11. A hunting contest where the weak cannot survive

“What kind of guy is this?”

The more I thought about it, the more ridiculous it was.

I reread the article on the front page of the newspaper.

[A new hero appears in the hunting competition. The hero is Duke Palesdon?

The hunt is drawing keen attention to the return of Prince Calix and the prize prepared by the Duchess of Palesdon.

Meanwhile, on the last day of the participant’s application, an unexpected person appeared at the application hall.

He covered his whole body, but there was no one who didn’t know it was the Duke of Palesdon, the one that led the Continental War to victory, and the discovery of new land in the North.

It is no exaggeration to say that an imperial man owes the Duke of Palesdon a certain amount.

That is why the Duke of Palesdon’s move has always been an unprecedented concern.

Where will he go, who has been quiet so far?

One thing was for sure.

The Duke of Palesdon, as he has done before, will bring about a storm this time.

The results will be seen through this hunting competition.]

I was sure after reading the article.

‘You’re doing this to take away the alimony!’

If Argention participated in the hunting competition, it would have been easy to win.

Who would he give the winning prize to, even though he’s not single?

‘You’ll give it to me!’

Roselina in the original would have been delighted with tears.

She swore eternal love to Argention.

Argentinian must be well aware of that fact.

Roselina has been hanging on to him without any pride.

‘But I’m different.’

I won’t fall in love with Argention.

“Oh, my.”

I paused when something came to mind while thinking.

“I’ve heard this a lot before………?”

I’ll never fall in love with something…

This remark was like a sign of falling in love with a character.

It was usually the Crown Prince or the Grand Duke of the North that usually entered that blank.

(T/N: She meant that it is usually the line of a character in a novel when they’re about to fall in love with someone and it’s usually the Crown Prince or Grand Duke they fall for.)

‘No, I’m not.’

I shook my head.


It was the day of the hunting competition.

‘All preparations are done.’

Before I got out of the carriage, I adjusted my dress.

‘Let’s get it together.’

I was furious at the news of Argention’s participation in the hunting competition, so I remembered today’s event a little later.

‘A major event is about to take place.’

In the original book, today was Daisy’s awakening as a saint.

The original was faithful to the cliché of the Ropan novel.

The same was true of hunting competitions.

In the beginning, everything was peaceful.

The hunt begins and Calix takes the lead.

Daisy, who followed Calix to a hunting contest, talks to the ladies.


A scream coming from somewhere.

A herd of monsters appeared.

The nobles who went out hunting ran away with injuries.

It was Calix and Daisy who sorted out the abysmal situation.

Calix used his strength to clean up the herd, and Daisy treated the injured.

Meanwhile, Daisy feels the mysterious energy that surrounds her body.

Soon the energy gushed through her palms.


People who receive Daisy’s energy heal at once.

It was the moment when Daisy, a saint who will go down in history, was born.

“Lady Roselina. We’ve arrived at the royal hunting ground.”

“Yes, you did a great job.”

The coachman announced his arrival.

I was the only one in the Brighton family participating in the hunting contest.

‘I can’t bring Father and Leonard to a dangerous place full of monsters.’

They were resting in a safe house.

When I got out of the carriage, I saw nobles who had already gathered in twos and threes.

I quickly glanced through them.

Argention was out of sight.

‘I have to ask you why he didn’t reply to my letter.’

Asking for advice from the master didn’t help much, so I have to find my own way.

‘At times like this, there were a lot of misunderstandings piling up, so I’m gonna ask right away.’

Then someone tapped me on the shoulder.

“Rose. You’re here?”

“Prince Calix, Your Highness?”

Come to think of it, Carlix participated in today’s hunting competition.

I completely forgot.

She purposely smiled brighter to hide his embarrassment.

“What brings you here?”

“I wish Rose could speak comfortably.”

“Ha ha, prince. It’s possible during special occasions.”

“Why? We’re special. Rose is my master……………”

What is he talking about?

I quickly covered Calix’s mouth.

“Calix, I told you to watch what you say in public.”

