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In the next few days, Yu Zhaohan would secretly observe Jiang Di whenever he had time.

In the morning, he ran into Jiang Di in the kitchen. When Jiang Di saw him, his face didn’t change in any way, he just said “Good morning, captain” and went to work on his own. Yu Zhaohan watched Jiang Di skillfully operate the coffee machine, and made a cup of sugar-free Americano with a double espresso.

He had been drinking Americano for so long, yet he didn’t dare to add double the espresso!

At noon, Jiang Di sat indifferently in front of a large table covered with food that the aunt had cooked. He ordered a fitness meal outside, juice salad, and high-quality protein, so self-disciplined that Cheese on the opposite side silently put down the third chicken fried steak.

Even Qi Xian feels a sense of crisis: “I used to be able to comprehend the saying “no matter how much I eat, I won’t gain weight.” when I was a teenager. Recently, I’ve noticed that eating a little bit more causes me to gain weight. I’m not sure if this is related to becoming older.” He looked at the handsome guy next door who was not jealous at all, and asked, “Does Timeless not have this kind of trouble?”

Shi Du shrugged: “I’m a teenager now.”

Qi Xian: “…”

In the afternoon, Old Tan sent Jiang Di and Splendid new uniforms. The four starters, including Yu Zhaohan, cast their eyes on Jiang Di at the same time— no one can resist that the macho wears pink.

Qi Xian smiled and said, “Xiao Jiang, why don’t you try?”

Jiang Di nodded and took off his coat. He only wore a short sleeve underneath, revealing his tall and strong body. In front of everyone, he put on the pink shirt without any resistance.

To be honest, it’s really funny for a hunk to wear pink. You can look to King Kong Barbie for the precise illustration. However, Jiang Di never seemed harried and constantly acted as if this was just a trivial matter, which made others feel embarrassed to complain. Shi Du, on the other hand, looked thoughtfully at the lump on Jiang Di’s arm that could obviously bulge even without exerting himself.

At the end of the day, no more than one hundred words came out of Jiang Di’s mouth. The more Yu Zhaohan observes the colder his heart becomes— it’s over, Jiang Di is very likely to be a really cold person.

After an hour break after dinner, Yu Zhaohan returned to the lounge and saw that Splendid was the only one in there, so he asked, “Where are the others?”

Splendid smiled, “Looks like they’ve all gone to the gym.”

Yu Zhaohan:?

When Yu Zhaohan came to the gym, there were already two people watching at the door—Cheese and Old Tan.

“What are you looking at.”

“Captain!” Cheese kindly made room for Yu Zhaohan, “We are watching the three R.H male gods running together.”

Yu Zhaohan was a little unhappy. When did the three male gods of R.H ranked, and why was he not there? Just look at his face, no one in the league can match him. “You have this time, why not play two more rounds of ranking.”

“I’ll go after watching for two more minutes.”

Yu Zhaohan looked into the room. He saw Shi Du, Qi Xian, and Jiang Di running on three adjacent treadmills. The three of them were not much different in height, and they were handsome in their own styles.

“But our little brother is the most handsome,” Cheese said while pawing at the door. “Nowadays, the big muscular guy like Xiao Jiang is not popular anymore. Girls like the handsome boy with a youthful look like our little brother. There is a saying—this is not a male high school student, this is clearly the second half of my life.”

Yu Zhaohan said coldly, “Girls don’t need you to represent them.”

Cheese smiled: “Then I kowtow to apologize to the girls.” Cheese’s eyes gradually moved down from the faces of the boys to Jiang Di’s strong calf muscles and wondered, “Jiang Di should be an athlete, why did he come to play games professionally?”

Yu Zhaohan said: “For fairness.”

Jiang Di’s profile, under the question “Why do you want to play e-sports”, Jiang Di only wrote two words: For fairness.

The three people in the gym seemed to be getting along well, talking a few words from time to time, and even Jiang Di spoke twice in just one minute. Yu Zhaohan pondered and said, “Is Jiang Di talking more than in the training room?”

“Yeah,” Cheese agreed, “he hardly ever talks in the training room.”

Old Tan laughed and said, “Perhaps boys over 1.85 meters will have a more common language when they play together.”

Old Tan thought he had told a great joke, and was waiting for Cheese to laugh, but was pierced with holes all over his body by two gazes from left and right.

Yu Zhaohan’s voice was cool: “Do you think you’re funny.”

Cheese looked contemptuously: “Talking as if you are tall.”

