“Why would I frame the Duchess of Palesdon for finding my son?”

Look at this

‘You called me by my name a while ago.’

Since it’s disadvantageous, he’s changing the start

‘But it’s too late.’

There was not a single way for Duke Blake to win against me.

‘I felt suspicious the first day I met you.’

It was all thanks to my snobbery.

The day I got a golden rose from Duke Blake.

‘I’m feeling good, so let’s get financial treatment. It’s best to bite the pure gold.’

I tried gold therapy when I was sullen at the thought of the spirit.

The moment I was about to bite the golden rose.

[The Passive Skill <Random Preview of Disaster to the Brighton Family> will be used.]

[Danger detected from the golden rose!]

[A preview of the disaster begins]


A black mist came out of nowhere and filled my sight.

“What is this?”

After a while, it was my appearance that the thick fog came and saw.

I held the golden rose and laughed happily and bit it.

“Pure gold! Gold is the best!”

The scene changed shortly afterwards.

I could see myself devastated by the failure of my business and the failure of my family.

“My life is ruined…”

The scene changed again.

I was on the execution table in a worn-out prison uniform.

“I sentence Roselina to death, the evil woman who tried to disrupt the world and take away innocent lives!”

“Huh? I’ve heard this a lot somewhere.”

I was appalled.

‘It’s the moment Roselina gets executed in the original!’

Why am I watching this all of a sudden?

‘What the hell is this?’

The next moment, everything disappeared.

‘Is it a fantasy?’

Is this a preview of the Brighton disaster?

But something was strange.

“If I bite the golden rose, then my family will be ruined? That’s too much’

What the hell is this?

A notification came to mind as if to answer my question.

[Skill <Random Preview of Disaster for Brighton Family> allows you to view information about the item. Would you like to view the information?]

I immediately read information about the golden rose.

[The golden rose with the magic of disappearing luck]

This golden rose…

The owner…

I’ll lose my luck.

[You become a person full of misfortune as your luck gradually disappears.]

“What is this?”

So what I’ve seen is the future when my luck disappears?

Surprised, I also read information about the other roses.

[The golden rose with the magic of losing wealth]

The owner of this golden rose loses his fortune.

[His wealth gradually disappears and he becomes a person who doesn’t have any gold]

[Golden Rose with health loss magic]

The owner of this golden rose loses his health.

[His health is getting worse and he can’t live his daily life]

‘What’s all this?’

Among them, this was the best part.

[Golden Rose with eavesdropping magic]

Everything is tapped by the owner of this golden rose.

There is no privacy for the owner of this rose.]

‘It’s not enough to take away my luck, my money and my health, and you’re even eavesdropping?’

He’s a total nut job.

She felt a chill up her spine.

‘The vase is not normal either.’

[Cursing Orihalcon vase]

The Orihalcon vase with a curse that robs the owner of his life

One year after receiving this vase, the owner’s life is extinguished.]


I was speechless.

The golden rose was somehow glossed over with magic, and a curse was openly hung on the vase.

‘I thought he was a good guy, but he’s a real nutcase’

I found his son for him, but he cursed me?

Besides, it was very gloomy.

“If you don’t like it, you just have to say it. Why do you have to wrap it around a cursed item as if it was a gift?”

I sharpened the blade of revenge.

‘Fight against evil with evil.’

I wanted to run to the master right away, but I had a previous engagement.

“Let’s meet the empress first.”

After visiting the Empress, Duke Blake became more suspicious.

‘By all accounts, Duke Blake is the culprit. Why would he draw his sister’s blood?’

I went to the Master and bought information about Duke Blake.

The master gave me such a thick report that I got through all the duke’s personal details.

‘I think I know not only his horoscope and his birth flower, but also his MBTI.’

As expected, Duke Blake was a very mean fellow.

There were many suspicious activities, like a man with a crooked back.

“The duke’s subordinates come and go to Memento Mori?”