“Well. Ah. Oh, yeah. All right. Rose.”

I let Calix go a little, and then I completely let go.

Sometimes Callix called me Master, perhaps because of the side effect of the taming.

Last time, I was in trouble in front of the imperial couple when he called me master.

“Master, when are you coming to the Imperial Palace again?”



The Emperor and Empress, of course, looked back at me at the same time.

Calix, you crazy…………!

I sobbed inwardly and tried to make up for myself.

“Oh, my prince, Your Highness. What do you mean? Ha-ha!”

The vision went dark and cold sweat flowed down.

What if she is steadily following the face of being executed here for insulting the royal family when she’s working so hard on the chaebol route……!

“Your Highness is not the master of the Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace, of course, the masters of this empire are the Emperor and Empress right here.”

Having managed to weave the words together, I closed my eyes tightly.

‘Will this work? I hope it works.……!’

Fortunately, my earnest prayer worked, and nothing happened.

“You two are like that………”

“It’s already progressing………….”

The Emperor and Empress murmured, but did not seem angry.

I called Calix separately with a sigh of relief.

“Calix, why do you call me master?”

“Well, Rose is my master.”

“What do you mean………! Please, don’t say that in public, all right?”

“Why? I just told you the truth.”

Calix pretended to be pitiful, drooping the corners of his eyes.

How could I fall for that obvious trick.………!

“Ugh, fine. But don’t do it in public, OK?”

“Yes, master!”

I was a very vulnerable person to such looks.

‘The day went by somehow, but if that repeats, things might get out of hand…’

When I put on a serious face, Calix turned his tail again and pretended to be weak.

I’ll never let it slide this time.

“Callix, if you call me by that name in front of people one more time………….”

“If I call you….?”

“I won’t see you for a week.”

“No, Rose, how can you be so cruel?”

Calix imitated the tears.

‘This shameful guy.’


Soon, the horn of the hunting competition rang out.

“Calix, go now.”

“Yes, Rose, I’m going to win the hunting contest!”

“Don’t get hurt.”

You’re going to hunt now that you’re all grown up.

I didn’t raise Calix myself, but I felt happy for nothing. It was then that I suddenly felt the gaze of people around me.

“What’s wrong?”

When I ask  the young lady who was staring at me, her cheeks turn red.

“I envy you because you seem to be on good terms with His Highness Carlix.”

“I would like to speak to His Majesty too.”

“Me too. Prince Calix is different from what I’ve seen so far.”

The eyes of the young ladies who seemed to be the same age as Calix, gleamed.

They may be reluctant because of Calix’s past, but I don’t feel any of that.

‘It’s good if they look at Calix.’

I may have not raised Calix, but I nursed him when he was sick.

Thanks to that, a soft smile hung on my lips even though I didn’t intend to.

“Is that so? It’s good for the Crown Prince to have more acquaintances. Should I introduce you?”

“R, really? If you just do that …………!”

“Please introduce me too, Duchess of Palesdon!”

“I really want to be introduced too!”

The young ladies were very cute.

As I chatted with the girls who were excited about Calix, the topic quickly shifted.

“Who did Lady Mice give the handkerchief to?”

“I gave mine to Lord Handel. What about Lady Griselle?”

“Oh, the idiot who lives in my house?”

Wherever I went, I thought that the conversations were all the same, but the arrow came back to me.

“What about the Duchess of Palesdon?”

“Did you give it to your husband, the Duke of Palesdon?”

“Shh, shh! What are you saying? I’m sorry, Duchess Palesdon!”

At the words of one lady, who seemed to be slow, the other ladies around her hardened.

They apologized to me in a hurry.

“No, you don’t have to. I didn’t give my handkerchief to anyone.”

“Oh, I see.”

“I see………….”

“Then let’s talk again next time. It was fun.”

Somehow the atmosphere subsided sharply.

Feeling awkward, I left my seat.

“Where are you going?”

I looked around.

“……………… Huh?”

Her gaze met red eyes.

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