Old Tan said blankly, “I didn’t mean that…”

“Cheese, let’s go back to training.”

“Okay, Captain.” Cheese followed behind Yu Zhaohan, and before leaving, he still gave Old Tan a contemptuous look.

Two minutes later, a WeChat message popped up on Shi Du’s phone on the treadmill.

[Shine: If you run, just run, don’t lift weights, okay]

Shi Du laughed, lowered the speed of the treadmill, and walked to reply Yu Zhaohan’s message.

[Timeless: Why can’t I lift weight?]

[Shine: I’m afraid you’ll develop the same muscles as Xiao Jiang]

[Timeless: Is that bad?]

[Shine: It’s not bad, but I think you look good now]

[Shine: I like the way you are now]

Shi Du turned off the treadmill completely. Qi Xian thought he was going to leave, but his little brother stood on the treadmill with a mobile phone, typed a few words, and then deleted them, typed and deleted, deleted and typed, and struggled for a long time before sending the message.

Qi Xian and Jiang Di said, “Xiao Jiang, I bet you 200 yuan, Timeless must be sending WeChat with the little beauty—is that the female anchor named Momo last time?”

Shi Du didn’t raise her head, “It’s the big beauty.”

Qi Xian was a little surprised: “Didn’t you say you like little beauties, can you grasp big beauties?”

Shi Du said casually: “I’ve changed my mind. Big beauties are better than little beauties.”

Qi Xian couldn’t help laughing: “My brother has grown up.”

After careful consideration, Shi Du finally sent the reply to Captain Beauty.

[Timeless: I don’t, I’m going to lift weight]


There were two more training games in the evening, and the three of them went back to training after running. They lost 3:1 in the training match with IPL, and they were caught by Lu Youshan to review the game until 2:00 am.

As soon as the review was over, Shi Du took a towel and clothes to take a shower and met Cheese who was also holding a towel on the way. After seeing each other, Cheese ran away: “I’ll wash first, I’ll wash first!”

Everyone uses the shared bathroom on the second floor of the villa, with the exception of Yu Zhaohan’s room, which has a bathroom. Shi Du was too lazy to argue with Cheese and was about to turn around when he saw Cheese pull open the bathroom door. After a daze for two seconds, he bowed at ninety degrees: “Sorry to bother you!” After speaking, he closed the door with a loud sound.

Shi Du smiled unkindly: “Is Xiao Jiang in there?”

Cheese said angrily: “You know and you don’t tell me?!”

Shi Du looked innocent: “I didn’t know. You take your time, I’ll go to the captain’s room to wash.”

“Where are you going to wash?”

Cheese was shocked. “That’s the Hall of Mental Cultivation. How dare you?!”

Shi Du raised his chin: “Watch me.”

Under Cheese’s ‘You are so brave’ gaze, Shi Du knocked on the door of the Hall of Mental Cultivation, and a familiar world-weary face appeared in front of his eyes.

Yu Zhaohan: “Is there something wrong?”

Shi Du had a bad feeling: “I want to borrow your bathroom.”

Yu Zhaohan closed the door: “No.”

Shi Du grasped the doorknob to stop him from shutting it after having sudden enlightenment, saying, “I’m just kidding, I won’t become a muscular man like Xiao Jiang, Yuyu don’t need to worry.”

The strength in Yu Zhaohan’s hand gradually weakened: “…you are so sorry.”

Shi Du just laughed: “Cheese is still watching, let me in quickly, or I will lose face.”

Cheese still watching? Then he couldn’t let him in. To maintain the team’s long-term stability, the captain must treat each team member equally and enjoy both rain and dew equally.

Yu Zhaohan said: “Come back when Cheese wasn’t around.” After speaking, he closed the door without hesitation.

Before Shi Du could react, he heard a burst of laughter from behind: “Hahahahahahaha—”

Shi Du: “…”

Cheese laughed so loudly that the sleeping baby kneeling almost jumped out of the cage, laughed so loudly that the academy team in the villa next door had already grabbed their phone and were getting ready to call the police, and laughed so loudly that Lu Youshan rushed to the second floor and questioned him about whether he had become insane from being so stressed out before the game.

Taking advantage of Cheese being dragged to the little black room by Lu Youshan for psychological guidance, Shi Du knocked on the door of Yu Zhaohan’s room again. After Yu Zhaohan made sure that no one saw him, he finally allowed his little brother to enter his most private place.

This is the first time Shi Du entered Yu Zhaohan’s room. He looked around— the style was simple and cold, and he couldn’t see other colors except black, white, and gray.

