, Duke.”


“Now call me Father.”




“I’ll give you permission to divorce. Come back to Brighton.”


He just wanted his daughter to be happy.

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