The snack shop that Shi Du liked was not far from the base, and it took only 20 minutes to drive there. The two put on masks and got out of the car. Yu Zhaohan instructed Shi Du to ask the group what snacks they wanted to eat so that they could buy it for them.

Shi Du lowered his head and typed, then asked, “What about Cheese, do you want to bring it for him as well?”


“Though, you were quite mean with Cheese just now.”

Yu Zhaohan reflected on himself: “It’s because I lost control and blew up. In fact, Cheese is right; he is the League’s cutest player.”

Not only do Cheese’s mother fans think so, but Yu Zhaohan also thinks his Concubine Zhi is cute when he’s not pretending to be cute.

Shi Du looked at him: “What about you?”

Yu Zhaohan sighed softly and said, “My looks have nothing to do with being cute.”

“Cuteness is not only about appearance but also about character.”

Yu Zhaohan asked, “Then do you think my personality is cute?”

Shi Du pretended to think and gave a strong answer: “I think it’s generally cute.”

Yu Zhaohan: “…Oh.”

Naturally, it was not an ordinary snack shop that can attract the young master. The snack store has three floors, in addition to the nostalgic snacks Shi Du swiped on the video, there are also imported snacks, local specialties, and freshly cooked food.

Shi Du pushed the trolley and followed behind Yu Zhaohan, watching him carefully choose snacks according to the group messages.

“Cheese wants spicy strips and ad calcium milk, Qi Xian wants lemon tea, and the coach wants nuts…”

Shi Du took a box of cheese sticks and threw it into the cart: “Shi Du wants cheese sticks.”

“Where’s Xiao Jiang?” Yu Zhaohan asked, “Did Xiao Jiang not reply to your message?”

Shi Du tagged @Jiang Di. Qi Xian said that Jiang Di had just been working out and was probably in the shower and not looking at his phone, so Yu Zhaohan took it upon himself to buy Xiao Jiang a case of classic black coffee.

The checkout counter was crowded and there was a queue. In front of Yu Zhaohan and Shi Du was a little brother wearing black-framed glasses. The little brother seemed to know them and turned his head frequently to look. Originally they wore masks and were not very recognizable, but Shi Du’s smoky gray hair and solid black earrings were too eye-catching and would have made an impression on anyone who had seen him play.

Shi Du blocked Yu Zhaohan behind him. Yu Zhaohan was shorter and thinner than him, the little boy should not be able to see him.

After repeated confirmation, the little brother gradually became excited: “You are.”

Shi Du smiled and said softly, “I am.”

Little brother was so excited that his five senses blurred and spoke incoherently: “Timeless, I have been watching you play games since elementary school!”

“Relax brother,” Shi Du raised his chin, “It’s your turn to pay the bill.”

After paying the bill, the little brother stayed at the door and looked around, wanting to take pictures of the items in their carts. Shi Du had been blocking Yu Zhaohan’s view of the little brother, but he appeared from behind him.

“Stop it.” Yu Zhaohan said, “With me here, how can I let my younger brother pay?”

The little brother felt familiar when he heard Yu Zhaohan’s voice, and was taken aback when he saw the upper half of his face exposed.

Shi Du didn’t bother to pay attention to Yu Zhaohan, and left after paying the money with his arms around Yu Zhaohan’s shoulder: “You talk a lot, Yuyu.”

With Shine’s character, he should not appear in the snack shop with Timeless, Shi Du hoped that fans didn’t see Yu Zhaohan.

Yu Zhaohan said: “I just talk a lot in general.”

They returned to the base and distributed the snacks they had purchased to everyone. Jiang Di obviously didn’t expect to have it himself, he took the coffee from Shi Du’s hand: “How much is it, I’ll transfer it to you.”

“No,” Shi Du said, “it’s the captain’s treat.”

Jiang Di: “Okay.”

Shi Du did not forget to accompany Yu Zhaohan in scoring. He told his teammates that he would go to bed early today, then turned around and sneaked into Yu Zhaohan’s room with a game notebook and snacks.

Yu Zhaohan logged into his side account and asked, “What is your side account’s ID?”

Shi Du casually said, “The Invincible Tyrannosaurus Rex.”

Yu Zhaohan: “.”

Shi Du asked again: “What’s your name, I’ll add you.”

“Clownfish isn’t ugly.”

“Clownfish isn’t ugly.” Shi Du repeated- with the corners of his mouth curled.

