The courtroom was unusually crowded.

Roselina, who has become a hot topic every day, caused another disturbance, and even commoners flocked because it was an open trial.

“The Duchess of Palesdon caused a fraud, is that true?”

“There are a growing number of people complaining of damage right now.”

“What’s all this about? I thought she changed, but she didn’t at all.”

“There’s nothing else to play with, so she played with roses? This is way over the line! We can’t just watch and let this happen!”

There was a person who was pleased to see the increasingly intense reactions of people.

It was Duke Blake.

‘Roselina, you’re done.’

His eyes glistened gloomily.

A few days ago.

“Bring him in.”

The butler brought Calix to Duke Blake’s order.

The duke looked at Calix’s eyes again.

‘It’s navy.’

Satisfied, he asked with a friendly smile.

“Calix, since we met again with difficulty, I’d like to make memories, why don’t you go on a picnic with me?”

“I don’t want to.”

“Come on, let’s go and spend some time together.”

In the end, Calix left the room without answering back.

Then, Duke Blake’s poker face shook.

‘Do you think I really want to go on a picnic with you? I was planning to take you out of town and deal with you.’

Duke Blake gritted his teeth.

“As I kill you, you’ll hang at my feet and beg for my help.”

But that day the Duke of Blake could not touch a finger of Calix.

“Why did you get caught by Brighton’s crazy dog?”

It was because of Roselina.

Brighton’s rabid dog with pink hair was properly insane and persistent.

There were countless anecdotes of Roselina ruining someone after touching the person she filmed.

‘I can’t get rid of that girl.’

Roselina has a close relationship with influential people.

The two duke families, Brighton and Palesdon, were intertwined and could not be easily touched.

It hurt his pride to have to look at such a snotty little girl.

‘But at least for the time being, I have to keep acting for a while.’

It would have been complicated if he touched Calix and offended the crazy dog.

I had to wait in silence until her interest disappeared.

“When would it be?”

But the opportunity came sooner than I thought.

“That’s today.”

Duke Blake grinned.

Soon the trial began.


“Roselina Palesdon. You are suspected of spreading a lie that the symptoms of the Curse of the Rose do not appear with the Rose of Harmony. Do you plead guilty?”

“No, I don’t.”

The number of victims is increasing because of you. Even now, I will take good care of you if you admit your sins and reflect on yourself. Do you plead guilty?”

“No, I didn’t do anything wrong.”

The courtroom was in uproar.

“Even in this situation, you don’t admit your fault?”

“How dare you lie before His Majesty? You’re incredibly shameless.”

“How did the Duke of Brighton educate his children—-Hmmm.”

A nobleman crossed the line and shut up at the glare of the Duke of Brighton.

Again the emperor asked Roselina.

“You just say no. But how do you explain why the saint is in critical condition?”

“I don’t know.”

Roselina’s shamelessness, which was consistent with ignorance, shocked the nobles.

“Do you have anything else to say?”

“What I introduced to people is an artificial flower. There’s no way that the curse of the rose can manifest with a fake flower.”


“Yes, I’ve explained it to everyone who bought it. But I checked with Henness and found that Duke Blake had no history of purchase. But how can you be so confident?”

The emperor asked the Duke of Blake.

“Does the duke have anything to say?”

“Of course, Your Majesty.”

Duke Blake stepped forward to miss this opportunity.

I didn’t want to come forward personally.

‘From today on, I will be the undisputed number one.’

I’m going to bring Brighton and Palesdon down together with Rosellina.

If the two families were sent away, no one could keep him in check in the Empire.

“Roselina Palesdon is a truly evil woman. Far from reflecting on her mistakes, she sought perjury to cover this up.”

“Is that really true?”

“Yes, it’s true. Is there any reason for me to put a lie into my mouth in a sacred place?”

Then Duke Blake took something out of his arms.

“It’s a transcript I had a hard time getting.”

“I’m following you. Listen to it.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

When the Duke of Blake played the transcript, her voice came out.

“The roses I promoted are now misunderstood. So, could Countess Maria help me?”

“Of course.”

Roselina’s voice was clear.

The presiding judge froze and no one dared speak.

“Your Majesty, this is all a lie. Duke Blake is setting me up.”

Except for Roselina.

“Heartless! Who are you talking about framing in front of? It’s all recorded like this!”

The Duke of Blake was afraid to miss this moment.

Then he cried out to the emperor.

“My esteemed Majesty. I have no reason to frame Roselina Palesdon.”

“There’s no reason to set things up? What does that mean?”

“Because Roselina Palesdon is a benefactor who found my son.”

The party confirmed the fact that Roselina had found Blake’s lost son.

The emperor asked with an expression of interest.

“Oh, what does that mean?”

“That’s exactly what I told you, Your Majesty. Not long ago, I finally found my lost son. He was brought by Roselina Palesdon.”

“Are you sure he’s your son?”

“There was no paternity test, it was clear. So rather Roselina Palesdon is a benefactor to me.”

The Duke of Blake distorted his face as if he were really sad.

“That’s why it’s so painful. To confess my disloyal feelings, I thought about turning a blind eye to this for a moment. Because I couldn’t believe the reality that I had to accuse my benefactor with my own hands.”


“But, Your Majesty, I knew that loyalty was the most important thing for me in this matter. What is more important to me than the son I lost a long time ago, and the benefactor who found him. That’s why I risk my pain. So I’m here.”

Duke Blake couldn’t control his passion and dropped a tear.

His trembling voice added truth.

“I didn’t expect Duke Blake to be so loyal–”

“I have never known the duke’s true feelings. I thought he was full of ambition.”

“What did the Duchess of Palesdon do to such a good man? I’m so sad.”

The duke’s long speech and sobbing touched people’s hearts.

Then a small laugh rang out in the courtroom.

“Oh, it was so funny. Duke.”

The main character of the laugh was Roselina.

People were shocked to see her with one corner of her mouth raised as if laughing at Duke Blake.

“How can she be so vicious?”

“What a witch!”

Roselina raised her hand slightly, not caring at all.

“May I speak this time?”

“I’ll give you permission.”

“I request Countess Maria as a witness.”

“I also allow it. Is Countess Maria in her seat?”

“I am here!”

Countess Maria raised her hand carefully.

Roselina asked her a question.

“Countess Maria. Have I ever asked you to perform perjury for me?”

“Yes and no.”

“What does that mean?”

“The Duchess of Palesdon asked me for perjury, but…”

What’s this sound?

People were embarrassed, but Roselina pulled something out of her arms.

“The Duke of Blake has submitted the recording as evidence, so I will submit the video.”

“What do you mean?

Roselina operated the video stand without giving the time for Duke Blake to intervene.

After a while, a video appeared.

Roselina and Countess Maria sat facing each other.

Soon Roselina held out the paper to Countess Maria.

The image quality of the video seat was good, so the words written on it were read vividly.

Countess Maria nodded and Roselina held out the paper next.

Then came the conversation that people heard.

“The roses I promoted are now misunderstood. So, could Count Maria help me?”

“Of course.”

The courtroom became cold in a completely different way than before.

Duke Blake’s face turned red when he received people’s attention.

“Oh, no! This is a setup!”

“I knew it would come out like that.”

Roselina smiled with a twinkle in her eyes.

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