Chapter 37

8. Rose and Roses

A few days later.

I was facing the Master at the Henness Guild headquarters.

“That’s the name of the tea you told me before. I made it meticulously, so the investigator won’t know even if he comes and checks it.”

“Good. Good job. The business can be done under this name.”

As the master said with confidence, the borrowed name was perfect.

‘As expected, the master is the best partner.’

And my eye for choosing him is the best.

Smiling with satisfaction, I moved on to the next agenda.

“It’s finally time to show off the Rose of Harmony.”

“You mean the event?”

The biggest event in the empire was the founding of the country.

The event was held for a week, and the atmosphere was festive throughout.

“We’ve discussed it with the newspaper to promote our first release. Tomorrow morning, all the newspapers will have advertisements for Rose of Harmony.”

“Nice. I love it.”

This time again, the master’s work was satisfactory.

“I’d like to add something special to it, what do you think?”

“If you say it’s a special way…………?”

“Rose of harmony is not a real rose after all. Even if we put our strengths first, this problem will arise one day.”

“Isn’t that why you chose a limited-sale strategy?”

“Yes, but that’s not enough. We need an overwhelming impact so that no one would have room to criticize.”

After a pause, she went on.

“The most precious and famous man in the Empire. That person should go around with the Rose of Harmony.”

It was the so-called public advertisement through celebrities.

Even though it is still a method that is not widely used in this world, the master understood it perfectly.

“It will have the effect of equating that person’s value with the Rose of Harmony. Just having the Rose of Harmony makes you feel like that person.”

“Master is like reading my mind.”

“Don’t mention it. It’s a good strategy, by the way.”

The master nodded in agreement.

“Once possible, the royal family is the best, but the eve is tomorrow, so it will be hard in reality.”

“Even a high aristocrat would have a great ripple effect.”

The master seems to be troubled.

He tapped the table with his index finger.

“Someone who deserves the attention of the Empire and yet is able to promote the effect of the Rose of Harmony…”

“What are you worried about?”

She grinned at the Master who seemed to be puzzled.

“I’m here.”

The Queen was the only woman more precious than me, the Princess of Brighton and Duchess of Palesdon.

And now I was getting the best attention of the Empire as I was about to get a divorce.

“Between good and bad, it will attract explosive attention.”

In addition, I had one of the most severe symptoms of the rose curse in the empire.

There’s no more solid evidence than to show that the Rose of Harmony doesn’t cause the rose curse.

No one was more suited to promoting Rose of Harmony than me.

“You will build recognition through Lady Roselina…………. I see. I see.”

“And after that, the real royal family appears with the Rose of Harmony at the founding festival.”

“From what you’re saying, I think you already have a plan.”

After hearing her words, the master paused.

Tock tock.

He patted the table with his index finger and asked cautiously.

“Is it related to this incident that you escaped Calix Blake?”

It was a repressed but admiring tone.


“That’s amazing. I think I’ve been completely mistaken about Lady Roselina.”

When I answered ambiguously, the master interpreted it as he liked.

I didn’t do the calculations from the beginning when I saved Calix.

‘But it’s not that I didn’t consider it at all.’

Calix was the heir to the Duke of Blake’s family and also the nephew of the Empress.

‘The Blakes value family.’

I had in mind that the Empress would like me, who saved her nephew.

Don’t you think you should pull everything you can pull?


I was on my way back from the meeting with the master.

A few steps away, someone has pretended to know.

“Rose, are you okay?”

“Oh, brother.”

It was Leodor who was taking a walk in the garden.

He was getting an education from a tutor these days, while also building up his physical strength.

They were so busy that they could hardly talk.

“How are you feeling?”

“My doctor was surprised that I didn’t look like a person who was in a coma all this time.”

“Is it because of the fairy’s protection? I’m glad.”

Now that Leodor was not threatened with his life, the leaf fairy returned to the fairy tree.

