“There’s no information that doesn’t come into Henness.”

The master shrugged his shoulders as if it were not a big deal.

You knew that Calix was the son of the Duke of Blake?

“Really? But why didn’t you do anything?”

The Duke of Blake commissioned all the guilds on the continent to find his son.

Henness, who is considered the best in the industry, must have been asked to do so.

“It’s Blake’s request.”

The master’s words contained bones.

‘Indeed, the Master hated the Empire and the Imperial Family extremely.’

The Blake family was deeply intertwined with the imperial family.

The current Empress was also Duke Blake’s sister.

“Then there’s no reason to go with me now, right?”

“Yes, but please take me with you. Instead, I’ll give the best escort for you.”

“Who is that?”

“It’s me.”

What’s wrong with him?



“Is it really you?”

There was no need to add anything else.

The Duke of Blake recognized Calix the moment he saw him.

“Yeah. You’re my son.”

His wrinkled face was distorted with joy and sorrow.

“…Your mother would have been very happy if she was here.”

The Duke of Blake’s comment made my heart sink.

It is said that when Calix disappeared, the Duchess of Blake was rather determined.

“I need to be healthy so that I can welcome my baby when he comes back.”

However, no matter how much time passed, there was no sign of finding Calix.

When hope disappeared, she eventually collapsed.

‘They said she died after being sick.’

After that, the Duke of Blake lived throughout his life with his wife who’s already gone.

The Duke seemed to have mixed feelings.

The Duke examined the wound on the skinny Calix’s body with keen eyes.

“What have they done to this young man…”

He seemed to be angry, but soon put down his anger.

“Yes… That’s enough.”

Soon the Duke of Blake called the butler.

“Calix is back.”

“Congratulations. Duke!”

“Yes, he’s been through a lot, so take care of him yourself.”

“Yes, sir.”

The butler bowed to Calix.

“Nice to meet you, Young Master. My name is Smith, the butler who served the Blake family for generations.”


“Follow me and I’ll get you a warm bath. We will also prepare a meal for you as soon as you finish taking a bath, so please let us know if you have a favorite menu.”

“I don’t want to.”

Calix shook his head.

He clasped my sleeve.

“I’ll be with Rose.”

[A new quest has occurred. Do you want to check?]

At that moment, a quest sprang up.

[Tame Memento Mori’s vicious beast!] (5)
I applaud you for helping the beast escape.
A beast who lived in a cold cage has learned of people’s interest and goodwill from you. Not only that, he was healed by your touch, and he was given freedom.
Because of this, the likability of the beast to you is the highest.
It’s a perfect situation to try taming him.
But before that, there’s one thing to check.
Even if a beast does something he doesn’t want to do, will he maintain his affinity for you?
Check it out now!
– Condition: Make the beast follow the butler
– Reward: Timing index: 20%, 10 Fate energy]

‘This is nothing.’

I accepted immediately because washing up and eating were good for Calix.

“Calix, follow the butler.”


Calix, who had hesitated for a while, soon nodded.

The letters rose above the back of Calix following the butler.

[“Let the Beast Follow the Butler” has been confirmed]
[Quest <Memento Mori’s Tame the Vicious Beast! (5)> has been completed
[As a reward, 20% of the teaming index will be given]a
[10 Fate energy will be given as a reward]

‘It was a very simple quest.’

The Duke of Blake stared at me as he watched the series of steps.

“I’ve made a fool of myself in front of my benefactor.”

“No, that’s not true.”

“Thank you for understanding. I think I’ve seen you somewhere… ………. Are you the lady from Brighton?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

It is said that he’d been away from the social world for quite some time, but tigers will always be tigers.

The Duke of Blake recognized me immediately.

“I owe a great debt to you, Lady Brighton. I’ll definitely repay this favor.”

“I’m not asking for anything in return, but I wouldn’t decline if you insist.”

“Of course. Tell me anything you want. If you want, I’ll give you a seat next to him.”

The Duke of Blake’s eyes were filled with sincerity.

It was just like the person who adopted Daisy into a parochial family, thanking Daisy for finding his son.

“Thanks for your words, but I’ve already–”

“The Duchess of Palesdon. It’s time to go home.”

As I tried to say no, the master, who was standing quietly behind me, intervened.

He was posing as an escort knight, as they agreed.

‘Eh? You said you’re going to stay still.’

I asked with my eyes, but the master wasn’t looking at me.

The master looked straight at Duke Blake and said to me again.

“The Duchess of Palesdon?”

“There’s someone in the mansion waiting for the Duchess of Palesdon.”

Why is he talking like that?

The Master’s words were implying that I was going back to the Palesdon mansion.

‘Besides, it’s a great disrespect to the Duke of Blake.’

No matter how much the master is the head of the continent’s best dark information guild, Henness, it was not okay to be rude to the Duke of Blake.

In the Empire, the walls of status were disclosed.

That’s why I wanted to buy a title under a borrowed name.

‘It’s gonna be a problem. Let’s hurry up and fix it.’

After a small cough, the master closed his mouth.

“I’m sorry. He’s not usually like this…”

“No, I’m rather sorry. When did the little girl get married when she grew up so much? As I was living in a secluded place, I made a mistake because I’ve been out of touch with the world.”

“Thank you for your kind understanding.”

Fortunately, the Duke of Blake did not seem to take issue with this.

‘Well, I was going to pretend I didn’t know and ask for a place in a good location.’

It became an ambiguous situation to bring up.

“Then I’ll be on my way home.”

“I haven’t given you a proper reward yet, but there’s more. Why don’t you wait for a little while?”

“No, you’ve finally found your son. You should spend some time with him.”

“I will definitely repay you greatly for your kindness.”

The Duke of Blake’s promise could ease the regret.

‘First of all, it’s already a great gain just to be recognized by the Duke of Blake.’

Now that he has found his son, the Duke of Blake will come back into the society.

The relationship I have with him, the head of the aristocracy, will be of great help to me in the future.

“But I can’t send my benefactor empty-handed right now. Can you take this for now?”



I almost gasped out loud when I saw the Duke of Blake sticking out.

A glittering vase and golden rose stuck in it.

“The quality is crazy.”‘

The golden roses were detailed like a real rose, and even the Blake family’s mark was engraved on it.

‘I can’t fathom its value.’

The vase was even greater.

“It’s a vase made of Oricorn, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking.”

“A vase made of Oricorn?”

The Duke of Blake’s explanation made my eyes widen.

Making a vase out of expensive and difficult-to-handle Oricorn.

‘The head of the high aristocracy is on a different level.’

It was simply an item to show off the wealth and power of the Blake family.

“You don’t have to give me something so precious.”

“I realized something after I lost my son and my wife. You have to be nice to them when you have someone precious. We don’t know what will happen to us in the future.”

“Then I’ll take it with a grateful heart.”

I was flattered twice.

‘I’m going to put it by my bedside and look at it every night.’

And I became happier.

‘Once we get home, I’ll take care of you right away.’

If this much is just a gift, how much greater is the real thing?

‘As expected, I’m glad I got transmigrated.’

Gold, silver, and treasure, which I had never dreamed of having in my previous life, poured out and I was ecstatic.

‘If I sell this, I’ll earn 10 billion won.’

It was a pity that the seller was too specific to sell.

‘I’ll be able to sell it once I leave.’

I felt reassured when Plan B was created.

“Then I’ll go now.”

“Yes, be careful on your way home.”

She left the mansion after being seen off by the Duke of Blake.

As I was trying to get into the carriage that the Master has prepared

“Don’t go!”

Someone blocked my way.

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