Yu Zhaohan soon received a friend invitation: [Player [T] requests to add you as a friend] He declined without thinking.

Shi Du: “?”

Shi Du: “Why are you rejecting me?”

“Didn’t you say that your ID is ‘Invincible Tyrannosaurus Rex’?”

Shi Du said with amusement, “You believe that? How easy to fool.”

Yu Zhaohan said blankly: “Shi Du is really annoying.”

The purpose of playing with Yu Zhaohan was to fill the position. He doesn’t mind filling in, and it’s beneficial to play other positions from time to time to broaden his understanding, but the reality is that he voluntarily gave up the double C position and took the support position, yet still struck a gold medal for damage.

His teammates took the tank and long gun positions first in this round, and Yu Zhaohan asked Shi Du to play short guns and he played an architect. Architects can create air walls to change the terrain in addition to providing armor for teammates and arranging portals.

Yu Zhaohan predicted that the assassin on the other side would rush up and use his ultimate. His armor was used up, and Shi Du’s abilities were also on CD. They were unable to withstand the onslaught of team battles, and their tanks continued to advance. Yu Zhaohan immediately formed an air wall to block the enemy’s way out, and at the same time blocked the retreat of his own tanks.

The tank then died and then cursed.

[[Team] Frivolous youth: Can the architects play properly? Didn’t you notice me in front of you? Yet you still make a wall, are you blind?]

[[Team] Frivolous youth: I’m impressed that you can still meet this level of support in a 4000 point round.]

Shi Du had already taken the initiative to help Yu Zhaohan before Yu Zhaohan asked.

[Team] T: Don’t build a wall? Are you mentally handicapped? Do you want to take the whole team to be buried with you?]

[[Team] T: I envy your face, it’s so thick]

In addition to teammates who want to complain about Yu Zhaohan’s operation, the air wall was also blocking the enemy assassin’s big move.

[All] Soda Sparkling Water: The opposite architect is so damn disgusting, throwing up]

The insult from the opposing player made Yu Zhaohan feel like he was listening to heavenly music: “Look, Shi Du, the other side scolded me so disgustingly.”

Shi Du’s keyboard rattled loudly: “Your complaint has been received, and I’ll scold them back for you.”

Yu Zhaohan shook his head: “There’s no need to scold them back. I like the other side to curse me disgustingly.” The fact that the opposing team thought it was disgusting is proof that he played well.

Double rowing can effectively reduce the possibility of encountering stupid teammates. The two won eight consecutive victories with ease, and their points were like drinking water. Seeing that the score was very close to 4500, Yu Zhaohan suddenly received a Solo invitation from Splendid.

“That’s it for today.” Yu Zhaohan said, “I’ll practice ninja with Splendid for one hour.”

Shi Du asked in surprise, “With who?”


Shi Du’s tone was subtle: “When did you become Splendid’s training partner?”

“It’s not considered a training partner, just a few solo rounds with him now and then.” Yu Zhaohan couldn’t help but turn back into a captain once he got down to business, “Splendid was asked to practice the tool man by the coach. He’s doing a good job, so if he wants to practice other heroes, he can only do it after training.”

Shi Du smiled: “So?”

Yu Zhaohan stated, “Splendid is a substitute, and the boss’s asking price for him is not high, at least not in comparison to the salary he earns as a broadcaster. With you around, he might not be able to play for a whole season. Nonetheless, he is willing to stay and accept the coach’s tactical arrangement. I think he really wants to play professionally. He is my player and I am willing to help him.”

Shi Du’s smile faded away and looked at him quietly.

Yu Zhaohan asked: “Why do you look at me like that?”

Shi Du said slowly, “I’m thinking, is Yu Zhaohan really stupid? It’s clear that he has a high IQ at work and is very thoughtful.”

“I’m just a little stupid in life, and you keep blaming me.” Yu Zhaohan complained about the injustice, “The stupid one is Yuyu, what does it have to do with Shine?”

Shi Du clasped his hands together, lowered his head, and apologized: “I was wrong, I’m sorry.”

Yu Zhaohan wanted to accompany his teammates for extra practice, but Shi Du didn’t leave either and stayed in Yu Zhaohan’s room to play with his phone, and a group message popped up.

[Old Tan: @Timeless you and Shine were photographed, do you know that?]

[Timeless: I seem to know]

[Old Tan: What the hell is that?]

Old Tan sent a link over.