“Yeah, he’s been in contact with Memento Mori officials at least once every three months.”

There was a suspicious smell.

‘I’ve been pretty close to Memento Morrie.’

Did the Duke of Blake really not know about Calix’s existence?

If he knew that Memento Mori Calix was being held, he would have stepped up immediately.

‘What if he didn’t show up on purpose?’

For a moment, a dangerous thought flashed through my mind.

“No way”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Do you happen to know the side effects of beast potions?”

“It is said that hair and eyes change color from time to time.”

The master’s answer was consistent with the information I knew.

“Why are you suddenly asking about the side effects of animalization?”

“I’m just curious.”

I was lost in thought, glossed over by the master.

‘At that time, Calix’s eyes turned blue after taking the antidote.’

At the time, I was in a hurry and thought that the appearance was a side effect of the animal potion.

So I hurriedly summoned the color lens and had Calix wear it.

It was a lens that was adjusted in condition, so you can keep wearing it without taking it out.

‘That’s how Calix covered the wall, the symbol of the royal family.’

But what if the beast potion didn’t make it into a wall, but if Calix’s eyes were originally blue?

This was a very important issue.

‘It’s a world where the color of your eyes is so important.’

In the Ropan worldview, the imperial family was usually blonde.

The same was true here.

“How old is your Highness Master Crown Prince?”

“Not too long ago, he was 18 and has come of age.”

“Really? When is his birthday?”

The moment I heard the master’s answer, I got goosebumps all over my body.

‘The Crown Prince and Calix’s birthdays are the same.’

So, to summarize.

        1. Calix and the crown prince are the same age and birthday.


        1. Calix has a trait that is a characteristic of the royal family.


        1. Duke Blake, who was looking for his son, was in contact with Memento Mori.

No matter how hard I think about it, there was only one answer.

“Calix Blake is the crown prince. The Duke of Blake switched Calix with his son!’

The reason why Duke Blake gave me a mountain of curse items was also explained.

And the reason Calix had to be miserable on the day he came of age in the original.

“If you kill the royal family before he reaches adulthood, you will be cursed with a terrible death while living a miserable life that is worse than death.”

That’s why Duke Blake narrowly saved Calix.

There may be other reasons behind feeding the beastly potion.

“He might have been aiming to change his eyes and hair color due to side effects.”

And a notification came to mind.

[<Find out the identity of Carlix Blake> has been confirmed]

[Quest <Scenario <Hero of Empire>!(1)> has been completed]

[50 fateful energy will be given as a reward]

Soon the next quest appeared.

[A new quest has occurred. Do you want to check?]

[Scenario “Hero of the Empire”! (2)]

Congratulations! You have a great idea of the true identity of Calix Blake!

He was born the crown prince of the empire, but was deprived of his fate and raised as a beast underground by Memento Morri.

You have to take him back to his original destiny.

But it is by no means a smooth road. This is because political relations with the highest power are intertwined.

Felix was born the son of Duke Blake, but grew up as a crown prince and never exceeded the expectations of the Empire.

Does the emperor not know about this? He is a political figure more than anyone else.

Let Calix reinstate himself as crown prince with the Emperor’s approval!

– CONDITION: The Emperor Recognizes Calix as His Son

– Reward: 50 Fate Energy, Scenario “Hero of Empire”]

“Hey, Master.”

When I looked at the quest, I couldn’t help saying harsh words.

“What am I supposed to do with this?”

Even if it’s hard, it has to be hard enough.

Tell the Duke of Blake’s crimes, and make sure he’s the Emperor’s biological son, and that he’s recognized by the Emperor?

“I don’t want to do it.”

But the system betrayed me again this time.

[It’s a quest that you can’t refuse. It will be accepted automatically.]

I was frustrated to see the auto-accepted quest.

But after a while, my face was glowing.

“What? It was Duke Blake who set me up?”

I had a big laugh at the great good news.

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