Shi Du received his first Lu Youshan-like treatment at R.H. After hearing his speech, his teammates gave him a dismissive look that said, ‘Do you think we care about you?’ Then they heard Yu Zhaohan say, “It’s true.”

This was also a way to put the blame on Shi Du, so Yu Zhaohan was still an innocent captain.

Everyone: “…” Sorry brother, we were talking high just now, we’ll take care of you now.

“But, why?” Cheese’s head was full of question marks, and his mind was a little confused, “How did my brother force the captain, why did the captain agree?”

Splendid was so irritated that he couldn’t even play his hero, he looked straight at Shi Du, waiting for his answer.

Shi Du smiled subduedly: “You guess.”

Cheese was almost dying of curiosity, and turned to Yu Zhaohan again: “Captain, did my brother give you money? How much did he give you? I’ll pay double. Can you wear Lolita and double row with me?”

Yu Zhaohan put on the earphones and said coldly, “I’m ranking, be quiet.”

Cheese has become increasingly brave since requesting a hug from him. Previously, Cheese would rather listen to Lu Yaoshan discuss the day’s tactics than say such things to him.

Shi Du is attractive and handsome: “Whether the captain is willing or not is his business, and whether I can make him willing is my business.”

Qi Xian patted Shi Du’s shoulder and smiled, “The young master is really good at what he does.”

Shi Du also put on the earphones and started training: “Thank you.”

Yu Zhaohan calmly instructed the beautiful woman in the sailor suit to go around behind the enemy. There must be a way, or Shi Du would not be able to sit on the throne of the imperial concubine after only a few months in the team.

Yu Zhaohan had stayed up too late the night before, so it was unusual that he didn’t have extra training today, and went back to his room as soon as the training match was over. He didn’t want to dry his hair after taking a shower, so he turned on the computer, thinking that playing two games would almost dry his hair naturally.

Yu Zhaohan usually uses side accounts in his room to unwind. On the national server, he was known as [Clownfish isn’t ugly], he was an all-around fill-in player who only played five or six hours per week and still managed to score 4,000 points at the end of the season. 4000 points on the ladder were already considered very high, and the ranking can frequently crash professional players and skilled broadcasters.

Competitive games, like “Destination,” typically make money by selling appearances. In order to empty the players’ wallets, players can buy several sets of fashions in a month. Players can play “Destination” as a dress-up game if they wish.

Yu Zhaohan was not in a hurry to rank after going online. Instead, he went shopping first, adding the avatar [Onion Squid], the new viral skin [Colorful Sugar Cone], and the Black Swan Tomb-sweeping Festival limited [Corpse Bride] to his cart.

The black swan in [Corpse Bride] was dressed in a tattered wedding dress and had a gray complexion, smoky makeup, and dark earthy lips, which did not fit Yu Zhaohan’s aesthetics at all.

The planner does some personnel work and gives him a set of [Colorful Candy Cone] without balding.

Yu Zhaohan charged 648 and went in to empty the shopping cart while secretly cursing the planner. He wanted to test out the new skin, so he queued for a round, and just as he pre-selected Black Swan, he heard his teammates say, “Don’t use this, there is a national server ninja on the opposite side, and there is no output environment for using Black Swan.”

[The clownfish isn’t ugly: Don’t worry, brothers, Yuyu is being possessed by the gods tonight, and whoever cuts me I will counterattack~]

[Support Guangzhou ZC with tears: I was about to believe it, but I don’t believe it when I saw your last sentence with a tilde]

The teammate who pressed the microphone said: “The virus was altered by the clownfish to target the ninja. It was difficult for the brothers. Splendid was the short gun on the opposite side. I was in his live broadcasting room. His ninja has never lost tonight.”

Splendid did not neglect his broadcaster’s career after joining R.H. He would broadcast for three or four hours every day after training. Yu Zhaohan would watch his live broadcast with his side account and reward him each time.

