I used the skill <Communicate with the Tamed Beast>

Of course, the timing was not self-indulgent.

On the day I found out it was Calix’s birthday, I visited him secretly.

The sudden visit was mixed with remorse.

‘What if the Duke of Blake is abusing Callix?’

I’ll just go and make a fuss to see Calix.

Roselina’s notoriety was so high that they wouldn’t be suspicious of her behavior.

But Calix was easier to meet than I thought.

A well-prepared carriage stopped near the Duke of Blake’s mansion.

‘What’s going on?’

I opened the window and looked outside.

The first thing I saw was blonde hair, shining brilliantly in the sun.

And blue eyes that bend gently at me.


Why is Calix here?

“Rose, I missed you.”

Calix was out to pick me up, as if he knew beforehand that I would visit.

“How did you come out?”

“I had a hunch that Rose would come.”

Once again, Calix’s was perfectly fine. Contrary to my worries, his face was glistening as I checked to see if he was doing well at Blake’s mansion.

“Calix, how are you? I’m here because I’m worried about you.”

“You kept your promise. Rose.”

At that moment, a notification came to mind.

[<Trusted by the Beast> has been confirmed]

[Quest <Tame the beast of Memento Mori! (7)> has been completed]

[50 Fate energy will be given]

[50% of the time limit will be given]

‘I never accepted this quest.’

But the system ignored my comment and issued a series of notifications.

[Memento Mori’s beast has been tamed!]

[Learned a new skill <Communicate with the Tamed Beast>]

[A deep bond has been formed with the one who holds the axis of fate!]

[The fate has changed a lot!]

[50 fateful energy will be given as a reward]

I’ve never accepted a quest, but I’m grateful for the reward.

‘You have to get what you give.’

I also checked the new skills.

[Communicate with the Tamed Beast]

Skill <Communicate with the Tamed Beast> is a gift for you who has beautifully tamed a beast.

When perfect communication is achieved, the two can communicate beyond space constraints.

Communicate with your beast anytime, anywhere!]

“It’s pretty good.”‘

It was a needed way to communicate smoothly with Calix.

I informed Calix of today’s plan in advance using my skills.

Thanks to this, Calix was able to show up at the perfect time.

Back to reality.

“What’s going on?”

The emperor tried to pretend to be calm, but his voice trembled slightly.

“So he’s the real son?”

“That’s why his eyes are like that!”

“What about Prince Felix? His eyes are blue, too.”

The people chatted.

Perhaps he had courage, Duke Blake tightened his neck again.

“Right! The eyes are a symbol of the royal family, nothing can make up blue eyes. It’s treason to doubt His Highness Felix!”

How can he come forward with such good timing?

‘It’s as if you’re on my side.’

I was about to like Duke Blake.

He made it easier for me to speak.

“That means, doesn’t it prove the truth of Calix’s blue eyes?”

“No! You made this whole thing up!”

“But didn’t the Duke just say that nothing can make up blue eyes?”

“It’s possible to temporarily modify it with illegal alchemy!”

The embattled Duke of Blake was self-contradictory as he spoke.

I waited for the words, and quickly spoke to people.

“That’s right. That’s how the Duke of Blake made his son a prince. If you take medicine made from human blood, your eyes turn blue.”

“That’s ridiculous! Stop framing me to cover up your sins!”

Even in this situation, Duke Blake was majestic.

“Bring me proof! If you don’t have any, you should at least give me a witness!”

Such confidence comes from believing that he has complete control of every situation.

Calix has appeared, but there is no evidence, no witness, because the Empress is banned.

“Here’s the witness.”

“Who the hell………!”

Duke Blake’s mouth opened as he looked back.

The witness was none other than the empress.

‘What a fool! I let the empress go!’

The Duke of Blake couldn’t say a word and just blabbed his lips.

Then the empress’ testimony began.

“Your Majesty, Duke Blake has taken my blood for years. After I caught him, he threatened to kill my son if I didn’t shut up and even put a ban on me.”

“Is that all true, Empress?”

“Yes, Your Majesty. If it weren’t for the Duchess of Palesdon, I wouldn’t have been released from the ban. Please correct the truth even now.”

The queen’s tearful appeal silenced the hall.

Over time, the day of the founding of the nation came.

In the meantime, the empire was overturned by shock.

There was no such nonsense.

The Duke of Blake switched the Emperor’s son and his own son and drew the Queen’s blood to make his son’s eyes blue.

‘People were so surprised that the trial ended.’

The emperor announced that he would state his position on the matter at a banquet held after the founding of the country.

Perhaps because of that, the nobles around me glanced at me.

“What’s going on? A rare wicked woman came to find the prince who had been kidnapped.”

“Isn’t she just like the hero of the empire?”

“It’s something to live and see for a long time. The day comes when Brighton’s rabid dog becomes the empire’s hero.”

The nobles talked, but soon became quiet with the appearance of the emperor and queen.

Standing in front of the podium, the emperor looked around the banquet hall.

“Everyone knows about the previous incident, so I won’t give you a long explanation. Duke Blake committed a felony equivalent to treason. I order the death penalty to him who is detained in the palace.”


“We have also conducted a paternity test for the crown prince Felix. He is Duke Blake’s son.”

All were frozen because of the emperor who stepped on the full accelerator from the beginning.

“As a rule, Felix, who impersonated the royal family, should also be executed, but I will deprive him of his status as a royal family instead by taking into account that he was not willing and that he had faithfully carried out his duties as a crown prince.”

Listening to the emperor, I was briefly lost in thought.

‘Is Felix really innocent?’

He may not have known anything until he was a child, but he is now an adult.

‘Didn’t he really know what medicine he’s taking regularly?’

And there was a personal question.

‘Is he able to take the medicine at the right time for the rest of his life?’

Since it’s what people do, they may have missed the right time a few times.

Then people would have seen the color of Felix’s eyes change.

Having been educated as a crown prince, he probably didn’t know what that meant.

‘I’ll have to watch carefully.’

Meanwhile, the emperor moved on to the next agenda.

“Calix, who has passed several paternity tests, is an undeniable son of mine. I will recognize him as the crown prince of the empire from this moment on.”

With the emperor’s words, Calix appeared.

Over the past few days, he has changed a lot.

When the touch of the royal family touched him, he had golden hair and shiny skin.

And the clear blue eyes.

“This is Calix.”

Looking at Calix standing next to the emperor, I could see that the two looked very similar.

Soon there was a thunderous applause.

Calix calmly received the attention that was pouring on him.

Then their eyes met for a moment.

At the same time, a notification came to mind.

[The tamed beast wants to communicate with you. Are you sure you want to use Skill <Communication with the Tamed Beast>]


[Skill <Communication with the Tamed Beast> will be activated!]

– Rose.

– What?

– You’re pretty.

That was all Calix had to say.

“What is this?”

I laughed quietly.

Then the notification came back to mind.

[“The Emperor Recognizes Calix as a Son” has been confirmed]

[Quest Scenario “Hero of the Empire” has been completed! (2)]

[50 fateful energy will be given as a reward]

[Scenario <The Hero of the Empire> as a reward]

‘What happens when that scenario progresses?’

For a moment, the emperor called me.

“Lastly, I commend Lady Roselina for finding out the Duke of Blake’s sins and helping the Crown Prince. I’ll give her the title of ‘The Hero of the Empire’.”


“Lady Roselina, come forward.”

I was a little embarrassed and headed to the podium.

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