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The day after the founding of the country festival

As soon as I woke up early in the morning, I headed to Hennes.

Usually, I tend to wake up only when the sun rises in the middle of the sky, but I couldn’t do that today.

“I thought it was a lottery, but it was a Super Bowl!”

I’ve been doing well so far, but this job was different.

“A business with the support of the royal family and the tower.”

Thanks to this, I had no choice but to let them know that I was the one behind the rose of harmony, but it didn’t matter.

‘I used to be a person who sells personal information for just 100 won.’

As the reserves would be omitted, the marketing consent was agreed as soon as there was.

“I could have traveled abroad as much as I could, right?”

The day when I was jealous of my personal information and only washed my fingers was over.

I can’t believe that the novel that I’ve spent the whole day waiting for after saving every penny she had will pay me back like this.

‘Being possessed is the best. I’m going to do all the best  with my life in the future.’

I soon shook off my thoughts, even making advertisements while imagining things in my head.

Because the master appeared.

“Lady Roselina. Congratulations.”

“Master should be congratulated, too.”

We skipped greetings and celebrated ourselves.

As a thorough master, he immediately presented his report.

“This is a summary of orders that came in overnight.”

“That’s where we’ll select and deal with people with severe symptoms of the curse of roses.”

“And we can send the rest of the supplies to the tower.”

As expected, I got along with the master again today.

Towards the end of the discussion about the Rose of Harmony business, I called the Master.

“Master, I’d like to suggest something.”

“Yes, go ahead.”

“Are you interested in doing a new business with me?”

I was a little disappointed that the master took a moment to answer.

‘I thought you’d accept it right away.’

Master and I were quite on the same wavelength.

I liked the synergy between the master’s years of experience and my ideas.

“It would be difficult to find a reason not to do it with Lady Roselina.”

After a while, the master gave a positive answer.

“What do you plan for the next item?”

“It’s autumn soon. I think there’s an event that’s held at this time of the year.”

“You mean the hunting competition.”

“Yes, the nobles who participate in the hunting contest are the targets.”

And I took out what I had summoned last night.

“It’s called rose gold.”

The master examined the pinkish gold the size of his fingernails.

“Did you process gold?”

“That’s right. His Majesty said he would do one more thing in return for my cooperation in the study of the rose of harmony. I’ve decided to offer the winning prize for the hunting competition.”

The hunting competition was attended by aristocrats, so the winning prize was not wealth and power.

‘The prize is usually a laurel wreath, which is a symbol of honor.’

So the emperor wondered if it was really enough.

Unlike him, the master understood what I wanted at once.

“You’re going to put the honor and value of the hunting competition in the rose gold while presenting it as a prize.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

He was amazed that it was a promotion method that he himself, the master, had never thought of.

It was fascinating for him to hear and understand unfamiliar concepts only once.

“But there’s a problem. This is the only amount of rose gold I have.”

“Lady Roselina, do you mean it’s hard to secure supplies?”

“That’s right. All I can say is you have to combine gold with silver to make it into rose gold. The ratio needs to be found by the master. Will it be okay?”

I felt like I had no conscience while talking.

But there was nothing I could do.

Last night, thinking of Rose gold as my next business item, I immediately tried to summon it.

[Please specify the item you want to summon]

“Rosegold, I want to summon it as many times as possible.”

[We’re summoning you using 100 fateful energy. The remaining energy of fate: 245]

I thought, looking at the white text.

‘Rosegold is a really good idea.’

This is inspired by the golden rose that Duke Blake gave me.

“If you put rose in your name, you can eat some before you go in.”

My reasoning was that if a golden rose is possible, a rose gold rose is possible too.



[Summoning failed. You have obtained the rose gold in a crumb state.]

[Summoned items are stored in the inventory.]


The summons failed.

Except for the notification that summoning was not possible from the beginning, the summon failed for the first time.

“Why did I fail?”

I hurriedly opened the inventory and found that there was only rose gold the size of a fingernail.

“What? Give me back my energy of fate!”

The failure to summon did not return the energy of fate.

‘Then let’s summon it again.’

Originally, every successful summons can be recalled without consuming any energy of fate.

But let’s try to summon Rose gold again.

[We’re summoning the item using 100 fateful energy. Are you sure you want to summon it?]

A ridiculous notification came to mind.

“No, if I fail again, the loss will be too great.”

Let’s just think it’s a relief that we have a small amount.

In the end, I only took the rose gold crumbs and bet on the master.

‘If the master says no, I’ll give up.’

Waiting anxiously for the master’s answer, he suddenly changed the subject.

“Will Lady Roselina also participate in the hunting event?”

I had a hunch.

‘It won’t work.’

It was ambiguous for the master to directly refuse, so he naturally changed the subject.

It was a little sad, but I couldn’t help it.

“Yes, I would.”

Perhaps because I answered mildly, the master’s energy was a little brighter.

He carried on with the changed subject.

“Who do you think will win this hunting competition?”

“I believe it would be Prince Calix.”


But again, the master shut his mouth.

“Why are you so surprised?”

“It’s an unexpected opinion…………. Don’t you usually bet on someone else?”

“Prince Calix… could tear monsters apart. It’s because the master hasn’t seen it yet.”

When she explained how Calix played in Memento Mori, the master dropped his head as if he was convinced.

“Ha………… to that beast………….”

“Huh? What did you say?””

“It’s nothing. And I will study based on what you said.”

Then the master suddenly talked about the rose gold item.

‘Well, it’s a suggestion that a man of ability can’t miss.’

I, too, would’ve not missed the chance.

“Really? Thank you! It’s going to be hard.”

“Trust Henness.”

I got up from my seat watching the master shrugging lightly.

“Then I’ll leave for today.”

“Yes, Lady Roselina.”

The unexpected achievement lightened my step.

After Roselina left Hennes, Argention was lost in thought.

He’s out of his mind these days. My mind kept stirring.

Especially since I wasn’t able to sleep a wink today.

‘Roselina is………….’

Does she like the beast?

So they danced together yesterday.

I don’t want to admit it, but the two looked pretty good together.

Roselina’s eyes sparkled in the light of the chandelier, and a gentle smile hung from her lips.

At the sight, Argention realized.

‘I’ve never seen one.’

Argention held onto his tingling chest.

I felt stuffy and couldn’t breathe, but I didn’t know what to do.

He began to see strange scenes at some point.

It was Roselina’s face, terrified by something.

Clear eyes were murky with fear and hair was disheveled.

The monster in her eyes………… It was him.

The moment I realized it, I woke up from my imagination.

‘This is the future foretold to me.’

If I stay by Roselina’s side and wander around, that future will inevitably come.

I have to get away from her right away.

But it was impossible.


“Are you interested in doing a new business with me?”

Roselina’s suggestion finally swayed me.

Why couldn’t I say no?

No. Why do I feel this way in the first place?

He has long lost all the emotions that humans should have.

Four years ago, he was once completely dominated by madness.

He became an irrational monster and attacked civilians. The area was devastated.

I don’t know what happened or how I came to my senses, but…… Shortly after that happened, Argention headed to the battlefield.

He managed to get a little out of the madness by eradicating countless demons.

However, Argention remained vigilant.

He was a monster who could lose his reason at any time.

So I couldn’t stay close to someone.

At this rate, I have to stay away from Roselina because one day I could kill her.

I have to throw away this feeling that I’m feeling now, too.

But……………… It was impossible.

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