Splendid has been practicing virus during the designated training time, and now he is practicing ninja—he has heeded the captain’s words.

Yu Zhaohan cheerfully re-elected the virus and locked the hero.

Teammate: “Thank you brother, I will keep watching Splendid’s live broadcast room, I will report later, you follow my instructions.”

Yu Zhaohan frowned.

[The clownfish isn’t ugly: Close his live broadcast room, you don’t need to report, so he is suspected of being a player]

The teammate scolded: “You are f*cking sick! Splendid opened the live broadcast room for people to watch, it’s none of your business!”

[Support Guangzhou ZC with tears: It’s meaningless to win even if you turn on perspective to play ranking, forget it, brother. We won’t listen if you report something]

The teammate sneered: “It’s really f*cking unworthy to win, I still have to report— the opposite is the small gate, the spirit magpie followed…”

Yu Zhaohan blocked all messages from the teammate right away. Throughout the game, he was carrying out the mission focusing on Splendid’s Virus. He targeted Splendid for five minutes before making a big move. He couldn’t open it easily, but he was silenced once more by the virus, unable to use the displacement skill, and was imprisoned in place.

It’s a shame Yu Zhaohan’s teammates were too dragged to keep up with the damage and he’s a tool man with low damage. Splendid managed to get two kills after the silence ended and eventually won the match.

[[All] Splendid: The virus played well]

[[All] The clownfish isn’t ugly: Thank you~]

After qualifying, Yu Zhaohan received a solo invitation from Splendid. He was already a little sleepy, but he clicked “Accept.”

After a few rounds, Splendid further recognized his ability to play Virus.
[Splendid: I’ve been practicing ninja recently; would you like to be a sparring partner? I’ll pay; the price is negotiable)]

[The clownfish isn’t ugly: You don’t need to pay, you can give me a friend seat, and I’ll solo with you when I have time)]

[Splendid: Ok]

Yu Zhaohan practiced with Splendid until three a.m. and fell asleep tiredly when his hair became too dry. He needs to get to bed early tomorrow.

On the evening of the rest day, several people ate dinner and staggered into the living room to digest. Cheese was playing with his phone when he suddenly asked, “Brother, how did you get the captain to wear a sailor suit to accompany you to play solo?”

Cheese displayed a strong interest in this matter, and his determination to discover the truth is comparable to that of a young detective. He had been asking Shi Du the same question by surprise for the past two days, in order to deliver a fatal blow to Shi Du when he was most unprepared so that he would subconsciously tell the truth after being frightened.

With such a method, even silly Cheese will find it useful.

Shi Du watched food videos with little kneeling on his lap: “I begged him.”

“Beg?” Cheese seemed to understand. The last time the captain agreed to raise rabbits at the base, it was because Shi Du knelt down and begged him. “Then how did you ask, can you teach me?”

Shi Du snorted as he watched a video of nostalgic snacks, “Why should I teach you how to fight for favor?” Shi Du changed his words when he saw Yu Zhaohan came out from the kitchen carrying a coffee cup: “But for the sake of brotherhood, it’s not impossible to teach you. I’ll only teach you once, so watch carefully.”

Cheese opened his eyelids with both hands: “I’m watching!”

Shi Du stood up and walked towards Yu Zhaohan, and when passing Jiang Di, he even stuffed the little kneeling into the hunk’s arms.

Yu Zhaohan had slept too late the previous two days and felt a little sleepy after eating, so he desperately wanted to yawn right now. When he yawns, on the other hand, he opens his mouth so wide that he has to hold back in front of his teammates. He quickened his pace, planning to yawn quickly to a location where his teammates couldn’t see him when he felt a hand on his shoulder.


It’s over, he can’t take it any longer. He was now facing Cheese and Xiao Jiang, and with Shi Du behind him, he can… Yu Zhaohan gracefully turned around and yawned a big expressionless face, his mouth opening into the shape of an egg.