When the fairy’s touch returned, the fairy tree was greener than ever.

‘I got an extra reward thanks to you.’

My influence on the family and my status has risen.

‘Maybe it’s just my mood, but the way the servants look at me has changed.’

In the past, they seemed afraid or reluctant to her, but these days, there was no such thing.

“I heard a lot happened to you while I was lying down.”

“Oh… Yes.”

What is he  talking about?

There were so many things that happened to Roselina that I was not sure what he was referring to.

“You’re wasted to a man who doesn’t know how precious you are, Rose.”

‘It’s about Argention.’

“In that sense, I support your choice. I want you to stay here for a long time.”

“Thank you, brother.”

When Leodor cheered for my divorce, I felt strange for some reason.

‘Is this how it feels like to have a brother?’

My older brother, who I knew in my previous life, was the one who pushed my younger brother.

Then, the butler came rushing from afar.

“Oh, my God.…. L-lady Roselina…”

“Butler, what’s going on?”

He was shaking uncharacteristically.

He ran in such a hurry that his only glasses, which he always wears, were loose around his nose.

“T-the invitation from the Imperial Palace…!”

It was almost like the butler was about to faint and foam in the mouth.

She snatched the invitation he held tight.

How are you doing these days when it’s getting greener?
The world is going around and around, so there are many things that are delivered to me at the end.
But important things always come to my ears.
I heard that my dear friend, the Young Master of Brighton, has woken up.
There was also news of the return of Prince Blake, who had not been found for a long time.
Even the fact that it was the Duchess of Palesdon who made it possible for both occurrences to happen.
I really wanted to meet you and talk to you.
If you have time, please visit the empress palace.
<Agnes Sylvester>

The queen sent her own invitation.

‘I didn’t know the response would come so soon.’

She seemed to favor me.

Just in time, there was also a visit date designated by the Empress between the eve and the founding of the country.

Conditions were good in many ways.

‘I’ll go and talk about the Rose of Harmony at this time.’

Everything was going smoothly.


So today, the day was bright.

“Lady Roselina.”

Antonia stood in front of me with a nervous face.

“You’re so, so beautiful…………!”

Antonia, who couldn’t even look me in the eye, was a little cute.

‘It’s beautiful, of course.’

Originally, Roselina was so beautiful that she could not lose to anyone in terms of her appearance.

‘She’s so beautiful that she shines even when she wakes up early in the morning.’

Antonia carefully took a small box out of her arms.

“I made the perfume you told me about.”

I asked her for a perfume that smells like roses.

However, no roses should be in the ingredients.

“Yeah, let’s test it out.”


Antonia put the perfume on a piece of paper and held it out to me.


There was no need to smell the incense.

The scent of fragrant and fresh roses flowed.

“Antonia, you’re a genius.”

“Oh, no. Lady Rosellina…………”

“No way. I thought it would be hard, but you did a nice job. You did a good job.”

Then, there was a buzz coming from over the door.

“Your escort must be here, Lady Rosellina.”

“Yeah, I should go now.”

As I stood up, I remembered the conversation I had with the master yesterday.

“I have a question, may I ask you?”

“What is it?”

The master took a break uncharacteristically.

“Are you going to attend a banquet at the Imperial Palace tomorrow?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

The target group for the Rose of Harmony was the aristocrats.

I had to go to the Imperial Palace to appeal to them.

“Don’t you usually attend the banquet at the Imperial Palace with your partner?”

“Yes, Master knows the manners of the nobles.”

“Henness’s main customers are the nobles.”

The master, who answered as if jokingly, asked me again.

“Who’s Roselina’s partner?”

Why is the master interested in this?

You always distinguish between public and private matters.

Maybe that’s why I wanted to play a prank.

“It’s a secret.”

The master’s expression when he heard the answer was overwhelming.

I felt embarrassed when I went there.

I opened the door with a small smile.


And beyond that.

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