[I met Timeless when I was buying snacks, and he’s so damn handsome! Brothers, help me look. I’m not sure if that’s Shine. [Photo]]

The photo not only captured the profiles of him and Yu Zhaohan but also clearly captured their shopping carts.

[Shine is seven or eight centimeters shorter than Timeless, it seems to be a mistake in terms of height]

[What height are you looking at, look at the eyes! Definitely him!]

[What eyes are you looking at, look at the waist! Who else in the league can have that waist except Shine?]

[For whom was that spicy bar bought?]

[I’m more curious about why Shine buys snacks with Timeless than the spicy bar]

[I’m also curious. @R.H.Shine, blink if you get kidnapped]

Shi Du replied to one of the comments:

[R.H. Timeless: Why is the captain willing to take me to buy snacks? Of course, it’s because I begged him coquettishly and cutely]

As soon as the comments were sent out, the heat of the topic increased.

[‘Cutely’? ‘Cutely’?]

[Shock! 187’s handsome young master is actually this kind of person in private!]

[My house collapsed! What I want is a flamboyant e-sports teenager, now you tell me you are a fucking puppy? I do not accept! !]

[My wife is spoiling his younger brother so much, you must get along well~=3=]

Shi Du remembered the way Yu Zhaohan asked for a hug.

Who the hell is spoiling who?

R.H’s second regular season game was against Beijing IPL, and the home game was in Beijing. R.H went into a frenzy of preparations over the next two days. In addition to eating and sleeping, players and coaches were either in the training room or in the conference room reviewing games. It took a lot of persuasion from Lao Old Tan to invite them to the dining room for dinner.

“Why is it scrambled eggs with tomatoes again?” Cheese wondered, “It seems that we also ate scrambled eggs with tomatoes yesterday.”

Shi Du added: “I also ate it the day before yesterday.”

The aunt explained to the boys: “Your coach said that the game is about to be played, and asked me to cook this dish a few more times.”

Everyone looked at each other in disbelief, closed their mouths with a silent understanding, and pretended nothing had happened. But Lu Youshan took the initiative and stood up, saying: “The new IPL team uniform is the color of tomato scrambled eggs. You should become accustomed to it first so that you are not overly distracted by their team uniform when the times come.”

Qi Xian: “I personally prefer scrambled eggs with tomatoes to be saltier.”

Cheese: “Captain, do you still drink soup? I’ll help you get a bowl.”

Shi Du, who has only recently joined the team, hasn’t had enough practice to completely disregard the coach’s nonsense: “Chongqing Eau’s team uniform is the color of red oil hot pot. Do you want to eat hot pot for a week before we beat them?”

“I’ll think about it.” Lu Youshan’s face was serious, “But eating too much red oil is bad for the stomach, so we have to find another way…”

Shi Du regretted talking to him.

Qi Xian went to smoke after dinner as usual and invited Shi Du to join him. Shi Du, seeing that Qi Xian had something to say to him, smiled and said, “Let’s go.”

Qi Xian’s squinted eyes became increasingly dark after leaving the villa. He exhaled deeply and said, “Lu Youshan was once a normal coach. He would always tell the players to relax before the game, and he was always confident that we would win. He would reassure everyone that everything would be fine. I was completely prepared. Later, when R.H was scheduled to play a game against a team with the lowest score in the league, the players and coaches were very relaxed and didn’t even spend much time studying the opponent. We were all convinced that as long as we played normally, we couldn’t lose.”

“But you lost?”

Qi Xian nodded: “There are numerous causes for the loss. The opponent’s new tactics and home court advantage, our support ate too much the night before and got a stomachache, and I was in a bad situation because I was unfamiliar with the location and weather. In the end, R.H lost to our own arrogance. After that game, Wanfeng was diagnosed with bone cancer and has never played since then.”

Qi Xian said calmly: “We lost both the last match and Wan Feng’s life.”

Shi Du was silent for a long time and said, “I’m so sorry.”

“Since then, in addition to thoroughly studying the opponent’s style and tactics, the coach has also been anxious about factors other than the game. He has seen a doctor and taken medicine. He is usually fine, but he will still be a little nervous before the game. We’re all used to it.”

At this time, Lu Youshan yelled at the door of the conference room again: “Come here quickly after eating, let’s replay last week’s IPL match against Eau.”

Qi Xian smiled again, and said with crooked eyebrows, “Anyway, our coach is just a bit tiresome, please get used to it, brother.”

Shi Du also smiled: “It’s easy to say.”

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