Shi Du laughed a little and quickly put on a cool and calm expression: “Captain, I’d like to eat some snacks.”

Yuyu wants to as well, but talking to the captain is pointless. Return to the room and we’ll talk inside.

Yu Zhaohan: “So what.”

The boy’s eyes were bright and his smile was innocent: “I’ve been following a very interesting snack shop, and I want the captain to take me there to eat.”

Cheese paid close attention to the lesson, even taking notes on his phone: “How to Capture the High and Cold Captain.”

The first step is to be attractive, sunny, and handsome when smiling, at least at the level of a school grass.

Yu Zhaohan gave Shi Du a look of ‘Why are you saying thin when everyone watching?’ and refused indifferently: “I’m very busy, eat by yourself if you want to eat there.”

“But I don’t have a driver’s license yet, and taking a taxi here is difficult.” Shi Du hooked Yu Zhaohan’s shoulders, and half of him lay on Yu Zhaohan’s back, like a large dog acting coquettishly towards its owner, “Captain, take me there.”

Cheese’s typing hand trembled slightly: the second step, shameless, not afraid of death.

Yu Zhaohan could hardly hold the coffee cup in his hand: “You let Old Tan drive you there.”

“But the captain is my important person, and I want to share what I like with the captain—please, captain.”

Yu Zhaohan was still swayed, despite knowing that the stinky brother was acting, and said involuntarily, “That’s enough, let go. I’ll go get the car keys.”

The boy put his face on Yu Zhaohan’s back, looked in Cheese’s direction, and said with a sweet and dazzling smile: “Thank you, captain.”

Cheese was dumbfounded as he watched the show of getting the captain favor.

This isn’t begging for favors; it’s just being cute! Was their high-cold captain actually like this? He just realized it!

Yu Zhaohan returned to his room to change his clothes before meeting Shi Du in the garage. Because there was no one else in the garage, Yu Zhaohan was finally able to ask, “What’s wrong with you today?”

Shi Du smiled: “It’s nothing, I just have a craving.”

Yu Zhaohan paused before responding, “But I’ve got plans for tonight. I intend to earn 4500 points for my side account.”

“I’ll accompany you after we eat.” Shi Du said and immediately picked him up, giving him the same koala hug as before. “Yuyu, open the car door.”

“My brother, who can’t even drive a car and has to bother me,” Yu Zhaohan said, pressing the car key in Shi Du’s arms.

“Ah yes yes yes, I’m so lame.” Shi Du put him in the driver’s seat and leaned down to fasten his seat belt, “So it’s hard for you to help me drive.”

Yu Zhaohan started the car after Shi Du sat in the passenger seat. He didn’t want to go out either, but he was carried into the car by his younger brother.

As the black classic SUV drove out of the garage, Yu Zhaohan noticed Cheese waving at them from the villa’s door, pulled over, opened the window, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Cheese blinked and said, “Little Cheese also wants to eat snacks, the captain will take Cheese with him, okay?”

Shi Du turned his laughter into a light cough just in time.

Cheese learned and used it flexibly: “Cheese has never gone shopping and eating snacks with the captain. I wonder if the captain can satisfy this little wish of his teammates?”

“Do you think you’re cute?” Yu Zhaohan unlocked the back seat door despite some disgust.

Cheese shyly said, “It’s not that I think so, but everyone thinks that Cheese is the cutest cutie in the league.”

Cheese is telling the truth. He is the most popular player in the league with the most mommy fans because of his good looks and short stature. In the eyes of the mom fans, he is the number one cutie in the league.

Yu Zhaohan was silent for a moment, then suddenly gave a cold laugh: “Xu Lanzhi.”

Cheese’s smile froze: “Hmm?” The captain would only call him by his full name when he was really about to get angry.

“Where did you get that confidence.” After Yu Zhaohan finished speaking, he mercilessly closed the car window, stepped on the accelerator, and drove away.

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