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Chapter 43

‘What a vicious fellow.’

It was then.

[A new quest has occurred. Do you want to check?]


[Save the Queen in crisis! (1)]
Empress Agnes Sylvester is currently in crisis.
You quickly found the answer with the least amount of clues.
The empress is greatly relieved to have gambled on you.
It’s up to you from now on.
You don’t know how much fate will change depending on whether you intervene in this case.
Fate has already changed.
The empress who broke the taboo and gave you a clue will soon fall down and won’t be able to get up for a while.
It’s entirely up to you to decide whether to help her or not.
If you want to help the empress, find the culprit in this case!
– Find the true culprit of the condition
– Reward: 30 Fate Energy]

‘The Empress is about to fall?’

When I looked at her complexion in surprise, the empress was in a cold sweat.

“I have to go now. At this rate, the princess………”

“Yes. Before that.”

The empress was a good person who was in desperate need of someone’s help, but worried that it would hurt me.

‘Of course I’ll help.’

[You accepted the request]

“I’ll give it to you, so please keep it with you.”

I took a small hand mirror out of the inventory and the empress opened her eyes wide.

“What is this?”

“It’s a communication seat disguised as a hand mirror. Please stick out your finger.”

“I see.”

The queen’s finger was put on the pattern on the back of the mirror.

[Would you like to register Empress Agnes Sylvester as a user of the adjusted communications table?]


When I answered, a white light came out of the mirror, surrounded the empress, and disappeared.

“It’s something only the Empress can use, so don’t worry. I’ll contact you with this.”

“Thank you. Thank you very much.………”

Then, I heard a buzz outside.

“Your Majesty, I have brought in the doctor. May I come in?”

For a moment, the empress and my eyes met.

‘If we stay like this, we’ll get caught.’

‘Leave it to me. It’s my specialty.’

‘I’d appreciate it if you did. I owe a lot to the princess.’

‘Don’t mention it.’

After the tacit agreement, I began to run amok.

“Is Your Majesty ignoring me? You can’t do this to me!”

“P, Princess Brighton…….”

“What tea did you give me! Who do you think I am?”

Outside became quiet when her voice was heard.

“Calm down, princess.”

“Princess? Really? I’m the Duchess of Palesdon!”

“I’m sorry, I made a slip of the tongue.”

“You must have ignored me! You can’t do this no matter how many times you say you’re Her Majesty!”

She shouted so loudly that it could resonate with the Empress and bowed to the Empress.

‘This is believable enough. I’ll be on my way now.’

‘Thank you very much. I won’t forget the grace of my princess.’

We greeted each other for a moment and looked at each other warmly.

ThenI walked to the door with loud footsteps.

“Princess, how can you go like that?”

“I will never let this go! I’m not gonna let this slide!”

She slammed the door as if she hadn’t heard the queen.

The ladies-in-waiting and the doctor standing in front of her flinched and avoided my eyes.

“What are you looking at? Are you watching? Did you see me?”

They were desperate not to make eye contact with me.

My notoriety was so high that they seemed to understand the situation in which I dared to run wild against the empress.


There was an unexpected effect.

Roselina’s natural talent after a long time was relieved her mind.

‘After doing this, it fits me well.’


A few days later, the Empress.

The empress was lost in thought alone.

‘It’s a good thing I asked Princess Brighton for help.’

The Empress was thrilled to hear what happened on the Duke of Brighton’s banquet day.

‘The Duchess of Palesdon did that?’

The power of action to delve into the truth that has been hidden for decades.

Even the cleverness of exposing the criminal most effectively.

Roselina was the only and best person who could help her.

And most of all…………

‘Princess Brighton said she found the lost Prince Blake.’

The moment she heard the news, the empress burst into tears.

‘He’s alive. Fortunately, he’s alive………’

The fact that I couldn’t tell Roselina because of the prohibition.

Felix, now the crown prince, was not her son.

The Empress, who found out that the lady-in-waiting was drawing her own blood, immediately went to Duke Blake.

“Duke, the lady-in-waiting is a little strange.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know it’s hard to believe, but she draws my blood every night

“Oh, what am I supposed to say?’

The face of Duke Blake, who was worried about his sister, changed as soon as the empress confessed.

“I can’t believe you know that now. It’s also dull.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“I can’t help it. I need my sister’s blood to turn my son into my sister’s.”

“What are you talking about?”

The Queen was stunned by Duke Blake’s bombshell.

“It means I exchanged my sister’s son with mine.”

“Why on earth would you……………”

“Don’t make a big deal out of it and stay quiet. I need to be the Emperor like this.”

“Duke! You don’t know Your Majesty’s favor and you rebel!”

“Shut up, sister.”

Duke Blake, who slapped the empress hand, smiled despicably.

“You don’t know who’s holding your sister’s son’s life?”

“I, I’m sorry. Please, he’s the only one………….”

“Then you have to listen to me.”


After that, Duke Blake proudly drew the blood of the empress.

The queen was forced to become a puppet of the duke because her son’s life was at stake as a hostage and she was banned.

Roselina appeared in front of such an empress.

‘It’s just a matter of whether she’ll reach out to me.’

The Empress wrote to Roselina as a last resort.

And the result, you know, was the best.

‘The princess I actually met was a much smarter one.’

On top of that, her acting skills were excellent.

Thanks to Roselina’s mad dash, not even the maid of honor was suspicious.

Thanks to this, the empress was able to pass the day safely.

The empress smoothed the mirror Roselina had given her.


The mirror just happened to vibrate.

“Princess Brighton!”

The mirror fluttered as the empress brought her finger.

“Her Majesty, how have you been?”

It was Roselina’s face that soon came to mind in the silent mirror.

“Yeah. How’s the princess doing?”

“Sure. You’ve been well, so let’s get straight to it.”

“Yes, I will.”

The empress nodded.

“There will be a gold medal at stake, so if my guess is correct, please blink three times in a row.”

“I see.”

“Duke Blake exchanged his son for your son, didn’t he? Her Majesty would be prohibited from speaking on this.”


How do you do that?

It is true that the princess wanted to find out, but I didn’t expect her to find out so soon.

The empress was choked up.

The princess revealed a secret that no one had ever recognized and could not.

‘Finally, I have hope.’

The hope of meeting her son who was taken away immediately after giving birth and had never hugged him.

The hope of escaping her heinous brother.

I can live like a normal person…………


The rising inside her made my eyes red.

‘Oh, well, this isn’t the time.’

I had to give the signal to the princess quickly.

“Blink your eyes three times.”

The empress blinked hastily.

“All right, trust me now.”

“Thank you… Thank you…”

Roselina grinned over the mirror.

It was the most reliable smile.

After the end of the communication

It was the notification that came to mind in the mirror.

[“Finding out the forbidden word” by Empress Agnes Sylvester has been confirmed]
[Quest has been completed]
[The 40 destiny energy will be given as a reward]

“As expected.”

And a new notification came to mind.

After checking the notification, I got up from my seat.



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