“Where are those stress relief items of yours?”

Yu Zhaohan pointed to the safe.

Shi Du’s expression was indescribable: “Not so much, no one would dare to enter your room except me.”

“When Lu Youshan’s mania breaks out, we can’t rule out the possibility of him breaking in.” Yu Zhaohan said with reason and evidence, “Also if there is a fire or an earthquake, he will definitely come in to save me.”

Shi Du was convinced. He changed the subject: “By the way, how is your practice of ‘smile but not really a smile’?”

“Still practicing.” Yu Zhaohan asked Shi Du seriously after using the skill [smiling but not smiling] for the first time. Shi Du said that the effect was mediocre, and told him not to use it in front of others, but only in front of him.

Shi Du has already started to laugh: “Show me?”

Yu Zhaohan raised the corners of his lips, but his eyes were still pools of stagnant water.

Maybe it was because of pretending too much and getting used to it. Even in front of Shi Du, Yu Zhaohan doesn’t have too much expression. He always strokes the bunny, munches on snacks, and bragged with a world-weary face.

Shi Du hopes that Yuyu’s expression can be as rich as his heart.

“Hmm…can you show your teeth?”

Yu Zhaohan shook his head: “I can’t.”

He has studied so many male protagonists, but he has never seen one who smiled while showing his teeth.

Shi Du asked again: “Then how did you smile before you became the captain?”

Yu Zhaohan said, “I don’t remember.”

The smile on Shi Du’s mouth suddenly subsided, and his eyes were not as bright as before.

Yu Zhaohan could feel the boy’s mood getting worse, probably because of him. He thought about it and said confidently, “I’m still beautiful anyway.”

Shi Du had no doubts about this. Before Yu Zhaohan became the team leader, he was seventeen years old. He may not have grown up, but he must be a boy who received a love letter from a female classmate. He laughed and said deliberately: “Really? I can’t tell at all.”

Being not face obsessed person is really scary, what is the difference between this and a blind person.

Yu Zhaohan said: “Then I’ll show you the photo next time.”

When Shi Du confidently entered the bathroom and saw the bathtub there, he asked, “Can I also borrow the bathtub? I haven’t taken a bath in a long time.”

“Yes.” Yu Zhaohan was very generous, “Do you want a duckling? I’ll get it for you from the safe.”

Shi Du: “…what duck?”

The regular season schedule for the next season was formally revealed a few days later. The Eastern Division’s 16 teams play one game against one another throughout the regular season. The winning team receives points and the top eight teams with the most points and the top eight teams in the Western Division advance to the playoffs.

The Eastern Division regular season schedule is as follows:

The first big game, Shanghai homecourt

Guangzhou ZC vs Hangzhou DSD

Shanghai R.H vs Seoul TCO


As soon as the schedule was announced, the fans who had nothing to do during the offseason immediately became active.

[I feel sorry for ZC’s newcomers, the first game will be against a strong old team like DSD]

[I can see my wife on the first day of the new season, that’s great]

[TCO? Is it the TCO that asked for time backtracking in the semi-final last year and was badly punished by the official?]

[Is it the TCO who was blocked by Timeless at the resurrection point?]

[R.H’s home court, if they lose to TCO, the forum will be scolded for ten years]

[TCO is not weak, it’s normal to lose, don’t put pressure on R.H]

Seoul TCO was a semi-final team last season, and it has been strengthened again this year, so it cannot be regarded as a weak team. It is a good thing to meet a strong team earlier, at least you can discover your own problems earlier.

R.H and even all Chinese teams— don’t have a good feeling about them because of TCO’s many tricks. Knowing that the first round was going to play against TCO, besides being full of fighting spirit, they were more excited— and they would have been more excited if Lu Youshan hadn’t done his cheesy pre-game rally.

“If you can’t even win the TCO at home, you won’t even think about playing away. Yes, they have brought in new players, but what about us? Not only did we bring in new players, but we also changed our owner and base!” Lu Youshan said loudly, “This year’s R.H is a brand new R.H—reborn from the ashes, immortal heroes. This is us!”

Yu Zhaohan started digging with his toes.

They obviously weren’t this embarrassed when they were thinking about Slogan.

“Tell me, do you have the confidence to win TCO?”

The people who were busy training answered sparsely: “Yes.”

“The voice is too low for me to hear!” Lu Youshan said angrily, “Tell me loudly—Do you have confidence?”

Everyone: “…”



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